The Free Company Of Ostyr

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    History of the Free Company
    Formed from the remnants of the family’s previous personal mercenary guild, The Ironwolf Legion, the Free Company of Ostyr has largely kept to itself, avoiding making a name for better or worse. The company was formed primarily of loyalists to House Norrvakt and as such had maintained ties to the family even during its chaotic downward spiral in recent years. The numbers of the Free Company have dwindled greatly as there were not many loyalists left after the Burning of the North and House Norrvakt’s excommunication from Imperial Court in 305AC. Despite this, the company managed to endure and maintain a moderate influx of coin by taking on jobs from locals of the Norrvakt holdings.

    In the year 306AC, Henrik Norrvakt, a bastard later legitimized by his father Einarr prior to his passing, joined the company and took over within a short stretch of time in service due to his wide array of martial skills. Having spent the entirety of 306AC leading the Free Company, Henrik has lost the courtly presence he once may have had if he had continued down his old path in favour of a more gruff and snarky one. His time with the band has also caused the band to become more centralized while also drawing in old, less devout members of the Ironwolf Legion, further swelling the numbers of the Free Company. This increase in rank has allowed the company to form a small city for itself along the Norrvakt lands’ coastline, branding the city the City of Ostyr, giving the company its full title.

    Presently the company’s leadership remains largely in Nastrond, though some of them followed Henrik to Regalia in an effort to expand the company further. With the arrival of half of the company’s leadership came fliers posted to various bulletins in the city offering employment to the numerous freelancers within the capital. The flier read as follows:

    “To any and all freelancers, unemployed or otherwise destitute; as any common man knows, coin is the only language that is universal. The Free Company of Ostyr is fluent in this particular language, having near a decade in service with no shortage of jobs coming in. Consider penning an application to the Commander of the Free Company, the Lord Henrik Norrvakt, for your shot at gold, glory and grandeur. The company offers the chance to tour the archipel with no shortage of action, debauchery and coin. All letters are to be delivered to the Old Gods district where they will be retrieved by a company courier for processing by the Free Company’s leadership.”


    Hierarchy of the Free Company

    Commander of the Free Company
    The position of Commander is held by one individual at a time, permitting the Free Company to maintain a relatively uniformity in rank structure as a means to centralize it's efforts. The Commander is tasked with renting out sellswords and maintaining records of their employ and conduct. This post is currently occupied by Lord Henrik of House Norrvakt.

    Adjutant of the Free Company
    The Adjutant of the company is tasked with maintaining records of employment for all registered freelancers (with the support of the Commander). This task is essential in that it allows the Free Company to recognize valued customers and avoid leasing it's services to those who do not pay the set price. This position is currently vacant.

    Goldblades of the Free Company
    The title of Goldblade belongs to any company member who has completed at least five jobs while under Free Company employ. This signifies their devotion to the company as well as their reliability and profitability. This position does not ever fill completely and rank holders are as follows:


    Ironblades of the Free Company
    The Ironblades are the initiate rank within the Free Company of Ostyr. These are newly blooded members of the guild who seek to carve a name out for themselves but have yet to do so. Ironblades are by no means subordinates to the Goldblades, but are often treated as such due to their discrepancy in experience and influence within their field. This position does not ever fill completely and rank holders are as follows:


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