The Crookback Pack

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    Always defend what you had always found comfort in.”
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    304 AC, in the mid-season of spring, the Crookback Pack originated from the former Red Rooks Trading Foundation in the Holy City of Regalia, headstrong by Moji and her crew.
    Formerly a criminal organization that primarily dealt with bounties that span from petty thievery to confidential contracts. Members consisting of rogues and/or thieves of all variation shift relationships from purely business to unbreakable familial bonds.
    As time went on, tides came to shift and Werebeastism was introduced to the organization. Members conveyed into mainlining the Uthurenn soul-line to fit the newer climates as they transposed into a more modern era. Changing their official name to Crookback Pack in 307 AC.
    Allat Moji tutored previous Beta, Lorelei, into assuming her position as the newfound Alpha. Moji soon retires after training Lorelei to fill her role in pursuit of her own goals. With her departure, the Crookback Pack prospered progressively over time, filling its ranks and building connections around the bay as their own name.
    Lorelei, now granted Allat of the Crookback Pack, leads her following to seek out brighter days.

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    -Who Are We-
    The Crookback Pack is primarily an Uthurenn Werebeast pack, though accepting of other soul-lines or affiliations.
    We offer members inclusive roleplay that revolves around involvement with the undercity community that lurks into the surface.

    Life will never be fair to those that never fight against the odds.”
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    Crookback Castle [Outside of the Sewers, castle by the mountains.]
    The Smiling Fox [Trade/Merchant Venue]
    ⇁Pursuit of Prosperity
    ⇁Pursuit of Progressivism
    ⇁Liberty leaning motives
    ⇁Encourages Werebeastial analogy
    ⇁Racial/Gender equality
    ⇁Right to love regardless of gender

    ⇁Denies vampire rights to rule over Werebeasts

    Total [23]
    Daily Peak:
    ✎ 3-4 members.

    Weekly Peak:
    ✎ 6-7 members.
    The Court
    Alpha [Leader of the group.]
    Betas [Second in command(s).]
    ⇥ Champion [Sets up pack related events, training sessions, etc.]
    ⇥ Secretary [Manages diplomatic relations, oversees pack morality, etc.]
    ⇥ Packmate [General members of the court.]
    ⇥ Youngbloods [Newbloods, recruits of the court.]
    ⇥ Honorary Packmate [Affiliated with the members, closer friends.]
    Specialty Roles [Specific Proficiencies.]
    ⇥ Brutes
    ⇥ Stealth
    ⇥ Medical
    ⇥ General welfare
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    Till thy undying breath, we’ll move on till we reach prosperity.”
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    How to Apply
    Character Name:
    Character Application:
    Activity Rate:

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