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    MassiveCraft is one of the oldest running Minecraft servers still out there, having started on the 4th of February 2011. Of the original team, practically nothing is left. Cayorion, obviously being the original owner, has been with the server since the founding days, however took a less active role in 2013, and then a more passive background role since 2014 and 2015, to reflect changes in his personal life, but also to focus less on the day to day management of the server. About a year ago or so, we announced Database optimization plans for the coding, to help MassiveCraft trim down a bit. MassiveCraft had been operating on pre-2014 Minecraft popularity, boasting expensive servers with dwindling donations over the years. Currently, the servers cost nearly $2800 to maintain on a quarterly base, a cost that was becoming increasingly more difficult to bear. A few months back, our MassiveShop revisions boosted income by a quarter almost, which was good news, but eventually the funds returned to a downward trend, and break even point came closer.

    Our last ditch effort to trim costs by Database revisions ultimately failed. The only person who was able to code this necessary optimization delivered a half finished product and then left staff, leaving no Tech staff available to take care of optimization anymore. Massive continued to puff along with expensive servers and barely anyone on them half the time (except for Regalia of course). MassiveCraft was built to house 800 players. We all had high hopes and lofty dreams back in 2013, but then things that we could not control started hitting Massive. The strict EULA enforcement on MassiveCraft (we were one of the first servers to comply fully to Mojang’s demands) dropped income to 30%. We accepted this and soldiered on, most of our profits evaporated. Cayorion could no longer support himself with the server and had to find a job to compensate. We moved from one Data Center to another, trying to reduce costs of operation and removed some expensive DdoS protections in place. Then, the drop of global Minecraft interest started hitting home. Mobile Minecraft versions, and Microsoft aggressively marketing the Windows 10 version of Minecraft with compatibility, meant that a younger audience would never interact with the java version and move on to other things. Servers all around Massive started shutting down, but Massive kept going. Attempts were made to turn the tides with Gift4All items, and initially income went up again, but this feature too was removed for the sake of saving the economy, as the Server staff always put the players’ best interests ahead of financial profit. Finally, Massive’s own staff had a period of “draining the swamp” where stagnant members were kicked, left, got banned, or were expelled more forcibly due to misbehavior or other reasons.

    These factors combined resulted in the situation that MassiveCraft is in today, where server management has to split a meager few hundred dollars between them, and where the amount of man hours that are being put in the server no longer reflect the financial reward gained from it. Don’t get me wrong. Massive still makes a decent amount of money in terms of donations, and that is wonderful, but unfortunately, because of our Technology being so horribly outdated and expensive, the vast majority of these funds are being put towards cumbersome expensive machines that are barely being used anymore. As an example, S1, where the Roleplay Universe exists, covers about 13% of the cost of the server, and houses 70% of the playerbase, while S2-S8 cover 87% of the cost of the server, and house only 30% of the playerbase. Had our Tech department completed the Database optimizations, Massive would have likely been able to trim some of its hardware and been able to continue operations for many years to come. This however did not happen, and thus, there is no simpler way to announce that MassiveCraft as a Sole Proprietorship of Cayorion, ceases to exist. MassiveCraft has ceased to be a profitable venture for its owner, therefore Cayorion has decided that the Company of MassiveCraft (under Cayorion) will cease to exist. The company has effectively gone bankrupt (though more accurately, it was simply terminated when it was proven non-profitable to keep it running).

    There is still Hope for a better MassiveCraft
    Before you panic or give up on us and Massive however, hear us out. MassiveCraft ending under the ownership of Cayorion is not the final end of MassiveCraft, and not even the final end of MassiveCraft as we know it. Last year or so, Cayorion already attempted to sell MassiveCraft to me in full, but at the time, I could not personally afford the price that was being asked. In consultation, we finally agreed to keep MassiveCraft going for the sake of the player base, whose loyalty has far exceeded anyone could ever have witnessed or experienced on a Minecraft Server. Some people started out with Massive at age 13, and are now going into college and employment and have become adults, they have quite literally grown up with Massive. Some people have found the love of their lives on this server, and gotten married while we watched. Some people's entire college career path has been dictated by their experiences on MassiveCraft, and how their personality and their ambitions and passions formed.

