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    Basic Information
    • Full Name: Sylfilev Lensa Elra (Sylf)
    • Age: 52
    • Gender: Agender (Prefers Female)
    • Race: Yanar - Yanera-Dul
    • Sexuality: Secrets
    Inventory Information
    • Advanced Gardening Book
    • Silver Compass
    • Regal Pouch (43)
    • Orchid Seed Pouch
    • Silver Gemmed Ring
    Skill Information

    Total Points: 44/50
    • Rapier Combat 20
    • Sailing 15
    • Gardening Art 15 (Hobby+Boost)
    • Sorcery 3
    • Linguistics 6
    Body Shape
    • Physical Stat: 25
    • Body Shape: Toned
    • Body Fat: Moderate
    • Ithanian (Learned via Linguistics Knowledge)
    • Eriunin (Parents)
    • Plains (Linguistics)
    • Common
    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    Visual Information
    • Eye Color: Light Blue
    • Hair Color: Deep purple
    • Hair Style: Short layered leaves
    • Skin Color: Lavender
    • Clothing: Fluffy yet sleek and fluid leaves of varying colors
    • Height: 5'8


    Option One: The Question List
    • How would your character express Happiness and Contentedness?
      • Sylf, when happy, seems a bit more lively than normal, never staying still, always having some form of hand or bodily sway.
    • How would your character respond to experiencing Fear?
      • The first thing that happens with a strike of fear is that they tense up greatly, and maybe stay a bit tense for a while. If the fear inducing object stays or gets closer, that's when they brace or flee at full speed.
    • How would your character respond to experiencing Stress?
      • Sylf hardly lets it show that they are stressed, and tend to act like it's not happening or never happened, though they do destress at home with a few different activities such as gardening or even practicing with a rapier.
    • How does your character view Law and Authorities?
      • They see them as a nuisance, yet understands that they are there for a reason.
    • How does your character feel about Races other than their own?
      • They see all as the same, person by person rather than person by race.
    • How does your character feel about Religion for themselves, and other faiths?
      • They dont really care for any faiths, or what others do, as long as it doesnt bother anybody.
    • How does your character feel about the Arcane and Magical in the world?
      • Sylf has stood close to the arcane world several times before diving into it, and loves it, encourages it.
    • How does your character feel towards their family?
      • They love their family, although they're a distant group
    • What is your character the most proud of about themselves?
      • They are most proud of their appearance and plant collections they have at their homes
    • What motivates your character to move forward and better their life?
      • The highest motivating factor for Sylf is the possibility of discovering new plants to keep up in their home.
    • What is your character's biggest insecurity?
      • Not keeping up their appearance or plants properly
    • What is your character's biggest fear?
      • Burning To Death
      • Drowning

    Personality (Expansion)
    • Sylf accidentally switches off some languages during a long conversation, going back to the original language they knew without even realizing it
    • They'll often reach over and grab the middle of their other arm during a talk with somebody they like hanging out with
    • They tend to look up at the stars, sky, or compass during any distance of travel due to being a sailor before
    • Sylf judges many people's plant care, sometimes verbally
    • They start all conversations in any language but common, despising it entirely
    • Generally any good look at Sylf can give away who they dont like, simply due to their bodily orientations and/or body language
    • Sylf is a wildcard when it comes to their temper, sometimes it's very short, other times, it never hits it's limit
    • Sylf in a neutral state looks like somebody who's smug, knows what their doing, and has a superior air around themselves, but in all reality, only feels the need to keep themselves to a high standard of appearance
    • Sailing, it lets Sylf feel free like no other place, free from judgement, hatred, everything. It's relaxing too, leaving her in her mind full of thoughts of what they could do with what they have.
    • Gardening, the practice lets Sylf live out their fantasy somewhat, able to make the plants how they want them to look like, make it feel like a home just in their back yard, cozy and comfortable.
    • Looking over art, or being a part of it, gives Sylf a satisfaction that not much else can replace, being the colorful being they are, any who ask for help with a garden they'll gladly hop in and help
    • Basic looks, Sylf can't stand to have some basic look about themself, always having to be some bright mix of colors and keep a certain air around them, if unable to do so, they feel weird and alien among the people around, or maybe they dont even stay long.
    • Poor plant care, they dont like watching a plant wilt, and tends to keep their back towards the wilted ones if they're not their plants, it makes them feel terrible sometimes, especially in large quantities.
    • Unkept places, any place not in a pristine condition will encourage Sylf to either fix it, or avoid that area until it's broken parts are hidden by well kept flora.
    Life Story (Required)
    From birth, Sylfina was surrounded by plants and sailing parents, on the family boat that Sylf grew up on, tending to the plants that they shipped around and sold, while also learning the basics of sailing along with the several siblings that were also around the same age. The boat itself was very well kept, and everybody on board was held to a high standard of care for themselves, the ship, and the plants, and a fair share of money split among the twelve people, leaving Sylf with a hefty amount saved up by the time they were off on the mainland, plenty of which they didn't spend, due to the place not being exactly where they wanted to live for a long period of time. Sylf got back on the ship with their family, continuing their lessons on sailing and plant care before landing in Ithania, deciding it was a good enough place to live in at the age of 22, where they picked up a few new skills, including a bit of sorcery and the ability to speak Ithanian, their high standards on the boat leaving them here to live to their own high standards, and countless splurges on fancy cosmetics or plants.
    It was also here, about halfway into their life that they decided to learn something else, having grown quite bored of the same things and same routine, and explored into rapier combat. Countless days were spent training with it, and they enjoyed it, maintaining their house gardens, helping out neighbor's plants, and sometimes making profit off of her work on the richer people's plants, often so much profit that she didn't know what to do with it, not being that big a spender over short periods of time, mostly just spending when there's something new or shiny that catches her eye. And now, in modern day, they're arriving at Regalia, searching for a proper home and group of people to be with.
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    Only one language may be chosen, the other must be bought with linguistics.
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    I thought the page said I could get both parents and common free, unless that was just now changed, but I did change it
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    Yanar aren't a half race, that is the difference. That clause exists for half race characters who exist in multiple cultures.

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