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    At long last the End is here!

    We are incredibly proud to announce, as the title states that the End is indeed here! Behold a new world for all to explore and experience. A hunters dream.


    The world will have two enderman spawners and a single ghast spawner inside of the great castle walls that can be found once you walk down the steps of from the portal entrance.


    Do note that the only way to enter the end world is through a single portal that can be found in Essalonia. Additionally, there is no way to tp out with the only exit being through the portal you came from.

    The coords for the portal entrance is; x5275, z5671

    PvP is also enabled in this world meaning you will have to fight one another for your right to gather the beautiful supplies that are located in the end. So get your weapons ready and prepare yourself for the fight!

    Coming tomorrow at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, 11pm BST!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Anarchizm, Aug 5, 2019.

    1. 65jes89
    2. Lyee
      Very pretty!
    3. GrumpyGirl314
      I love so much that the towers look like angry faces. :D
    4. CnocBride
      *grumpy faces
    5. GrumpyGirl314

      Attached Files:

    6. Wooperr
    7. Sevak
      Yeah we'll see buddy
    8. Ha5h
      Intense concept! This is going to be epic!
    9. Doraiaky
      No u
    10. onearmsquid
    11. Legles101
    12. feiooos
      Who's going to be the militia guarding that entrance?
    13. Doraiaky
      The Essalonia side has PvP disabled unless you're combat tagged, but inside the End there is no safe area. Do with that information what you'd like xD
    14. feiooos
      I guess I can rephrase it to: who's gonna be the militia guarding that exit then :P
    15. Morbytogan
      hey hey that militia has arrived
    16. ZiHAMMER
      Nether portal uses end portal blocks, End portal uses nether portal blocks, nice iq.
    17. grizenator
      Its big brain time.
    18. Doraiaky
      I thought the same thing, my guy
    19. 65jes89
      would be better if the entrance had pvp enabled imo.
    20. Morbytogan
      i 2nd this
    21. Winterless
    22. SirePyro
      Always nice to see staff add in a new feature usable only to pvpers
    23. Huinkoch
    24. feiooos
      There is no freedom in essalonia sorry. We're in Europe here. Obey the militia.
    25. Huinkoch
      this should actually make lives of builders and survivalists slightly easier since pvp oriented players now have a meaningful playground rather than ganking people who can't really fight back or sitting essa gliding around ganking
    26. Zacatero
    27. Winterless
      It's not like it adversely affects other people, so I don't see the issue
    28. Zacatero
      I know... its not like @GrumpyGirl314 is spearheading a new questing department, or the lore staff are constantly creating new content. Sucks to be a not PVPer right now (eyeroll)
    29. SirePyro
      Didn't mean for this to turn into a full-blown discussion, but essentially, my issue with content configured like this is that whenever game additions like this(such as the Rift) tend to be set up as a deathcourse where only the best pvpers can prevail. Also, @Zacatero, the existence of lore and quests doesn't excuse 2/3 of the dimensions being extremely hard to access for a casual player.
    30. Winterless
      How so? I would argue that content created for certain communities is a good thing, so long as said content doesn't infringe or reduce from other activities. I don't see how The End does either of those things. Enderpearls are still farmable in the overworld, and ghast tears are still craftable and tbh kinda useless except for PvP.

      That's the entire point of this project.
    31. Zacatero
      I guess the ultimate answer just is, you don't need to go there. It isn't required for you to go there in order to play the rest of the game. Historically PVP has gotten less attention when it comes to the number of content releases, and the staff have been making an effort to release more PVP focussed content. This is one of them.
    32. Doraiaky
      That way of thinking leads to a PvP content drought. The End serves (at the moment) as exclusively a PvP-resource gathering location, players that do not PvP are not left out by going there. We will continue making PvP-positive changes, not exclusively though.

      Also, you can go there as a non-PvPer easily at the right hours.
    33. GrumpyGirl314
      This seems like a brilliant time to point out that the entirety of the Essalonia Revolution was based around PVE, and everything was pretty much built in.
      The daily quests allowed you to get a set of God armor. The hidden sentry camps gave you God tools and God weapons. The pve events always had pvp disabled. Releasing the rift was really the only pvp-type event associated with the Revolution.

      Also, at the release of The End, there were nearly a dozen casual players there using invis pots. I even saw one kid steal some ghast tears from Viscar, and that was funny as hell. xD He was even able to BP them (along with a God sword dropped by someone else who died) before he died later on.

      Yes, this is focused toward PvP. I don't see a problem. There will be more PVE stuff released in the future, as well as PvP, Quest, and RP.
    34. ZiHAMMER
    35. GrumpyGirl314
      No one cares.
    36. kniferharm
    37. ZiHAMMER
      You do not have the permission to use that command.
    38. Chappers
    39. Manny
      Gotta do this next time I get on

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