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    During the Cataclysm, the link connecting Aloria to the Veil was violently ripped open, creating widespread destruction and chaos throughout the world.

    Countless people died, and most of those who were able to fled the horrors that escaped the beyond. The few that chose to stay fought perilously; the battlegrounds surrounding Silveredge were filled with the sounds of weapons clashing with the maws and claws of powerful monsters that drew their strength from the Void.

    Illustrious mages gained power beyond their wildest dreams as the newly granted ability to channel energy from the Veil enabled them to control powerful spells, giving Alorians the strength to fight back.

    Decades later, the denizens of Silveredge are safe within the city boundaries, their fear of the corruption and the monsters that lay within tempered with their faith of the soldiers and the adventurers that seek the unknown. However, the night air in the tavern and the stories woven by the hearth contain a common thread: the further one strays from the safety of Silveredge, the more danger one will face.


    The Dark World, MassiveCraft's grand-scale questing and PvE experience, is releasing April 14th at 5pm EST/10pm BST!


    The Dark World takes place in Ceardia, where void energy has changed the rules of natural order. Uncover Ceardia’s many secrets through MassiveCraft’s latest RPG experience, help the citizens rebuild across six new cities and explore beyond their borders in search of treasures beyond your wildest imagination.

    The Dark World contains altered gamerules compared to the rest of MassiveCraft:

    - No PVP
    - No Elytra
    - No Backpack outside of established towns.
    - Players can use powerful magical spells and use artifacts to fight monsters.
    - Fast travel to other cities is available through the Ceardian horsemaster.
    - Fast travel to many locations is possible through the use of consumable teleport gems.
    - Inns offer goods and services that aid in healing and regeneration for use across Ceardia.


    Boss Fights

    There are a range of challenging and rewarding boss fights that are spread across Ceardia, with more to come in the future. These bosses are tuned to red difficulty, so prepare accordingly.

    The main bosses found throughout Ceardia include: The Necromancer, The Spider Queen and The Ancient Dakkar.

    Boss drops include: Netherrite god tools with mending, iron god tools, weapons and armour with mending, wands and master wands, treasure maps, food and potion supply drops, mineral supply drop and unique weapons with powerful additional skills limited to use in Ceardia.

    Pink miniboss mobs also spawn at certain locations around Ceardia and have a chance to drop boss keys, wands and treasure maps. Treasure maps guide the player towards various locations scattered throughout Ceardia and boss keys are used to access the main bosses of Ceardia, with high risk and high reward.



    Tourism is a big business in Ceardia, however the lands are often too dangerous for NPCs to roam unescorted. If you are willing to escort an NPC to a neighbouring town, they will reward you handsomely!

    In each town you will find Captain Swiftfoot, the NPC in charge of arranging travel to various towns. You can offer to help him escort one of his patrons to any of the nearby towns and be rewarded upon completion. The further the distance, the better the reward!

    The escorted NPCs will follow you until you reach your destination, they fall too far behind you (get over 50 blocks away), or you tell them you are no longer interested in escorting them. Only one NPC can be escorted per player at a time. Boss keys, treasure maps, as well as treasure map drops can be awarded upon completion, as well as a guaranteed regal reward.

    Captain Swiftfoot can be found in Silveredge, Marshburrow, Drachenburg, Islvale, Rokhdryl and Heltbury!


    Magic Wands

    Magic has returned to MassiveCraft, exclusive to The Dark World. Wands are obtainable from pink miniboss mobs and treasure maps. Initially, they will be broken but can be taken to the Silveredge Observatory to be repaired at the cost of 250r and 32 emerald blocks. When used. all magic wands share the same cooldown. The different types of wands available are:

    Fire Wand - Deals constant damage in a cone, up to 13 blocks away. Deals 10 damage per hit and lights targets on fire for 5 seconds. Consumes 3 coal per second.

    Lightning Wand - Shoots a straight line projectile that causes lightning bolts to strike enemies up to 160 blocks away, dealing 20 damage within a 3 block radius. Can be cast once every second. Consumes 1 iron ingot per use.

