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    Basic Information
    • Tehal Ravensong is a 16 year old elf
    • He was born to his father Aran Tura and his mother Tari Tura, both deceased, and was later adopted by Sheik Ravensong, who lives in her village in Ellador. Tehal was born in a plantation as a slave in Daendroc.
    • Tehal currently lives in Sheik's village in Ellador.
    • Tehal's current main life goal is to learn everything he needs to so he can catch up on everything he missed as a slave.

    Visual Information

    Body Description

    • Tehal is underwight, doesn't have very much muscle mass, and also has a small amount of fat that is evenly spread through his body. He is 6'5" in height and 110 lbs in weight. His arms are stronger than the rest of his body, mostly because of his often use of bows and manual labor.
    • Tehal has a pinkish-tan skin tone, mostly from being in the sun a lot, and has many scars, some going down his arms, and with his back almost entirely covered in them.
    • Tehal has a small amount of body hair on his arms and front torso, but it is short enough that it isn't visible.
    Head Description
    • Tehal's face is a little thin looking with small imprints of bones visible, and has medium-large eyes and a small nose.
    • Tehal's right eye is a deep blue, and his right eye is a lighter blue. He normally looks a little depressed or tired.
    • Tehal's hair is a bit of a brick redish-brown, and he normally wears it short, but when long it drops over his face and covers a good deal of his head. He also has no facial hair whatsoever.
    • Tehal's left eye is blind as he had a cataract when he was born that would affect him later in life as it grew, and also has a few facial scars, one on each cheek, right below the mouth, and under his left eye.
    Clothing and Accessories
    • Tehal wears a green vest made out of cotton with brown leather areas, going down the center of it on the front and back and outlining the edges. He also wears a cotton undershirt which has been often torn slightly to use for bandages on himself and others. He wears brown leather pants and black leather shoes, and most of his clothing is often wrinkles or slightly torn.
    • Tehal has no special accessories or jewelry.
    Behavior Information