    This is something the entire Staff do not want to give up on. Cayorion no longer wants to run the server & company, but no-one else on staff has given up, or wants to give up. Cayorion has given us full access to all plugins and rights to all of MassiveCraft as an entity. This means that we plan to re-create MassiveCraft, with the entire current staff, with the server’s general identity, its player base, and more. The MassiveCraft under Cayorion servers will eventually go offline, however the MassiveCraft under Direction Staff servers will go online before that even happens, and take over the IP.

    How will you operate?
    The news of Cayorion not paying the bills of the server at the end of the month anymore was given to myself on Sunday the 1st of July, completely unexpected. We were still optimistic about the increase in income because of the recent Crate Keys rework. It was communicated to the rest of Direction on the same day, and then to the Tech & Lore departments. For the past week or so, we have been gathering information and figuring out what we were going to do with the server's data and testing and coding where we could to get things operational on our local machines, while also scouting out the internet for some good server hosts. We have a plan of approach for the coming times.

    At this point, you might be asking yourself “Well, you didn’t get your tech optimizations, won’t you just run a non-profit organization as well?”. The answer to this is both yes and no. Over the past week, we’ve had Tech staff look through the plugins to see what we could and couldn’t use, and where possible, we could use out of house plugins. You see, Massive has always had a great knack for coding plugins, MassiveCore and Factions are some of the most popular plugins on the server hosting marketplace with over 50,000 downloads each, and several premium plugins that continue to be sold on a weekly basis. These plugins however, were always over-engineered to support huge servers capable of supporting a larger income. Smaller servers are unable to cough up the financial costs of supporting an expensive machine to run Massive’s plugins on.

    As such, we’ve had to eliminate a number of plugins and wipe some data here and there to make sure we could eliminate RAM usage on the servers, thus reducing the costs. We removed plugins that were barely used, and started phasing out the most RAM intensive plugins of all, particularly Sharding. Preliminary stress tests of RAM usage are already promising, reducing RAM usage by quite a bit even without any players online. To explain the actual planning of this process however, we will cover some separate subjects. Survival, Roleplay, Questing, Creative and Minigames. Each will react differently to us creating a new server and a new company.

