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    Basic Information (Required):

    Full Name: Sylvius Umbra
    Age: 150 Years
    Gender: Male
    Race: Alorian
    Sexuality: Straight

    Inventory Information (Optional)
    [*]Sylvius' Longsword (sharpened to 4, strong as steel
    [*]Family Shield
    Skills Associated with Vampirism

    • Blood Eyes 4
    • Afflicted Life 1
    • Blood Curse 1
    • Blood Feeding 3
    • Cursed Soul 1
    (Rokhaar Bloodline)

    • Scale Shift 1
    • Primal Spectre 1
    • Primal Realm 1
    • Darkness 5
    • Belliard Horror 1
    • Affliction Hunter
    • Ifritti Infection 1

    Proficiency Points:

    • Sword Combat 10 + 5 (Drahl Ailor Race Bonus)
    • Shielding Combat 12
    • Perception Training 10

    • New Regalian 3
    • Vladno 3
    • Burdigala 3
    • Old Caerdian Free

    • Imperial Regalian Marshal Academy 3
    • Regalian Statesman Academy 3
    • Regalian Diplomatic Academy 3

    • Husbandry Art 10

    Total Points:


    Body Shape:
    • Bolven Ailor: 30
    • Tall and Athletic
    • low body fat
    • Common Ailorian
    • New Regalian
    • Vlandno
    • Burdigala
    • Old Caerdian
    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    • Vampirism: Rokhaar Bloodline

    Information (Expansion)

    • Born to 2 Alais vampire parents, Genevieve and Ignis Umbra.
    • 2 Sisters, named Nyx and Scarlet
    • Well learned
    • Good mannerisms
    • Is oblivious to the fact his father sent him to various schools to become a great leader.
    Visual Information (Required)
    • Eye Color: Red eyes
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Hair Style: Long parted
    • Skin Color: Pale white
    • Clothing: Black trench coat, black pants, grey dress vest, chainmail undershirt
    • Height: 6'1"

    Visual Information (Expansion)
    • 6' tall; slim but toned muscle mass; no body hair, except the underarms. Pale white skin, unblemished.
    • Dark clothes, always wears a trench coat-like tunic, with pauldrons, elbow armor, and chainmail under a vest. Wears metal combat boots
    • cross burnt into back of neck

    How would your character express Happiness and Contentedness?

    • Flashes a crooked, yet inviting smile.
    How would your character respond to experiencing Fear?
    • Would have his hand on his sword, ready to fight, if he cant make flight. Becomes agitated when threatened.
    How would your character respond to experiencing Stress?
    • fidgets with his clothing very subtly.
    How does your character view Law and Authorities?
    • Dislikes Authority, but tolerates them unless crossed.
    How does your character feel about Races other than their own?
    • They are who they are, He is who he is. he accepts them
    How does your character feel about Religion for themselves, and other faiths?
    • Dislikes most religion, but tolerates.
    How does your character feel about the Arcane and Magical in the world?
    • Enticed by magics and the arcane.
    How does your character feel towards their family?
    • Family above all.
    What is your character the most proud of about themselves?
    • Leaving home to find his own way.
    What motivates your character to move forward and better their life?
    • The yearning for travel
    • Thinking there's more to life than what he has been dealing with
    What is your character's biggest insecurity?
    • Vampirism, and being discovered. Losing everything he has gained through his life.
    What is your character's biggest fear?
    • Being cured.
    • Being helpless.
    • Death of family members.

    • Good conversation with people
    • Fear of large bodies of fire
    Personality (Expansion)

    care-free person, but willing to work hard, and do what needs to be done with little stopping. Doesn't like to beat around the bush, and doesn't like pointless arguments.
    • Leading troops
    • Fighting with blades
    • Travel and Exploration

    • Drawn on fighting.
    • Arguing with loved ones
    • Being tied down to one place.

    Relationships (Optional)
    • Son of Ignis Umbra
    • Son of Genevieve Umbra

    Life Story (Required)

    0-5 Years Old:
    Born from 2 Ailorian Alais vampires, Sylvius always took an interest in military. Always attended military parades, was enrolled in a private military school by his father, who at the time was rising in the ranks of the Shadowhelm military. He was always very curious about the world around him, and loved to explore and discover new things. He had a passion for travel, and it showed in his early life. Life was easy in Shadowhelm, a prosperous island nation, north of Hebryll Kingdoms. Trade was rich, the villages all produced a variety of crops, and they had small mountains which they extracted stone and metals from.

    6-15 Years Old:
    Worked very hard. trained daily with swords, and axes, and Left home to join several schools to learn about leadership and command. He attended the Imperial Regalian Marshal Academy at the age of 14 and soaked up knowledge like a sponge, advancing much quicker than normal. He particularly shined in classes of warfare, and tactics. He was a generous person, despite his affliction. The constant thirst was bothersome, but he mostly managed well. He would hunt for animals to feed from, as his father had taught him. His father grew in rank, and became more distant, leaving Sylvius to learn more independence and patience.

