The Dragon And The Fairy

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    I, Lord Harald von Drachenburg, Man at Arms of the Viridian Order challenge Mister Cadwyn, Warden of the Ward of Fae Order to a duel of honor at a date to be decided. To hang the results of a duel to skirt past the dishonorable deeds of forgoing a part of ones knightly code is grounds for one of the Viridian Order, being charged to fight in the name of honor, to intervene, even if it is not our own.

    Furthermore, to suggest that the words of common men outweigh the words of a titled Lady of the Empire is egregious and cannot go unchallenged. To use a weak-lined duel to push this agenda is inexcusable.

    If the duel is to be accepted, then the two will fight in honorable means. No magical enhancements or usage, and no dirty tactics. Acceptance may be publicly displayed beneath this thread upon the Reglian Noticeboard.

    Regardless of outcome, a knight of any Order is to uphold their Code until their dying breath lest they be a coward and a liar to the institutions that have lifted them up and has sustained them in their mortal life.​

    Lord Harald von Drachenburg
    Man at Arms of the Viridian Order​

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