    • Survival will experience the largest changes on the new server. Survival has always been a resource hog, and is largely responsible for the huge costs of the server. We have made the decision, as such, to delete all maps bar one and delete any and all data that exists in the Survival universe. Survival, and all players, are essentially being wiped. This is not so much a decision, rather, we were forced into making it. The data that comes along with survival is huge, and performance would seriously improve if we deleted all data. It would likely be the case that we couldn’t even save the data if we wanted to. Most of it relies on plugins that we are removing from the server to improve performance, so the choice is only natural. It would also make setting up the new server much faster and easier, and logistically speaking, would be like returning MassiveCraft to the very old days when the server was just getting started out.
    • This means that player Inventories, Money balance, MCMMO stats, Backpacks, Factions, as well as the maps in their entirety (except Regalia), will all be completely wiped. MassiveCraft is thus resetting back to 2011 essentially. Years of the economy running will be removed, and we will all start with a clean slate. This brings a number of advantages with it. This is not the complete end of all the things you players have been collecting over the years however. Each player that is able to claim a single double chest in Regalia (we will make a separate announcement when this happens and where and how) may fill it with their most beloved armor items, weapons or lore items (but no building blocks or items that do not belong to those categories). This chest can then be redeemed in the new server.
    • MassiveRestore & MassiveMob are being removed from the server. The servers will feature Vanilla spawns (with some optimization to reduce CPU strain), and MassiveRestore is being removed because we want to go back to the good old days of factions building roads to each other and creating a network for travel and encouraging inter-factions trade.
    • FactionTax is being removed from the server, meaning Factions will not be taxed, at least for the foreseeable future. Obviously taxing factions when they are just getting started is nonsensical, and the server ran fine for four years before Factions Tax was even introduced. We never needed it before, because the economy was still healthy.
    • Everyone will start back at baseline, meaning no one is unfairly ahead. All items from corrupt staff, money that was potentially spawned in by now banned staff, or duped items from banned players will leave the economy, making it a fair playing field for everyone.
    • Roleplayers will hopefully come back to survival in large numbers, as their resource market implodes overnight, as well as their income source. /tp Market will also be removed permanently to encourage player to player trade, as well as local faction shops on faction lands for traveling buyers. We are confident that roleplayers will seize this opportunity to provide Survival with that healthy influx of players it has needed. We are confident that this change can finally mend the gap between Regalia and Survival, and keep it fixed for a long time to come.
    • Other plugins that add nothing to the server like MassiveMagic (which is dead), MassiveBiomes, MassiveLight, Vampire, MassiveVanilla, MassiveSharding, MassiveShop, MassiveSigns, MassiveSnow, MassiveChar, MassiveInhouse, MassiveIntStat, MassiveDisguises and more are all being removed to reduce RAM strain, and reduce lag on the server.
    • We will start with a single 1.12 Minecraft version Survival map, one of the currently existing maps in a clean state (we have not yet decided which one). This map will be backwards compatible and have 1.8 combat simulated with MassiveCombat, one of the most popular 1.8 PVP feature plugins out there. This is not the long term plan however. If Survival survives the new server setup, and we still have enough players left, we want to eventually attach a true 1.8 Survival Map without MassiveCombat to the network specifically for PVP, after which that server will remain at said Minecraft version, while the others update. This means we should eventually have a 1.13 server to make full advantage of all the blocks for builders, and without 1.8 PVP, and a 1.8 server with 1.8 PVP in its purest form.
    • Other features will come back, like MassiveTraits, which we can finally balance properly, as well as faster changes done to the configuration. For years Cayorion was always a road block to tech implementations because he severely limited our access to configuration & plugin installations. Now for the first time, we have instant unchained access to everything.
    • New Factions will cost nothing for the first while of the new server, to allow all you amazing factions to keep together in this transition, after which we will spike up the cost of factions severely by popular request, to encourage new players to join existing factions instead of making small 3-man factions. This needs to feel like a fresh start for everyone, and just adding a price to faction creation would create an unwelcome grinding period to even get your factions going. All players need to feel like no-one is being left behind, and that they can instantly experience this fresh start together without the fear of being looted in the wilderness.
    • Regalia will remain exactly the way it is. No buildings will be changed. Before MassiveCraft under Cayorion goes offline, MassiveCraft under Direction Staff will have a fully functional Regalia restored as a role play world.
    • The plugin suite for Roleplay will remain exactly the same. MassiveChat is being kept, which controls the Nicknames as well as the Chat Channels. AreaShop will be kept to facilitate region rentals, and all regions that are not rentals like Noble Estates will all be kept. We are not sure yet if rented properties will remain the same. We may have to sacrifice player owner houses, but Main-Street properties, Noble Estates, Countryside Estates and Business properties will all be kept. The price of all rental regions will be reduced to 50 to 100 Regals a month to accommodate the shrunken Economy.
    • Speaking of Noble stuff, every Staff run project like Nobility, Crime, the Rat Court, the Synod, etc. will all remain exactly where they are. All of the Lore Staff will join us on the new server, and everything among these systems remains exactly the same.
