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    The Quest department has been working long and hard with our other departments to be able to release dungeons for our players! This is the first of a hopeful many dungeons that our team will release and we’re sure our players have plenty of questions!

    Where are dungeons?
    The Deep Catacombs dungeon is accessible from Regalia and Essalonia. You’ll find the entrance in the Regalian cathedral, speak with Curate Hademar. In the tavern in Essalonia there’s a new patron who is waiting to tell you stories of his adventures and other gossip. There’s also a new hub for quests and dungeons - you can use /tp dungeons or /tp quests to reach it.​

    Who all can participate in these Dungeons?
    The answer to this is simply everyone! These quests are made so that anyone, Survivalist or Roleplayer, will be able to have fun! Whether you want to go in alone or take a group of friends, this dungeon was planned with you in mind!​

    What all do these dungeons contain?
    In the Deep Catacombs you’ll find puzzles, riddles, easter eggs, PvE, and boss fights. This dungeon has many dangerous rooms and hidden secrets. If you just want to run through and get to the end, that’s fine, but you’re going to miss things and get less loot. Also, what if you don’t care about any of that? No worries! There are RolePlay zones marked with purple carpet for those wishing to act out the deep and dark storyline of this dungeon.​

    Do I have to bring my own stuff?
    Yes, you do, but you can leave your elytra and enderpearls at home, they’re disabled. So are traits. If you don’t have armor and weapons try buying a half-stack of diamonds and crafting diamond gear. You can pick those up via trade chat for a few regals. Due to the number of player deaths we had during our testing events we have decided to allow items to be kept on death.​

    What’s new, if anything, about this dungeon?
    Deep Catacombs was designed from the ground up to be playable by teams and individuals. You won’t have to kill the boss mobs individually to get the prize. You can move through the dungeon as a group and if you complete the PvE as a group then it counts for everyone who has participated.​

    The dungeon can be replayed two weeks after it is completed. There are multiple prizes for several challenges so you’ll need to complete the dungeon several times to get them all. We’ll also be handing out a new type of prize, so best of luck out there!​

    When is the Dungeon open to the players?
    Luckily for you it will be opened THIS Sunday, October 13th! So get ready, sharpen your skills, and prepare for adventure! The times that the Dungeon will open will be 5:00pm EST/10:00pm BST!​

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