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    From the desk of Chancellery Advisor Lupenzi,
    the details of the Regalian Commoner’s Assembly I.

    Hello reader, and welcome to the first of many public dictums, each to be released in relation to the most recent Commoner’s Assembly. To provide both reiterations of what was told to those who had their proposals rejected upfront, as well as what has been made of those that were approved.

    Before we begin, I’d like to thank those who attended and further so to those who made their voices heard through their proposals to I, the Lord Command Sorenvik, and Alms Minister Sorenvik. And even to those in denial, that you were provided sufficient reasoning behind such, or pathways to achieve what you sought after in the coming days.

    Remember, we can’t make anything of your words if we don’t hear them. However big or small you imagine your requests or qualms to be. Please attend the next assembly the week after next and do so. Thank you, without further ado. Let us get onto the meat and potatoes of this letter.

    Proposal I
    Proposal Maker: Wan-Xia (@indyfan98)

    Proposal: To produce a Sihai cultural hub within Regalia for ‘cultural reasons’ to be used as an embassy, culture house, event hosting area, and so forth.

    Result: This initial proposal was approved for consideration, as similar areas in the city exist for those such as the Songaskian, worshippers of the dragon, and so forth, and was quickly resolved thanks to the aid of his grace, Augustin Reinard. Who came to offer his family estate’s ‘courtyard, pavilion tearoom and gardens’ up to the Sihai to be used for a multitude of the purposes that Wan-Xia requested in his proposal. A fitting enough location due to its Sihai architecture, which simply could just not be built to true accuracy within the city limits of Regalia proper.

    Proposal II
    Proposal Maker: Xabi Playero (@Kibaa)

    Proposal: Speaking upon ‘the behalf of the residents of the Daen district who have seen an above average amount of law enforcement as of late’, Playero continued, “We bid that for the time being, the Daen district be given the designation of a Neutral Zone.”

    Result: This proposal was denied for a multitude of reasoning, both from the commentary of oppositional speakers who also reside in the Daen district, offering entirely juxtaposing messages and from the Lord Commander himself when inquired about arrests made upon those in the district beyond the Playero and Amaya families that there have been ‘None, whatsoever.’ furthering hammering his point through that the aforementioned traffic in the district is ‘because your entire family has a very /colourful/ history of criminal activity, in the last two months alone, even.’

    I will have it known as clear as day, I am in active contact with the Lord Commander, and as such, to any wishful proposal makers moving forward have this to say. If you hold a recent criminal background, assume it is known, the possibility of proposal acceptance is possible for you, yet all the while greatly hindered. Consider clearing up your act before standing before us and making your requests.

    Proposal III
    Proposal Maker: Imira Delaianur (@Proudbucket)

    Proposal: Due to concerns about recent unwanted Kathar activity in the Petal Court neighbourhood, a change to the law that forces third citizens to leave public spaces immediately as requested by any first citizen.

    Result: This proposal was declined, in the words of the Lord Commander, “ think that it would be easily abused, sadly, If it could be reformatted in a way to make it protect such communities more efficiently, I think that that it would be more accepted.”, alongside this, both I and the Alms Minister implore those feeling affected by known criminals to take such cases promptly to Greygate to be handled by the Violet Order.
    Proposal IV
    Proposal Maker: Aeda’lyn Kee’lyth (@SneakyLinguine)

    Proposal: The request for financial backing to restore the Estel worship temple, after being left in a ‘ruinous state’ following recent vandalism, that ‘(the) worshipers of the all Mother and her pantheon are left without a safe space to gather in prayer.’

    Result: Though for now, due to the current political climate, all expenditures of the improvement fund, according to the Alms Minister Sorenvik, ‘are beholden to an (noble) assembly vote.’ and so in it’s current state the proposal was denied, albeit with further means to an end. Such as a noble house, once offering restoration funds ‘from their personal coffers’ with the simple need for city approval after this to be done. Aid appears to have been found through House Eledwhen, so the proposer is welcome to make their case at the next assembly to me contact the necessary city officials for permission to restore once this funding is secured.
    Proposal V
    Proposal Maker: Eloi Playero (@Wilvahelm )

    Proposal: To settle a plaque to the currently unnamed statue residing within the Daendroque District that recognises ‘the struggle of Daen-kind and their emancipation from enslavement.’

    Result: As a current resident of the district in question, I’ve heard the Playero’s wishes previously for such things prior to this proposal, and alongside mutual agreement between me and the other present state representatives. We’ve accepted this proposal. I’ll be seeing to the memorial plaque’s addition to the statue in coming days.
    Proposal VI
    Proposal Maker: Elisen Darrath, Violet Order Guard (@Hell0There)

    Proposal: “I come, to make a proposed change to a noble right, which in my views and others should not exist, and I hope to get this to people that can change it. The law in question, allows Nobles, under their noble right, to order the arrest of a commoner. Despite having no evidence against them and forcing them to serve a sentence. This has happened previously and will happen again. This right shouldn't be granted. As simply due to the fact that we, the Violet Order, Are here to protect the Emperor and his Citizens. Not to take part in the Noble's petty squabbles.”

    Result: Denied. As it was seemingly spawned through the misconception that this law is more potent than it truly is. In reality, though the nobility has the right to order an arrest of a civilian, based upon suspicion of ‘foul play or otherwise’ according to Lord Commander Sorenvik, ‘they cannot convict. Such things rest on the shoulders of guardsmen.’ he then went on the offer that they and any Violet guardsmen have the ability to report corruption and unlawfulness to the Violet Order’s office of the Reeve, Tiroioc Mionther. Who handles matters of Blueblood Court Priveledge violations.
    Final words:
    It has come immediately to my attention that a portion of the raised proposals from this first assembly are resultant from insecurity, understandably due to past troubles proposal makers have faced from those who decide to take it into their hands to disturb the peace of the day-to-day lives and rituals of others without rhyme or reason.

    Though I cannot promise any halt to the acts of vandalism, unwanted potential criminals lurking within your neighbourhoods, and the likes; As per my personal responsibilities as a Bloodcast, I will be doing the rounds patrolling the city with a higher frequency as best as I may, moving forward, and actively encourage other knights and potential Violet guardsmen to take the time to join me in such if they are not doing so already. If you care for this city and its people do not just say it, show it.

    Anyhow, that is all from me for now. On a lighter note, my thanks again to those in attendance at hopefully the first of many commoner’s assemblies. Such things naturally wouldn’t happen without you, all of you.

    Until next time,

    Lazarus Lupenzi of the Bloodcast Order
    Bancroft Chancellery Advisor



    My thanks to @Ocularum for helping peek through logs for quotations to reference, and help formatting.
    I'm always open to advice on improving these dictums, so feel free to tell me your ideas.
    Stay tuned to the official Commoner's Assembly thread for the next assembly (Week after next.)
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