    • The Vampire Plugin will be removed for now, to reduce RAM usage, but also because we don’t need a plugin to roleplay as a Vampire.
    • All players, will however have their Regals reset to 0. We are doing a full server economy wipe, which is more thoroughly explained in the Survival section. All Roleplayers who are still with us will be allowed to claim one double chest worth of their most beloved items, lore items, armor, weapons & personal items (but not actual blocks or diamonds) to take with them to the new server (more information about this will follow soon). All containers in Regalia (hoppers, droppers, etc.) will be deleted from the map before it is opened on the new server, and major expensive blocks in housing as part of furniture will also be removed by staff in a cleanup operation.
    • Our Wiki will remain exactly where it is. All lore will remain exactly the same. This also goes for all the Forum features, Forum RP, and all Forum information sections relevant to Roleplay.
    • Character Applications, Forum Roleplays, Non-Lore Universe Roleplays and anything of the like will remain exactly where it is, and none of this will be deleted.
    • We haven't fully decided yet what happens to our Quest worlds. Usually they are empty, and it is likely that our quest data will be deleted. As such, some Quest staff may transition into Lore, some might transition into Game, some might resign, and some might stick around to provide all new quests in the worlds that we are keeping.
    • Creative will be removed from the server for a while, until we have a better understanding of how the performance will impact the rest of the server’s worlds. It will probably eventually come back.
    • The new MassiveCraft server has long term goals to add a variety of mini games onto the server, but there is no solid planning on this for now. KOTH & Kit however will be removed, or whatever is left of it.
    Premium & Server Finances
    • Premium is probably the most painful subject to discuss alongside the Survival changes. The easiest way to answer what is going to happen to Premium, is that no Premium data will be transferred between servers, in any way. We are looking into some sort of legacy thank you for our donors from the past server, but we cannot transfer remaining Premium days from MassiveCraft under Cayorion, to MassiveCraft under Direction Staff. Here is why:
    • MassiveCraft under Cayorion is not the same company as MassiveCraft under Direction Staff. Cayorion is not giving us any starting capital or money left over from donations, so we are essentially starting the "new server" with 0 cash. From a company's perspective, we on the new server are not responsible for the delivery of goods of the old server, since that was ran by a different company and accountant. None of us ever had access to any of the money that was donated to MassiveCraft. This does really suck for those who did donate for premium in recent times or have donated for larger packages. And we're sorry this is happening to them, but we hope they understand that we have no choice in the server swapping ownership situation, and it would be unfair to demand of us to refund players for money that we never had to begin with.
    • It is critically important that anyone with a running subscription cancel this subscription immediately. The new MassiveCraft will NOT use the same donation address as the old one, and any future donations will as such NOT go to the new MassiveCraft. We cannot cancel your subscription, and Cayorion likely will not do it either. This is entirely up to the players.
    • Despite having $0 starting capital and thus no Server Finances, we have already secured some financial backers that will help set up the server for the first few months. We're confident we can keep the server rolling for long enough until BuyCraft can pick up the need for server donations to keep the server in a financially healthy state. We will also set up a Ko-Fi page for those who want to donate and help this early period with what little amounts they can. Something as low as $1 is helpful. We hope to eventually have BuyCraft up and running as quickly as possible on the new server to rebuild the Premium Package, but to add more cool features, as well as additional ranks and vanity purchases.
    • We will try to find some way to compensate lost days of Premium without outright giving Premium on the new server, but we cannot promise anything right now. We will do a printout of all Premium data, and when the dust has settled and the server is running fine in say like, one or two months from now, we can consider whether the people who still have Premium left right now get some sort of reward on the new server (but it will never be free Premium). We have a list of all premiums and end dates to their donations recorded for future use, so even if something does not come now, we will try very hard to ensure something is done in the future for these people.
    The Forums & Website & Wiki
    • Cayorion is allowing us to spread out the server set-up over two stages. The first stage is the actual server setup, the second stage will be the website transfers. While this entire situation is ongoing, all our websites and our IP's will remain exactly the same. The websites will remain operational for the foreseeable future until the server has been properly set up and is stable. At that point in time, the websites will also be transferred from Cayorion to us. We will eventually do away with and treat our forums as our main website for information.
    Other Misc Stuff
    • Who will be the new owner of MassiveCraft? A collective of Directors from Direction Staff among MassiveCraft's Staff members. Accountancy will be managed by MonMarty, while LumosJared, Sephite & SpunSugar are all equal share owners of ownership.
    • What happens to Crisis of Kings? Crisis of Kings will obviously be reset, but likely also re-thought. Big events like server-wide Battlefields as well as as more long term gains that mean something in the starting economy and political field in Survival are viable.
    • We have installed FAWE to replace WorldEdit's base commands to ensure less lag-hikes from World Staff doing large WorldEdits.
    • Game Events will have to be rebuilt from Scratch, but we intend to create an Event Staff department for future event hosting both for Roleplayers & Survival.

