The Disownment Of Markus Ironfist

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    The Disownment of Markus Ironfist
    [The parchment rested around all over the Imperial Isle]


    [Translation Below]
    "Protect the Weak"

    Markus Ironfist, you have tarnished and ruined the Clan's name time after time. You use the name as a sort of cloak, to absorb all the ill you have caused upon yourself and those around you. First, you speak ill against me, then you speak ill against those who have held support for our people. Then, you decided to sell Assena to Werebeasts? There is too much stacked against you to not force my hand in this. I accepted you into the Clan with the thought that you'd hold our Clan's principles. However, it seems that you have spit upon the Clan's name without a second thought.

    From this day and until the end of time, you will no longer be apart of Clan Ironfist!
    And from this day forth, Clan Ironfist is Imperializing itself completely!

    Signed, Forcus Ironfist

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    Markus would read this over then shrug. He had already denounced the name Ironfist, he would just go to toss the parchment into the fire, feeling satisfied with with having left the Clan upon hearing of Forcus’ refusal of Duindin. “<Dw> A failure of a father. Going full imperialism.”
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    "Hmm, the stout politics are as exciting as our peerages own petty noble squabbles from years prior." The Drachenburg sips on his bier in amused commentary.
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    Wulf would stop upon seeing the parchment, seemingly done after reading trough it. He would then proceed yell openly yell to anyone understanding what he says "<Dwarven> Patriarch of traditional Ellador clan imperializing and worshipping spirit? And he dares to accuse Markus of spitting on image of the clan?" What would follow would be a avalanche of insults in Dwarven dialect and Daendroquin "<Daendroquin> Imperial dog. I have remained loyal despite being born in slums and yet /you/ fall" and with this last sentence he would leave
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    Holvik stood in front of a notice board, the parchment attached to such. As he'd run a hand through his beard he'd then say "Another one- coming forth about the crimes committed by Markus. And yet there's still kin, that supports this idiot." as he'd then take a small pause gauging who else was in the crowd. Holvik then jokingly said: "Markus, will steer the dwarven society on the crown isle's into many things but foremost. He will steer them into their doom.- Taking to the helm of the ship, only to crash them into the first cliff side he can manage.". Nudging one of his fellow readers he'd say: "And if you want proof, of Mark- destroying everything he touches, look at his forge. He's serving room temperature mead over smithing, makes you think-- has he already ruined his own business as well?"

    Some time after this, still standing around the notice Holvik took out his pocket ledger, and accessory charcoal stick, he'd note down the name "Forcus IronFist, should see." scratching in a small, circle in front of his name, a sign of importance.
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    Bacchus sat within the basement of his small shared home. Around him aging barrels of several brews fermenting away. His hands rested upon his knees, meditating on his thoughts before being harshly pulled back into reality by some loud knock at the door, with a sigh he moved to answer it, taking the letter from the courier and tossing him a coin for his time. His brow furrowed and eyes darkened as he read over the words, over and over.

    "Oh no... Forcus no." The Beerfists usual calmness had become compromised, as he paced back and forth before pouring himself a cup of small beer taking a hefty gulp of the contents. "When we turn on eachother we only do to weaken ourselves, once a mighty people brought low in petty squabbles, Duindin sheds a tear this day, even if only half the party cares for it. "
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    Folly Cuffburt sat on his bed in the basement of his small house, twirling his Zankari circlet slowly in a circle as he sits in deep thought. Suddenly, he's interrupted by the sound of a hammer outside his window, and as he answers the door, he notices a page nailed to the outside of his door. He tears the sheet and glances through it, his frown deepening as he reads through it, before muttering angrily in Dwarvish

    Halsorn help this fool, he's going to get himself Gravemarked at this rate. Imperializing themselves completely? Bah. I've half a mind to let him have his way and force him leave the Dwarvish community for good!"
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    From his study Julius looks over the paper. “It is his right and his choice to disown who he wishes. I have not enough information yet but business wars are destroying our reputation. Fight for the common goal, damn your petty grudges or we shall never acquire the Allies to achieve our shared dream.“ he burns the page before putting the ashs into his metal bin. “Smoother your pride brothers or it will destroy us all.”
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    A certain owner of a newspaper would lean back in his chair, his plan worked, by over-exaggerating the stories they took an over-exaggerated response, and now he is going to profit from it.
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    Hreidmarr was sat upon the stool in his small bookstore, when a courier brought the news to him. Briefly reading the denunciation of Markus, his face twisted into a dull frown. “<Dw> To see the humble Clan Ironfist fall to pathetic squabbles and Imperialism. Duindin help them find their way.” he would remark, before lighting some Duindin’s Draft.

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