    Personality traits
    • Sarcastic - Tehal can be quite sarcastic, as he isn't very bright and just says whatever he feels like saying, especially when he thinks the question is stupid like "Why are you sitting there?" and only came to be because of his under-education. This can affect Tehal's life in various ways, but mostly it makes it so some of the people he talks to just walk off angry or unsatisfied.
    • Adventurous - Tehal has the desire to know where everything is and is fascinated by maps and things of the like. This came to be because he would often wonder around the plantation where he grew up, seeing lots of things like forests, caves, ect. It also makes it so in everyday life he can get into some trouble for not being careful.
    • Emotionally Unstable - Tehal is very unstable emotionally having been forced to watch his best friend and parent's gruesome deaths at an early age. He also is unstable emotionally because for about five years of his life he felt utterly alone in the world, having been a slave. It can make everyday life difficult for him because he sometimes does things he regrets or can even go a little crazy at times.
    • Youthful - Tehal can be very youthful, as he is only 16 in body and about 10 or 11 in mind when it comes to knowledge. This is mostly due to the fact that he is very under-educated and quite often has no idea what is going on. It can make everyday life very awkward for Tehal and others around him, causing him to ask questions like "Whats dating?"
    • Complex - Tehal is very complex to others as they don't necessarily know what might set him off emotionally or sarcastically, and can cause people to just give up on the conversation at hand. Part of the cause is the trauma he went through at an early age, and also again, his under-education. It can sometimes cause Tehal to regret things he has said or make someone frustrated, but more often than not just causes the person he is talking to/interacting with to just leave out of frustration.
    • Sweet - Tehal is a very sweet kid, not wanting people to feel bad whether or not he does, and would rather someone else feel good than him. This is mostly because his biological mother's last words were to "Stay kind and make as many people smile as you can". This sometimes causes Tehal to look like hes flirting when he isn't (or at least not to himself) and can be quite embarassing in public, but can also make it look like he just cares.
    • Vulnerable - Tehal is vulnerable because he is a little weak in body and very weak mentally and emotionally. This is because he was malnourished for a good chunk of his life so far, and also has had quite the traumatic past. This only effects everyday life when he tries to do something he can't, which isn't often as he has a pretty good understanding of that, or when someone tries to trick him, which can easily be done.
    • Timid - Tehal can be quite timid, as he doesn't really have very good knowledge on socializing. The main cause for this was the fact that he only had one close friend, whom he was unable to save and feels like he caused his death. This mainly makes it so he usually hangs around the same areas in some places, but is also usually alone.
    • Selfless - Tehal is rather selfless, feeling that before he should try to please himself he should please others, and he would rather help someone than watch them suffer or get someone else to help them, unless thats how he is helping them. This is mainly because of, again, his mother's last words and the fact that he just likes helping people. This makes everyday life just a little more interesting to him, mainly because he sometimes finds the ability to help someone desperately in need.
    • Paranoid - Tehal often feels like something is going to attack him or something is going to go wrong, when really it isn't and he just has no idea what hes talking about. This is mostly because of his traumatic past but also because he has had that state of mind almost all his life and has no idea what not being paranoid feels like. This can make everyday life a lot harder, as he is using energy worrying about things that aren't there or won't happen.
    • Archery - Tehal enjoys archery because he likes being able to attack from a distance and firmly believes it will keep his other eye strong and make it so he won't go completely blind in both eyes. He also does it to get food on occasion, not always wanting to have the fish he caught.
    • Fishing - This is how Tehal mainly gets his food, and he also enjoys it because it gives him time to think about what he may do next in life or what it is he needs to learn next, as there is a great deal of knowledge he is missing.
    • Walking - Tehal enjoys walking because he likes seeing different places and being able to explore a bit. He also sometimes likes to walk to take his mind off of things, and does it often for both reasons.
    • Climbing - This is the one thing Tehal doesn't do often that he enjoys, only because it often gets him in trouble. However, he does enjoy climbing because he likes the sense of accomplishment he gets when he reaches the top of a tree or whatever it is he decided to climb next.
    • Orcs - Tehal was enslaved by orcs and is very terrified by even the slightest mention of one possibly being in the area. The orcs that enslaved him were very cruel and he was often pulled out of wherever he was working to go to bed early after a lashing or two because of his sloppiness when tired. Orcs also killed both of his parents brutally right before his very eyes.
    • Vampires - This is another big dislike for Tehal as he has had many bad encounters with vampires, while in slavery and out of it. He saw many people taken away as blood slaves on the plantation and was also bitten a couple times himself.
    • Blindness - Tehal's left eye has a cataract and he therefor can't see out of it. He hates this immensly because it makes it more difficult to do things he used to (and in some cases still does) do, like archery, farming, fishing, ect.
    • Travel by Boat - Tehal usually gets sick or feels like he will be sick whenever he rides a boat, but rides them when he has to. However, this can be often sometimes like when he has to go away from/back to home and he needs to cross continents.
    Abilities and Disabilities

