Upcoming Event The Lich Lord's Lecture, V. 8

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    | What? |
    The Lich Lord is going to be hosting an interactive class on Vampiric culture, stemming all the way from the origins of Dorkarth to noble etiquette among bloodsuckers. Bloodied wine and the affliction will be offered to all who attend and no individuals will be unmasked at this event unless they particularly cause problems. Werebeasts and Archbloods are permitted if they are collared. Sihndar are outright banned.

    Such topics that will be covered are:

    • Different bloodlines
    • Where bloodlines tend to originate
    • How mutations (and greater lines) come to be
    • General behaviors and cultural implications of lines
    • How to more effectively use the powers of the bloodlines
    • How the Werebeasts are tied to Sanguine beyond eternal hatred
    Pupils are encouraged to come in their full Vampire form and to bring blood slaves.

    | When? |
    September 20th at 6PM EST (10PM GMT).

    | Where? |
    The Solifuge Cistern library, Altalar Sewers.
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