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    Hello Fellow Massivecrafters!

    What is the Hunt? Well It's essentially a scavenger hunt. You'll be given a piece of paper with approximate coordinates and Clue to find the next clue or treasure. Treasure will be anything from Rare Lore items to Diamond Blocks, Player written Books to Unique lore items. Prizes will get better as we see more participation

    Contact Volkovv Ingame to get tickets to start.

    What you'll Need:
    *Buy One Ticket to start 5r/ Ticket so I can recoup this event costs
    *5x Book and Quills (Some Hunts may have less clues)

    Flying will be the fastest way to travel from place to place. This is why you'll want elytra and while gliding if you right-click Fireworks it will make you go faster. Don't forget to move out of the way of mountains and other walls while moving fast... lol (Pls no Drunk Flying)

    Clues will be in an item frame and can be copied like so:

    Treasure will be put in either of these 6 blocks:
    *Trapped Chest
    *Item Frame
    *Armor Stand

    First Hunt Rewards will contain!

    First Few Hunts Will be Exceptionally easy. I look towards your participation to make this exciting. The farther this goes along the better the prizes will be.
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