The Age Of Calaan-toraan

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    The Age of Calaan-Toraan
    A Sachem’s Declaration of Intent

    There comes a time when we must unfortunately adapt to the hand we are drawn. Whilst none of us may entirely agree morally with what must be done, we must remember to cast as much aside in search of the bigger picture. Then, there is but few options to pick from. It is with this in mind that I look towards the Colossi Calaan-Toraan, and their teachings of compassion and how we may earn from such deeds. Today, we shall deploy these teachings in full. I understand that many of the Cahalic Peoples may not agree with the decision entirely, but we must ask for your cooperation regardless, for our options are few. To them, I say know this: The safety of the faithful is paramount to the Pri’oris Conclave. Regardless of such agreements, ensuring that those of the Ordax are free from the shackles of imprisonment and the tortures of the Void will remain top priority. You shall find safety in the walls of our temple.

    After reaching out to the relevant factions, an agreement of compassion and security has been reached in the form of the Grey Coalition, following the declaration from the Crookback Council just a few days ago. The Crookback Council were, despite the differences may held with them, nothing but a benefit to all for long. In exchange for near complete protection from Regalia’s Law, they asked for very little. And when such boundaries were overstepped, they acted. This arrangement was unquestionable for long, afterall it was certainly the many that stood to benefit. Respecting the Council and their Laws was the only sensible thing to do. But now, with such protections gone, I ask,”What is the point of respecting them?” What do we stand to gain from bowing down to their tainted order? Frighteningly little. So today, I make a grand call to any and all who have been slighted by their declaration, and invite them to take shelter beneath the city under the Grey Coalition. You shall be welcomed with open arms. From henceforth, the sewers are declared territory of the Grey Coalition, and any claim the Crookback Council wishes to impose is rejected until further notice. Worry not, for this is not a declaration of laying down and taking the punches, but rather one of standing tall against adversity. Their attempts to outcast us shall be met in kind. Time is only required to see it through.

    Walk well in the light, faithful for the Colossi shall guide us.

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    Vihaan sits back in the stone building settled across the garden in Crookback, pouring over the series of letters and declarations when he stumbles upon this particular one. With a hum, the blue-eyed Suvial nods and begins to pen a response as dictated to him by the Representative.

    To Avarelle and the Grey Coalition,

    The Council has no wish to impede upon the territory of the Grey Coalition. The sewers have always been their own culture, their own world, and we intend to keep it that way. If there comes a point that you wish to discuss a truce between Militia and Cahal, or renegotiate their welcome within the walls of Crookback, you need only say the word and the Representative will take time out of their schedule to meet with you in a place of your choosing. Despite what many will claim, we are predominantly a reactionary Council and it pains the Representative to be forced to act in such a manner.

    With all the best wishes and hope for the future of all downtrodden and "undesirables,"

    Ambassador to Crookback
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    In the murk and mire beneath Regalia, a cerulean-eyed beggar flips a single Regal between his fingers, feeling the flit and flick of the tiny coin. Over and over he continued the small movement, repeating the words of the declaration in his mind. Patterns to patterns, reason from chaos. Grinning widely, his pale fangs glinting in the barren lantern-light, Aldon laughed out into the dark, speaking to nobody in particular.

    “This changes everything.”

    His laughter grew, echoing. It transformed into a song as he choked and transformed too, the coin forgotten by the now antler-crowned beast. He invited out all that lurked below with his clarion call, arms extending out, bringing his own unique light to the gloom. This was the start of something grand indeed, and he embraced the darkness of that uncertainty with fervor.

    “Let this be an invitation, the designation of a new age. I welcome all, now, who wish to become masters of the fate written for them; join me in this wondrous-foul dance against the dying of the moonlight. We will write this creed in silver and gold alike: that henceforth and now we are free. Raise your voices with mine, come! Strike up the light, and let us shine with brilliance to make starlight envious! There is work to be done!

    The Cahal’s call echoed out as his own declaration. And within his song was a harmony that said “This is the profit of our sorrows.” And it said “And so our chains are broken forever.”
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