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    New Tavern, New Drinks!


    The Golden Willow Tavern in Regalia has been redone, it’s true! And there’s now a return to lore drinks as well! These drinks can only be gotten by a bartender, and are available for 10 regals each! Visit the bar and grab the ten current drinks available to all the players!

    The Golden Willow Menu

    Anglian Wittebier

    Opper Calem Stout

    Loiree Red Wine

    Vixhall White Wine

    Gallovian Vodka

    Holzskagger Vodka

    Girobaldin Rum

    Etolian Mead

    Dragenthal Whiskey

    And two seasonal drinks!

    Mint Julep


    Elderflower Water

    Ten Regals Each! Pay You Bartender!
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