The Beating Heart

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    Weary and exhausted, the hooded figure laid against the pillar of the bookshelf. His ankles crossed over each other as the soft and smooth touch of silk flowed over his body, the scratch of the midnight breeze pelting the figure's face over and over again as the moonlight shone through the broken roofing of a destroyed home, a bland but yet purposeful shelter utilized as his safe house.

    His breath was silent, movements restricted, and body freezing, as if tossed into a breathtaking and deadly lake in the Far North. Within, his blood pumped vigorously, breath - silent, but vast, became a cloud of white smoke as the warmth immediately crystalized into vapor. The eyes were closed as the consciousness within the figure's body was jolted awake, as if paralyzed and unable to re-possess the structure which he called his body. All he could hear was the ever so calm and melodic beating of his heart, the organ which is one of the most important pieces to the human body and vital to survival.

    Powerlessness, the term which was always within the back of his mind, the need to increase strength, forgoing pain and injury in the midst of advancement brought his thoughts to events long ago.

    Flesh, the very sight which brought him to the beginning of this year, the memories of the past began pouring as inhuman appearances of beasts, unknown to man and experiments of gods showed itself, the crack of their smile, the blood trickling down the lip of the beast, while flesh, hung onto their tongue, as if displaying a trophy. Elongated limbs was the primary aesthetic of the first form, claws situated on the end of their fingers as dripping onto the stonework from a situation long ago, was blood. The second form, eight fierce but able limbs spurted from their torso as their mouth split open from all sides, showcasing the demonic imagination of an insane man with the powers of unimaginable heights. Thirdly, the eloquent and hidden facade of an elderly human to which a stalking beast rested behind, the crescent eyes of the grinning demon, the sharp canines of a gluttonous monster, and thirst which only blood could quench, appeared. Sweat dripped down the sides of unconscious body as his mind remained trapped, the word - no, a name, remained on his mind as his breathing quickened with his thoughts resurfacing, 'Oldritch'.

    Micro seconds passed on the outside as within the figure's mind, hours passed as he relived his days from the naive and panicked mindset merely months ago, the victims and enemies of old constantly refreshed into his thoughts as the familiar and melodious beating made itself the center of attention once more until the abomination of flesh occupied the corner of the figure's mind while a grand expansive room of immense architecture revealed itself, technology and sights of an era long past filled his vision as his attention was drawn towards the center of the room - an empty crater to which a drop of water laid at the bottom, rather, not water, essence of a source unknown to him. He continued, walking past the crater as he settled his right foot onto a luxurious staircase, his gaze peering over the flight of stairs as he advanced, one step at a time while the air chilled to a near-freeze, his breath crystallizing while the calming beating of his heart occupied his hearing. The last step of his body arrived onto the top of the flight of stairs, his iris narrowed at a portal of vast mysticism as he moved forth - before he was situated into a building, bright and silent as a wave of discussion shuffled into his ears, suppressing the beating of his own heart as he turned back, spotting a crowd of people, numbers tens to nearly a hundred, warriors of their own or individuals of notable backgrounds, both familiar and unfamiliar as they began their trek further into the building - no, rather, labyrinth.

    Hours passed as he leaned into the shadows, or what could be shadows under the ruin of rubble, the sight of lifeless bodies and limbless figures decorated the formerly white pathways of this.. 'vault', the guardians of the labyrinth reveled in ecstasy as they bit down, the downpour of blood fell upon the stonework as bloodied limbs hung out the corners of their mouth. The beating heartbeat revealed itself as the hooded figure traveled wall to wall, walking past those who knew, those who didn't, and those who could not be pieced together. His body trembling as the sight of the 'guardian' hovered past his location, the ebony figure crunching the bare bones and piercing of the flesh on it, made the figure twitch with every gory detail reverberating the halls as he ran, running as if the moment he turned around, death would have breathed down his neck. The hooded figure's consciousness fell from his memory's body as it levitated to a view far above, his thoughts revolving to the Marayan Vault excursion below the holy city of Regalia, the ironic demonic experience being suppressed by many, many variables.

    The consciousness revolved between the two situations before the ray of moonlight shone onto the hooded figure's body and it was soon jolted awake, as if breathing in their last breath and coughed in panic with the intense absorption of oxygen as sweat dripped from their chin and onto the ground, his breath turning white with every exhale as he rose to a knee, and then a stand before moving his right hand towards his hood and pulled it back, the face of a somewhat familiar eastern knight, donning the showy crimson red cape that flowed down his back while his amethyst purple iris flickered, staring at the moon while it glowed intensely before dimming back down. His right hand twitched and moved to rest it over his heart as he took in another deep breath, the beating of his heart echoed as it was all he heard throughout the night.
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