    Earth Wand - Launches a massive boulder in an arc trajectory that deals 30 damage within a 6 block radius of where it hits. Can be cast once every 4 seconds. Consumes 1 coarse dirt per use.

    Frost Wand - Conjures a bitterly cold aura in a 7 block radius around the player, dealing 8 damage and applying slowness 4 to impacted mobs for 5 seconds. Can be cast with a 1 second cooldown. Consumes 1 ice block per use.

    Air Wand - Deals 7 damage to mobs within a cone, up to 9 blocks away. Attacks knock back a great amount (more than knockback 5!). Attacks also grant you speed 2 for 7.5 seconds after use. Has a cooldown of 0.45 seconds. When used while the player is crouching, attacks can also knock players backwards. This mechanic can be used repeatedly to grant a hard to control low speed flight! Consumes 1 string per use.

    Water Wand - Heals the caster 2 hearts and grants regen 3 for 2.5 seconds, and players within 5 blocks of the casting player 1.5 hearts and grants regeneration 3 for 2 seconds. Also extinguishes players on fire within a 5 block radius. Has a cooldown of 1 second. Consumes 2 lapis lazuli per use.

    Very rare master wand variants can be obtained from treasure maps or boss mob drops. These rare master wands do not consume items on use.


    Ceardian Artifacts

    Ceardian Artifacts are exclusive to The Dark World, channelling the power of the veil to imbue mystical powers or conjure magical incantations. Unless specified, Ceardian Artifacts only work within Ceardia.

    Ceardian Artifacts that can be found across The Dark World include:

    Broken Wands, Regular Wands and Master Wands - Used to cast with/without consuming items.

    Everlasting Potato - Provides 6 food and 4 saturation on use, never consumed on use and can be used indefinitely. The everlasting potato can be used outside of Ceardia.

    Offhand Beacon - Comes in 4 variants, granting regen, resistance, speed and strength. When placed in the offhand it grants a permanent level 1 effect, as long as it is in their offhand. Upgraded tier 2 and 3 beacons grant their respective level of effect to the player.

    Omni Beacon - Tier 1 and 2 beacons can be combined into an omni beacon in the crafting table that grants permanent strength, resistance, speed, and regen to the player. Omni beacons can be disassembled by crouch right clicking while holding them. Tier 3 beacons can not be crafted into an omni beacon.

    Artifact of Fusion - Crafting component. Can be combined with 8 tier 1 offhand beacons in the crafting table to create a Tier 2 offhand beacon. Can be combined with 8 Tier 2 offhand beacons to create a tier 3 offhand beacon. This cannot be undone.

    Magic Ceardian Armour - Full sets of armour granting unique effects: the healing set: heals 0.5 hearts when hit, evasion set: player doesn’t take damage when hit, reflection Set: deals 7 damage to the mob that hurts the player. Magic Ceardian Armour comes in three rarities - green (2.5% chance of activation), yellow (5% chance of activation) and pink (7.5% chance of activation). Magic Ceardian Armour can be repaired through MCMMO or vanilla anvil repair, but does not work outside of Ceardia.

    Teleport Gems - Teleport gems can instantly teleport any player from anywhere in Ceardia to either particular pink miniboss spawn, boss entrance, or town. Gems are not consumed on use, however pink and red mob teleports consume 5 emerald blocks on use, while town teleports consume 1 emerald block on use.

    Teleport Scrolls - Similar to the teleport gems but consumed on use.

    Stick of Dynamite - Basically a short distance throwable grenade, deals 30 damage to mobs within 3 blocks of where it lands. Useable outside of Ceardia.

    Boss Key - Opens the doorway to various boss mobs for 2 minutes. Consumed on use. Is dropped by pink miniboss mobs at a 10% drop rate.


    The Dark World pushes the boundaries of what's possible with questing and mobs to create the ultimate PvE experience, accessible and hugely rewarding for all!

    Make sure to be there for the release of The Dark World on April 14th at 5pm EST/10pm BST! We can't wait to see you there!

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