The Cadieux Lionguard

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    The Lionguard
    House Motto: From the Land to the Stars
    Guard Motto: Our Pride and Honor



    The Cadieux Lionguard, or Garde de lion in d’Ithanie, are a House Guard organisation formed by the resurgent House Cadieux with the intention of collecting warriors loyal to the House and to their people. Clad in the finest silks and shining steel, the Lionguard are a walking testament to the splendour and grace of House Cadieux and the Ithanian people overall.

    Rights & Role
    The Lionguard are bound foremostly to the preservation of House Cadieux and its members, be that at home or abroad; the Lionguard are encouraged to be in the presence of the family as much as possible, both to ensure their safety and to foster the bonds that enable that safety to become ever surer.

    >Nobility may have a House Guard utilizing any degree of armour and any open carry weapon, but only to be worn and carried while on duty.
    >The House Guard must defend the lives and keep safe the nobles they serve from harm, and can only operate in this capacity.
    >The House Guard may detain any attackers that attempt to harm the nobles they serve and transfer them to the Regalian Guard Charters within 48 hours.
    Lionguard Code:
    The Lionguard are also encouraged to follow an unofficial code inspired by that of the various Ailor Knight Orders, to ensure that the defenders of House Cadieux are never found lacking in honor or discipline.

    >Do not stand idly by in the face of slander or insult against the House, be you on duty or off, and should always seek to defend the Cadieux honor.
    >Carry yourself with dignity and decorum at all times, lest your discipline be called into question and tarnish the image of the House.
    >Hold honor paramount- never should you commit acts of deceit or attack an unprovoked enemy; a Lionguard sword should only be raised against the foes of Cadieux who make their intentions known.
    >Insights and advice are welcome, but never in the presence of those outside of the House or the Guard; the Guard and the House must present a single, unbroken public face, unmarred by flagrant disagreement or objection.

    The Lionguard follows a fairly simple hierarchical structure; promotions and demotions are handled foremostly by the present Pride Captain, though the Cadieux matriarch may also deliver changes in rank at her own discretion.
    >Capitaine de la fierté | Pride Captain:
    The Pride Captain operates as the penultimate authority in the Lionguard, second only to the Cadieux matriarch herself, delivering orders and imperatives to lower-ranked Lionguard that must be followed.
    The current Pride Captain is Lyonel Deceres @Scribbe.
    >Lieutenant de lierre | Ivy Lieutenant:
    Ivy Lieutenants are the officers of the Lionguard, delivering important information to the Pride Captain and often seeing to the protection of the most important Cadieux members, with a greater degree of responsibility than that of an average Ivy Lion.
    >Lion de lierre | Ivy Lion:
    The Ivy Lions are the lowest on the Lionguard hierarchy, but by no means unimportant or irrelevant, operating as the first and best line of defense for House Cadieux against any attacks on their person or their lives.

    The Lionguard always seeks new warriors to join their ranks, and possible entrants may apply via letter and subsequent meeting with the current Pride Captain. It should be noted, however, that the following are barred from entry to the Cadieux Lionguard:
    >Nelfin of the Kathar variety.
    >Sorcerers of the Darkness and Chaos varieties.
    >Aberrants of the Werebeast and Vampire varieties.
    >Those below Second Rank civil status, including Persona non Grata.
    >Jacobins, anti-Imperialists, and anti-Unionists.
    Applicants to the Lionguard should present evidence of loyalty, as well as prior military service or guarding work. If no prior experience is present, then be prepared to test skill with a blade with the Pride Captain. Knights, particularly of the Bloodcast, Viridian, and Villiers-Eclair Orders, are welcomed with open arms by the Lionguard. Letters should be penned to the current Pride Captain, Lyonel Deceres @Scribbe, or to the Cadieux matriarch, Milena Cadieux @canaaa.


    >Character Name:
    >Character Application:
    >Relevant Proficiencies:
    >Progression Eligible:

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    >IGN: Pakkleaf
    >Character Name: Shani Wren
    >Character Application:
    >Relevant Proficiencies: Fist Combat (+15)
    >Progression Eligible: Yes
    To the noble House Cadieux, word spreads fast in this city and word of you says you're in need of loyal soldiers. If willing, I am hard working and happy to start at any position you would be willing to grant me. I hope you will take me under consideration and thank you in advance for your time.

    -Shani Wren
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    >IGN: Kleinfolk
    >Character Name: Emil d'Kreiger
    >Character Application: here
    >Relevant Proficiencies: 15 Bardiche, 5 Dagger, 5 Unarmed
    >Progression Eligible: yes
    Captain Deceres,
    As you may already know, I was recently appointed as Palest to Noemie Cadieux. I wish to extend that service to the rest of House Cadieux, through service in the Lionguard. I believe my oath to Lady Cadieux is evidence of loyalty enough, as for prior experience, I have several years of training as a Lion Pelt Knight, on top of this, I have two years of bodyguarding experience under an Anglian aristocrat, and have served in the Hadarian War under House Eledwehn.

    I hope this letter finds you well.
    - Ser Emil d'Kreiger.
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