    • Tehal is very agile as he is very good (but not quite an expert with) a bow and a decent acrobat, and can also run very fast for a long amount of time.
    • Tehal is also usually kind hearted and usually nice.
    • Tehal is also a very curious person, and quite the quick learner depending on the subject.
    • Tehal can be a bit clumsy and lacks in sight on his left side.
    • Tehal is also easy to abuse and can be quite emotionally unstable when bringing up cetain parts of his past or when certain things are present, like orcs or vampires.
    • Tehal is not very good at combat in general and is only useful when given a bow or something pointy he can whack people with quickly.
    Combat Styles
    • Tehal's first and main combat style is with a bow and arrow. He usually just shoots from a distance while moving to one side or the other to avoid being hit and sometimes will get close for a finishing/handicapping shot. He runs around a lot and sometimes does some climbing and is normally offensive from a distance. He would normally go engage in combat like this by being angered and/or provoked, or would be answering a challenge from a distance with a warning. He would also be a bit cocky at times, often leading to him being pinned under a boot or person. After the combat he would either just lay there defeated or do either showing mercy by letting the other person/people live or finish them if he were really angry.
    • Tehal's second fighting style and one he has rarely used is with anything pointy he can whack people with. He goes a bit berserk and tries to tackle or climb on said person, trying to bust their head or break a bone. He normally engages in combat this way when really enraged or when out of arrows. During the combat he would behave very savagely, trying to finish the person once and for all. When he goes out of this combat he normally just runs off and sits somewhere, shocked by what he just did.
    • Tehal also uses no defense as he believes that safety in distance is better than trying to slow yourself down defending.
    Weapons of Choice
    • Tehal's bow and arrow with flint tied to it to set the arrow on fire.
    • Anything he can get his hands on that is pointy and he can whack people with.
    • Sheik Ravensong - Sheik is Tehal's current mother, and she adopted him when he was only 11. They originally met when Sheik found him on the streets of Regalia and took him in her home.
    • Aran Tura - Aran Tura is Tehal's biological father, who was killed on the plantation where they were enslaved together. They originally met when Tehal was born.
    • Tari Tura - Tari Tura is Tehal's biological mother, who was killed on the plantation where they were enslaved together. They originally met when Tehal was born.
    • Dragon Ravensong - Dragon is Tehal's Uncle, but only because Dragon's sister Sheik adopted Tehal. They originally met when Sheik brought Tehal into the family by adopting him.
    • Leetal Itnaly - Leetal is a friend of Sheik's that Tehal once stumbled upon when she had invited Leetal into her home and Tehal came home later.
    • Hilix Zelth - Hilix was a drunk and depressed Mekket that Tehal found stumbling down the street and decided to try to help by bringing him to his mom. Hilix is now deceased.
    • Senstinaly Talti - Senstinaly was another Mekket Sheik decided to help and bring into her home that Tehal stumbled upon. The two began talking from time to time and became good friends, but Senstinaly is now deceased.
    • Taren Di'Thang - Taren was Tehal's only friend on the orc's plantation, and were good friends until one fateful day where they were running around and climbed a tree to escape some wolves, when Taren's branch broke, and she was devoured by said wolves.
    Life Story as-of-yet
    Tehal was born on the first day of spring in the first day of spring on the far west side of Daendroc into slavery. His mother was given temporary leave from the feilds to take care of her son. When Tehal was three years old they put him to work in the kitchen. He was also taught other small construction and small jobs that he could handle other than cooking. He would often run around with his friend, Taren Di'Thang, but then one day they climbed a tree to escape some wolves and Taren's branch broke, leading to Taren's demise and Tehal's first of three mental scars. He was eventually found and beaten for leaving the plantation and causing another slave to die, and was put in the first of several comas he would have in his life. Then, when Tehal was five he was put to work in the fields, which were sometimes attacked by vampires. This caused the orcs to go on many raids to replace slaves, the last of which his parents tried to stop the orcs from going and were gruesomely murdered, which again Tehal was forced to watch.
    All by age eight Tehal was severely scarred physically and emotionally, but the orcs also went on their last raid at this time, which they never came back from. Assuming they were dead Tehal ran to the nearest port city to take a boat to anywhere that led out of there. He ended up in the streets of Regalia, with little understanding of Common. This is where Sheik found him, weak and wounded from being on the streets for half a year, and she healed him and brought him to her home. The two bonded quickly in a sort of mother-son relationship, and Tehal later asked Sheik to adopt him. This is also how Tehal met Hilix, Senstinaly, Dragon, and Leetal. When Tehal turned 13 he started taking trips into the woods near the village that Sheik, Tehal, and her friends built in Ellador, and became quite the survivalist. Also at 15 a vampire by the name of Alya Nighthunter bit him and gave him the Sanguine curse, turning into a vampire, only to be cured later by his mother Sheik, a light mage. Tehal, now 16, faces regular life as it can get for him.
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    Billy's Peer Review
    I do this because I love you @Das_Psycho
    • You should say what type of elf Tehal is, Drowda, Shendar, Talar, Isldar.
    • Your personality traits, timid and adventurous seem to contradict themselves.
    • Your first strength point is actually five different strengths. Agile, fast, acrobatic, high stamina and good with a bow. I suggest making them separate strengths and then balancing them with five weaknesses.
    • Your life story needs to be three paragraphs long.
    Beyond that, this app looks good. Just fix those changes and it should be good for staff approval.

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