    Above is all the information we could think of that needed to be mentioned. We have a current Road Map & Implementation plan recorded here where changes are recorded live. To create a clearer picture in the conclusion, we will attach a summary here:
    • MassiveCraft under Cayorion is being terminated. The server is no longer profitable and there is no outlook on improving the Tech situation under Cayorion.
    • MassiveCraft under Direction Staff is being set up, a new server, that is effectively the old server, except we are doing a full data wipe for everything (except Regalia).
    • All Survival Maps will be shut down except for a single clean 1.12 map with MassiveCombat to simulate 1.8 PVP. Eventually, our plan is to implement a true 1.8 map without MassiveCombat, and then operate 2 Survival Maps and expand where necessary.
    • A lot of plugins are being removed, and more notably Sharding, to reduce server strain, and thus limit costs. We are doing the hardware trimming that Cayorion could not.
    • We now have access to all plugins. No more waiting for Cayorion. No more rejecting or ignoring suggestions because our Tech Staff don't have access to the plugin Code. We have full access now, and full potential to actually work on the server.
    • The Roleplay Universe will stay intact exactly, with the only losses being Regals. Both Roleplayers and Survivalists can claim a single double chest per IP with their favorite collectible items to transfer to the new server.
    With the Conclusion out of the way, we will explain what happens from this point onward:
    • Somewhere along next week, the first server will go live. This server will operate on a separate IP for now, and we will ask Roleplayers during a particular week to mass-join this new server to stress test how high the RAM goes and how far the lag goes with 100 or so players online.
    • When the stress test is complete, we will wipe server data again and then start enabling all the features we want on the server, making it release-ready within the same week.
    • Massive's own servers will remain running at least until we switch around the IP (so you don't have to change your server bookmark) after which they will remain operational for just a while longer. To say goodbye to the old hardware, we will likely do some sort of mass purge event where we enable global PVP and block breaking for some chaos in Regalia.
    • Hopefully, the server will have fully transitioned and start running within 14 days. our websites will remain operational and staff will continue to operate all systems they can within the possibilities afforded. A few Q&A have been provided down below for player questions specifically.
    I am a Faction Survivalist and have a big faction in Fendarfell. What should I do?
    Your faction will eventually be wiped. We may not even take over Fendarfell as a map, but another one. Our personal advice, is that you use World Downloader to download a copy of your faction on your local machine for posterity sake. We will not provide world file downloads or any backups to players. Anything you do in Survival from the point of this announcement, until the new server's arrival, will not be saved. The only thing you as a Survivalist could be doing is having fun with the collections you've made over the years, go nuts in PVP, or start collecting items you want to bring with you to the new server. We allow each unique player (not alts) to take 1 doublechest of collectibles (armor, weapons, lore items & books) with them to the new server. A system for this will be set up in Regalia soon, and announcements will be made to inform players how to do this.
    I am a Faction member. What should I do?
    Contact your Faction leader(s) if they haven't heard about this yet, or download your faction with World Downloader if you want to. Otherwise, do whatever you feel like doing in Survival, as none of it will really be saved. Just remember to collect the items you definitely want to move over to the new server.
    I am a Roleplayer in Regalia. What should I do?
    You don't have to do anything aside from collecting your favorite collectibles ahead of time until we announce the storage location for the items to be taken to the new server. You can continue to roleplay on Regalia until the server goes dark, which we don't know when that happens yet. We would advise that you do not continue to put furniture in your rental regions or rent new houses, because they may not transfer to the new server. Also remember that in the new server, you will have 0 regals, and if you then own any property, you may end up losing it pretty quickly because you cannot afford the price. Essentially though, Regalia will remain fully operational in this transition period and all our rules will still be enforced. Roleplay continues without interruption.
    I am a Noble/Slumrat/Gang in Regalia, what should I do?
    Aside from collecting your double chest of collectibles, nothing. All these systems will continue to run. Events will continue to be held, staff will continue to provide assistance, and all these systems are still operational. Nothing inherently changes for you, your Noble & Country Side estates will remain the same, your Charters will remain the same, your jobs will be kept etc.
