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    After deliberation with a /large and luxurious/ lobby of lobbyists, the Ekhein made his final decision as to who would become the Regent for the Emperor while Protocol Blue was active. The Ekein announced that while the decision was close (thus remarking, that the lobbyists were very split on the matter of who to support) that his final decision between Glorianna, Aliandre, Raymond and Cedromar was rested on Raymond, with Cedromar not even being present at the final confirmation scene, meaning, if he had been elected, he would not even have been present to accept the position and it would have gone to the runner up.

    Without much ceremony, the Ekhein proclaimed Raymond Kade the chosen regent, and retreated to permit the Imperial Prince to give his declaration to the gathered Lobbyists who would no doubt return home with good (or bad) news for their masters and mistresses. He began:

    "It pleases me that the various nobles houses and organizations have sought to support my name for consideration as regent. For many years now, have I sat idly by, traveling the Empire, educating myself and my fellows on the status of the peoples of our realm and the world beyond, and to participate in fashionable salons where the intelligentsia discuss the merits of the government, and the current ideology that rules the Empire.

    Indeed, my father is a wise man, and has made many careful considerations and decisions to the benefit of the Nobility and the people at large. I dare however to say, with the prerogative that royal blood has given me, that I have watched idly as my older brothers parroted the views of noble primacy set forward that have gotten us into this situation. For as far as I can remember, having been born in the days of the Regalian Senate, it was not the ideology and the form of government that posed the problem, it was the greed and selfishness of the actors that posed the problem, in combination with poor implementation.

    My father has long attempted to balance a careful act between privilige and duty, where I fear, his policy has too often veered towards privilige over duty. I dare say that too much of the Empire's functioning has fallen into the hands of incompetent apes infiltrating the ranks of the Nobility and clapping their excrement all over the hallowed halls and sanctified words of Union and State, harming and damaging us all common and Noble alike.

    I plan to implement far-reaching reforms in the Assembly to restrict the all-encompassing authority of the Nobility and to give many of the families who proclaim support and popularity a reality check on how untenable their position of graft and intimidation truly has become. My father's District Elections of several years back were a step in the right direction, so with the regent elective powers granted to me, I will issue a District Election with the most expedient haste, where the common folk may cast their votes in support or their favored noble families who they believe to be reigning for the better interests of them. While not an end-all to the career of many would be blue-blood politicians, these results should aid us in our communion with the Imperial Court to decide who to take into confidence in our privy Council, from where we will discuss our next moves to bring some stability, meritocracy, intelligence and commonwealth to the Regalian Assembly."

    With that, the Emperor Regent returned to the Imperial Estate in the north, the summer palace, to take up residence. Criers were sent out across the city, announcing a new District Election would take place soon, one that had not been held since many years ago. In this District Election, all commoners would be allowed to vote for their preferred Noble Families, those of high votes permitted to join the Emperor Regent's Privy Council for deliberation on how to reform the Assembly to make it more efficient.

    As a final act of his opening day, Raymond Kade revoked the Chancellor's Veto right, denying him the ability to veto a proposal passed through Assembly, calling it "Distrinctly anti-Assembly and anti-Suffrage".
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