    16-30 Years Old:
    Learned to cope with teaching himself further, as his father kept rather busy managing sergeants, and war efforts, Sylvius would still continuously train, throughout most of his life, almost daily. He had decent control over the thirst for blood, which he was supplied by crooked doctors, and black market dealers, as humans had driven most animals on the island to extinction. He had very few friends, so began to look to animals for companionship. He wanted to stay away from vicious, more aggressive forms of sustenance. During this time, a war had broken out along the various island kingdoms that started forming on other islands adjacent to Shadowhelm, and enemy factions had gained a foothold on his island home. Sylvius attended a couple other schools flying through the curriculums of The Regalian Statesman Academy, to learn proper management skills, and The Regalian Diplomatic Academy, for foreign relations training where he also learned a few new languages from his friends. His father had heard of his new liking to animals and kept it deep in his mind.

    31-60 Years Old
    Sylvius had finished his schooling by now, while years of fighting ensued. Home territory was being taken, one village at a time. The tides of war shifted back and fourth for years, but as the fight drew on, the soldiers started getting tired. Morale was at an all time low, the cities started to get choked of life sustaining supplies. The war of land had ceased, but the war of attrition fought ever on. In the dark time of war, hope was beginning to wain. Shadowhelm began to grow overwhelmed with the force they were facing. His father had been given the title of First General in a last ditch attempt to regain lost land, and supplies, and it was beginning to work. But by this time, the enemy had dug into the shores of Shadowhelm, and thus a stalemate was drawn. No one could advance, supplies dwindled, and all people were tired, as even the other island nations weren't expecting the invasions to be this difficult. Now, Sylvius had returned and he used what he learned from school to help his home land overcome the invasion.

    61-100 Years Old:
    Supplies started flowing again, partially in thanks of Sylvius' skill, finally picking up with help from other, more mercantile nations. Trade began flowing from the shore cities around Hebryll, and south Ellador. But as trade flowed for Shadowhelm, so too did trade from other island nations to their enemies, as they also began looking elsewhere for help. As quickly as the war froze, it began picking up again. At first, small raids carefully conducted on the occupied villages to secure more resources and to put a wrench in the plans of both sides, until finally, the war was back in full swing. This time, Shadowhelm was being reconquered. A series of attacks on the closest villages left the enemies retreating to the now fortified, occupied towns of the shores, where again, they dug in. Ignis (Sylvius' father) had pushed back the invaders to their footholds, and dug into the hills above. Regular arrow showers were ordered onto the military installations of the towns, taking a few lives, but ultimately was unsuccessful, due to the walls, and towers constructed. A short ceasefire was declared, as to attempt to figure out how to perform the final push. It was not going to be that easy.

    101-150 Years Old:
    During the short ceasefire, one of the Shadowhelm generals found out that Ignis and his family were vampires, and had brought this to the attention of the King of Shadowhelm at the time. The king dismissed the general, thinking the general was just jealous, citing his suggestion of tactics, that went ultimately ignored. The general decided to take matters into his own hands, and defect to the other side. The general had snuck out in the early morning to seek an audience with enemy leadership, where he told them about Ignis' vampiric family. following the next few months, the short ceasefire had grown, and war didn't return for a long time. Something was up, and Sylvius knew, as well as Ignis that it wasn't good. One early morning, as Ignis went to sleep for the day, he was suddenly awoken by a sound at his window. It was a vampire. but this vampire had a burning hatred in his eyes, even more than the regular vampire. Ignis stared at him, in slight shock as the vampire lunged forward suddenly, biting Ignis' neck, injecting something into him. The enemy had hoped it would make him kill his own family, but that was not the case. Ignis felt a strange sensation as he stabbed the other vampire through the heart with a piece of broken bedpost, dissolving it into ash. He had begun feeling the seering hatred of his own kind, but was well enough to distinguish his family from his enemies. Ignis sought information, and he was delivered. Shadowhelm spymaster had heard about these vampires that fed from other vampires. He revealed that only vampires who underwent the ritual, or had been bitten by another Rokhaar become Rokhaar. Ignis decided he would keep the poison in him, to use against his enemies. and that he did. With his new powers, and giving his son, Sylvius, the Rokhaar bloodline, the two had quickly cleaned up the remaining forces that were dug into the shores very quickly, purging them from the islands. Now knowing that the Umbra's were vampires, and even moreso Rokhaar. Humans and Vampires alike had fought to remove the Umbra clan, but Ignis selected a handful of trustworthy individuals, mostly close friends and family, and turned them all, solidfying the Umbra's as the new rulers of Shadowhelm, after a swift military coup. Sylvius sought more. He wanted to see the world, and he wanted to meet new people. his whole life was a grind for knowledge, and now, he wanted time away from it all. The strife, the war, the constant fight just for survival now. So he left to Regalia on horseback, seeking new adventures, new lands, and new friends, and perhaps even foes.
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