    I am a PVP Survivalist. What should I do?
    PVP whatever you like. It's not like that massive storage of godgear & pots is going to do you any good in the new server right? Just make sure you collect your double chest of collectibles before the server shuts down. You are allowed to put some god gear and weapons in there (but not pots and crafting materials) as well as lore items and other unique player made items like books. You personally have a lot of improvements to look forward to on the new server as everyone starts together from scratch, meaning no one is ridiculously ahead in MCMMO or has excessive storages of god-gear. Also, our staff is finally able to make changes to configs daily without Cayorion as a middle man, so changes made to PVP will finally be faster and more responsive.
    I am a Creative Builder. What should I do?
    Use World Downloader to download your builds. We will not provide any map downloads and Creative will likely not come back to the new MassiveCraft for quite a while.
    I am a Staff Member. What should I do?
    Continue to provide service to the players to the best of your abilities. MassiveCraft is not suddenly lawless. We will still moderate rule violations and problems. We will still host events and build where necessary. Our meetings will discuss the future of various departments.
    I am a Banned Player. What should I do?
    If you are currently on a temporary ban and are currently denied access to the server, or jailed or muted, contact a staff member immediately to have your ban lifted (through Discord for example). We don't want players who are temp banned to be denied the right to make use of that single double chest of items. If you are currently permanently banned, there is a possible chance that you will be unbanned. Certain bans which we consider important for massive, such as people who violated international laws or tried to harm the server will remain. However, it is possible that all permanent bans prior to 5 months ago from now, will be lifted. We have no certainty on this yet, and will need to discuss this among the staff.
    This situation really sucks. I am considering leaving MassiveCraft. What should I do?
    We understand it sucks, and we suffer the same losses as the players do. Many of the staff members have their own factions that they have been working on for the past years, and money they have been saving for a long time. We have all donated to the server to keep it running, and for many of us, it has determined much of our early adult lives. We want to make this server a success, and we really hope you stay with us and help keep Massive the way it was, and make it even better in the future. We won't give up on Massive, and we hope you won't either. Here is a quick reminder of the positive sides of this:
    • Less RAM usage, less lag. Hopefully a smoother experience if the hardware is good.
    • No roadblock by Cayorion, instant & full access to all plugins that we can modify where needed.
    • Prospect to future new features. Our Tech department is finally able to operate by itself.
    • A full wipe experience for all players, but with the trustworthy Massive Identity behind it.
    • For those who can remember, a return to the old days of 2013 & 2014 during Silverwind's Era.
    • The Roleplay Universe will remain exactly the same. Aside from the Regals, RP is uninterrupted.
    • A fresh start means fresh reconsideration about old policies Cayorion left in place, more freedom.
    • Faster server restarts with less plugins, less data, and more uptime. Shared server restart access.
    • Forums & Websites are all being kept. All data on the Internet stays and is not lost.
    • Long term improvement plans to make a 1.8 Map as well as other Minigames like Skyblock.
    This was a really long post, and we thank you for reading it this far. We sincerely all hope the players will have faith in us, as they have had in the past years. We have been running the server hands free from Cayorion's influence for years now, but we were always constrained by the Tech limitations that are now gone. We hope that the players continue to put faith in our ambitions and hopes for the server, and not see this as a slow steady decline of Massive, but rather a removing of the shackles to let it climb back up again after years of slow stagnation. We pray you will all continue to put faith in Massive as your provider of entertainment and as your rock solid community to seek social gaming from on a daily basis. If not, we thank you for having been with the old MassiveCraft for so long, and we hope that one day we can prove that the new MassiveCraft is better than the old one, and that you will come back to us. We will try to answer questions on this thread as much as we can. but please understand that we have a lot of work to do with regards to setting up the new server, and as such will be spending most of our time working on that.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, Jul 8, 2018.

