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    This competition is an update for @Violettee, who posted this some time ago. This competition is for anyone, factions or role-player, and we'd love to see you all participate! Please, try not to worry, we have listened to your feedback from the previous poll and our next competition will be based around the theme of ancient ruins.

    With our members of the tech staff working tirelessly to give us our long-awaited 1.13 update, what better way is there to celebrate it than to explore all of the different blocks and build opportunities?

    You'll be able to sign up solo, as a duo, or in a team of three to participate in this challenge, and the goals you will have to complete are this.

    You will need to build in the creative world an underwater scene (think under the sea, the little mermaid, ect. Let your creativity run wild!) or base fit for factions and write it a brief piece of lore. You can choose between either of the two if one calls to you more than the other, please just specify so in the application that will be made available to you down below.

    First Place: One thousand regals and a custom lore item.
    Name: The Abyssal Crown.
    Type: Golden Helmet.
    Lore: A gem encrusted crown worn by the elite of the deep, fit for the king of monsters himself.

    Second Place: Seven hundred and fifty regals and a custom lore item.
    Name: Maiar’s Tear.
    Type: Ghast Tear.
    Lore: A crystalized Maiar’s tear tirelessly sought after by the elite historians of Regalia.

    Third Place: Five hundred regals and a custom lore item.
    Name: Pearl of The Deep.
    Type: Enderpearl.
    Lore: Many have risked limb and fin for this rare find, but you didn’t seem to have much trouble.

    Participation Prize:
    Name: Fool’s Gold.
    Type: Golden Nugget.
    Lore: You’ve struck gold! Oh.. oh no. It’s fake.

    Is this a team? If so, please put down the names of your team members. If none, state N/A:
    Building Lore (Make sure this is cohesive with what you’re building, it needs to fit!):

    Please add Ryria to a friend on your creative plot so that I can easily teleport to each person's (or team’s) build.

    You will have two weeks to build this in creative on your plot, so take your time! When the deadline for the competition is met, Violettee, EdnaMode_ and I will go around judging each build and decide the winners.

    Each build must be 100% created by you and the people on your team, we will be checking! Schematica is not allowed at all and if you’re found using it you’ll be disqualified.

    Sadly, world edit still isn’t implemented on the server yet after the update, so the builds themselves don’t actually have to be underwater - just make them look as much like it as you can! I’m excited to see the creative ways you go about this.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Ryria, Mar 26, 2020 at 11:21 AM.

    1. indyfan98
      Question: how would we be able to make use of the new 1.13 blocks, like coral, sea grass, etc, if the builds aren't underwater?
    2. Ryria
      I'm fairly certain you can make use of coral blocks and sea pickles etc, but I'm not sure.
    3. indyfan98
      I'm trying right now, and my coral I place dies after a few seconds, turning white. Also, sea pickles have a candle texture when placed on land when using Optifine.
    4. Ryria
      Sadly, with world edit no longer being on the server, there's not much we can do. If you'd like to participate, you could build big pieces of coral with regular blocks and find other ways around it.
    5. indyfan98
      Alright. Thank you.
    6. FireFan96
      The candle thing is not part of the masdivecraft textures, and applies to massivebound.

      As for the issue of coral colors I'd say dig out a chunk or build a glass pool above ground, and then start filling it row by row until you flood it. I was able to flood an entire valley in essalonia with 2 water buckets, so it should be possible. A bit tedious, but possible
    7. mayino
      Are we, somewhat forced to use the massivecraft rp-pack. Or is default also an option?
    8. Ryria
      You can use whatever you prefer!
    9. ZiHAMMER
    10. indyfan98
      IGN: indyfan98
      Is this a team? If so, please put down the names of your team members. If none, state N/A: N/A
      Building Lore (Make sure this is cohesive with what you’re building, it needs to fit!): [Faction Base & Underwater Scene]- Hollow Town is a town along the coasts of Silbrae. It has beautiful ocean views, built on and underneath an old noble estate. It is a pirate safe-haven, complete with all the amenities of any other town, from a tavern, to an inn. The town gets its name from the tunnels that run underneath, where the smugglers hide should the Regalian Navy come poking around, with enough to keep the pirates alive for three weeks. The town sits next to a coral reef in the shallows of the ocean. Many marine animals visit by the shore. Pirates from all over Aloria come here for a drink and much needed rest while on the high seas, though many risk being over-charged, beaten up, etc.

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