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    Ziggy music offering
    From the desk of Chancellery Advisor Lupenzi,
    the details of the Regalian Commoner’s Assembly II.
    Hello again everyone I hope you’re fairing well,

    As we enter the uncertainty of March, the upcoming chancellery election at the end of his excellency’s tenure, painful developments upon the battlefront, and conflict within our city proper. I wish to remind everyone that we will press through hardship, as we always have, as naturally as we live on through the changing of the seasons.

    The state of these commoner’s assemblies moving forward into the reign of the next lord chancellor, whoever he or she might be, is still up in the air. But I can assure you that I will be fighting tooth and nail to keep it instated. As I feel at the best of times, it has the potential to evoke a little good in our city...

    That’s all from me this week, so without further adieu unto the proposals...

    Proposal I
    Proposal Maker: Eloi Playero (@Wilvahelm)

    Proposal: ''My name is Eloi Playero. I'm proposin' that th' 'Red Beret' ban at Greygate be overturned. By doin' so, th' Violet Order is insultin' many Daendroque people who th' beret has significant cultural value for."

    Result: This appeal has not been resolved, with commentary from the lord commander that these berets have been ‘an anti-state symbol within the (Playero) family before, and only contain meaning to your rebellious, treasonous family.’ this same sentiment was echoed by the opposition at the assembly, with lack of evidence of red berets as anything culturally significant.

    Further commentary can be offered to the Lord Commander himself on the matter, but I suggest working towards clearing your name beforehand, or simply... Don’t find yourself in the middle of Grey Gate, and never have to part ways with your favourite hat.
    Proposal II
    Proposal Maker: Abigail Tucker (@Lizmun)

    Proposal: Decorate the streets of Regalia with some light decor in the warmer weather of the year, flowers, streamers, etc. To make them less 'boring'.

    Result: Miss Tucker is invited to meet with the city Alms minister, Sivrid Sorenvik (@MrsCripple) to further discuss this proposal and to work out how the decor can be accomplished, with noble funding, charity, or otherwise.
    Proposal III
    Proposal Maker: Thyrian Costari (@cambamman1 )

    Proposal: ‘There should be an investigation into a woman called Ana Cervantez. She is a Vampire who has supposedly 'claimed' the New Town Clinic.’

    Result: Proposal makers are reminded, general guard reports should be taken directly to the Violet Order where possible. The Commoner’s Assembly the right place to voice one’s self of matters that need attending to at the very moment of their happening, and not a minute later.

    That said, I will be raising the case to the Violets to attend to if it hasn’t been already, and if this apparent sanguine’s activity has been kept since this occasion, there is always the possibility to ensure bounties where bounties are due.
    Proposal IV
    Proposal Maker: Baldomar (@Ocularum)

    Proposal: Introduce a set time limit for Commoner's Assembly proposal makers, as well as opposition segments.

    Result: Due to the nature of assemblies ranging from being a full house to quiet as a mouse, I will be making it clear upon each individual assemblies' introduction just how long will be offered to proposal makers and vice-versa with opposition (if any), those that talk beyond their time limit will be asked to leave the podium, and if not following the order of the state reps present, their proposal will be denied and the proposal maker in question moved back into the spectating area by the hand of present Violet, or knightly personnel.
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    In response to Proposal I, Dictum II.

    I welcome your invitation to discuss this matter further with the Lord Commander. Despite my in-law's family's past criminal disposition, many of the family were not present when Isidoro Playero launched the revolutionary red beret movement. The red beret has since then been used as part of the mercenary uniform for Los Protectores, legally. The uniform is not associated with any criminal activities anymore, as I have taken great care to guarantee that any criminality within my mercenary company is properly addressed. It was chosen for two reasons: to honor our dead and reclaim the beret as a symbol of legality and freedom, rather than criminality.

    I personally find it offensive that an entire uniform and fashion accessory be banned because of the actions of one person, who acted independently from his family almost a year ago. The actions of House Playero have no bearing on my mercenary company, nor do the actions of past members of the House have any bearing on current members of the house. They have made an honest effort to become upstanding citizens, and still, they are met with skepticism.

    I did not even realize it was legal to ban people from a public government building providing a service as essential and universal as protection from the law, and I believe it sends a false message of "the law is here for everyone except you" to do so.

    Florence Amaya
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