    1. Proudbucket
      Please make a backup of the map before players touch it. It might come handy latter on.
      Also... why is massive restore not being included in the new server?
    2. Winterless
      MassiveRestore is big bad for server character and lore

      roads get deleted, ruins get deleted, etc.

      If Massive restore existed back in day, we never would have gotten the Algaron castle on the mountain in Ellador because it would have been yoted out of existence
    3. Sevrish
      We didn't build that....think it was an alamut thing one of my members claimed with a side faction.
    4. Tazball
      Maybe the server wipe will bring the old crew back lol
    5. 65jes89
      I could get behind a new collective
    6. Tazball
      SunKiss Jr.???
    7. Jalapeno690
      Danywood built it did he not
    8. Winterless
    9. Aeyris
      Lyrah/News Team/Whatever else factions I had might & could return
    10. Aeyris
      Ah yes NightRaid
    11. Omnomivore
      I believe players will also enjoy the ability to stumble across and scavenge old factions and ruins as well, like in the old days. Personally, I always thought exploring and looting was a fun past-time in survival but that was lost with the original implementation of MassiveRestore.
    12. DudiGuy
      I only recently got reinvolved with the server and the forum, but I'm excited to see where the server goes. If there is a way for me to help the staff, please let me know. I'd like to assist this process in anyway I can, not just for me, but for all the people who love what this server provides for us.
    13. Sevrish
      Maybe. Only remember it being claimed by Alamut and bought by.....sisley_ I think?
    14. 65jes89
      pretty sure sisley bought most of massivecraft
    15. Eucindiel
      I actually found MassiveRestore was the lesser of the two evils. The ridiculously long road I built from Daenshore all the way south east to to the bottom corner of Daendroc (complete with bridges and underpasses) was continually getting griefed by smart arse noobs with some childish motive. If my fac had the same resources now (players) as back in the day I would have gladly done the same in Teled knowing full well it was claimed and protected.

      I sighed when the restore rotation was bumped out to 6 months. Y'all would no doubt remember that huge griefed wastelandic eyesore that started at the exact first chunk of "wilderness" just south of Daenshore (the spawn town of Daendroc). When the MassiveRestore was bumped out to six months the exact same thing started to happen in Hyarroc. Now imagine what will happen with everyone in the one map. Every noob will get on, head due north and start nerd poling and griefing. I give it 6 months before everyone is talking about wiping the map and starting again - of course followed by everyone bitching about losing their amazing builds.

      It's a moot point because the new server won't support it but I, for one, will be sad to see it go.

      Even with MassiveRestore present I found plenty of old factions that went inactive. They were always turning up on Dynmap and the race to beat MassiveRestore to the loot made it even more fun. The benefits of not having to wave bye-bye to an entire map every 3 months as they became trashed/nerd poled/griefed far outweighed the dodgy old bases that eventually became a blight on the landscape.
    16. MonMarty
      I think we have found a compromise middle ground that is a healthy solution for both sides. What we may end up doing is actually putting MassiveRestore on the server, but disabling it. This enables the natural command feature //restore, which takes the worldedit selected region and restores it based on a map snapshot. Having to do staff work is not ideal, but keeping a feature alive to refresh the world every so often is absolutely necessary. If MassiveRestore is not an option, I am sure other restore plugins are publicly available.
    17. Proudbucket
      I love this.
      Also, just in case. Save a copy of the finished map before players touch it.

      Btw... is the new server running on a linux machine?
    18. LumboJunior
      I’d guess windows server or Linux, I highly doubt that they will use windows 10/7/XP to run MasssiveCraft. Due to the fact that windows 10/7/XP uses a lot more ram to run which might be their problem.

      Although this might be false. It’ll just be weird to see a hosting organization to run their servers using windows 7/10/XP because they’ll be losing quite a lot of money due to others seeing such a dramatic slow down. That’s just my 2 cents.
      Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
    19. CnocBride
      The new dedicated server is ran on Ubuntu, I believe it is version 18.04 but CS_Birb and MonMarty would know more than me.
    20. CS_Birb
      Yes, we are! As CnocBride accurately remembered, the servers have been setup with the most current LTS Server release of Ubuntu (18.04)

      Both in regards to resources, this is also the case due to licensing as well as control. A Linux server far better suits our needs across the board, and does so without the licensing fees that would be needed to run the equivalent on a Windows server.
    21. jonyleo2000
      Hey everyone, crossing my fingers for all this to go as intended and loving the new fresh start for the server. I do have 1 question, is there a way for players to export their creative plots to some sort of map they can use on singleplayer?
      I know about schematica but I currently don't have my PC and can't install stuff on my sister's. So I'd like to know if there is a way. If not I'd be grateful if someone with the mod could scan my plot and send me the file, so i can use it when I get my pc back from repairs. thanks in advance
    22. jonyleo2000
      Damn man, sad to ear that, I always used your shop for god items, and other stuff. If what you are saying about the staff having bought all your transfer items (or any ammount that is) shows to me that they knew about the transfer and decided to win something with it. But the truth is that things like this come with a big staff. It's alot of responsability for those at the top and less accountability for those at the bottom("lesser staff" in terms of responsabilities). I wished you could change your mind like everyone else having these feelings but the truth is I know its a futile endeavor. I also know(cause it happens to me 2 or 3 times a year)... the Massive bug will strike again and you will come back. Once you go massive you can never go classic ;)
    23. jonyleo2000
      What part of being a vampire was your favourite? The weird numbers? or the RP aspects of it? You can still be a vamp, and you dont need no commands to tell you that ;)
    24. jonyleo2000
      Double word mate.
    25. jonyleo2000
      Amen brother
    26. CnocBride
    27. ronewird
      Sorry but i need to now something.
      Look like the server is moving more close to a standar vanilla. I like this and i hope also for a standard minecraft map who is amazing for people who like to minning like me.

      Due to my personal way to play i`m a kind of player who we can call "farmer".
      So i basically like to optimize production expecially anything who is redstone related.

      So i hope for a less regulates law about farming e redstone.
      I know that can look weird. Bur farming, redstone e automatic farming is still part of minecraft. And player like me enjoy it more than pvp.
    28. Zacatero
      The purpose of the rules against those machines is more about preventing lag than anything else. So there probably won't be any rule changes about it for the sake of keeping the lag down, especially on a server that will have all the worlds on one server
    29. ronewird
      That lag is only on chunk . That`s don`t affect general server performance. Server performance is affected by plugin`s, number of worlds and extension of them.

      Redstone machine when no player are on range are deactiveted.

      Iron e gold farming i agree with you. Is also bad for server economy also because you can make lot of resource in a ridiculous ammaunt of time.
      But build a full automatic alchemical brewery, automatic watermelon. pumpkin, sugar can. Or semi automatic potato, weath, carrots.

      All of the above don`t affect server performance. Only local fps when you are on range.

      Also mob farming. Or mob grinder. They only spawn when player are on range. And id there`s eventually redstone machine if not player are nearby they are deactivated.
    30. CS_Birb
      I'm afraid that for multiple reasons, and that does include a very noticeable server performance difference (especially with the loss of sharding), these rules are very unlikely to be seeing changes.
    31. openpit
      Is the code that will no longer be used going to be held onto just in case circumstances allow for them to be implemented again?
    32. EHEBrandon
      I'm also curious if Massive Mobs or Massive Traits will be implemented in the future.
    33. Zacatero
      MassiveTraits already is, that's not one of the ones being removed
    34. EHEBrandon
      Yeah but what about Massive Mobs and definitely Massive Restore? I could see it being quite bad if Massive Restore wasn't at least being brought back. I could already see the immense griefing and the lack of resources eventually if the server gets populated again.
    35. Legoclub22
      It will be loaded, but disabled.

      That way Staff can manually reset lanf, but otherwise it will not restore.

      This is intended to allow the construction of roads and whatnot, as well as leaving ruins for players to discover and explore.
    36. Zacatero
      Not quite. Worldedit is what has the manual //restore command. MassiveRestore just automates it. So no MassiveRestore most likely wont even be present in the new server since worldedit will handle manual restorations.
    37. Alj23
    38. Zacatero
      Oh that's weird I thought worldedit had it as a feature. My bad
    39. spacegravity4me
      i only ever play survival. I just liked it.
    40. daniel_meicker
      i think the problem with this is the people who want the whole map

      that would be very very difficult to do, especially since world downloader starts to lag after a while. but i do agree that it's a good way to save builds

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