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    Planning for the new survival world on Massivecraft is underway, but we need your help!

    We’re looking for current and future survival players to tell us which biomes you’d be interested in seeing on the next map! This means we can ensure the most popular are prioritised during the build process to create an enjoyable new experience for all!

    Use the Google Poll here to tell us which biomes you’d like to see.

    You can pick as many biomes as you like during your submission but it should be only one form per user to keep the results fair.

    Get those answers in quickly, we can’t wait to see what you pick!

    Have a Massive Day!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Battlebrawn, May 19, 2020.

    1. Jalapeno690
      Is the world still not built?!
    2. onearmsquid
      This is really sad, a project that was suppose to take a weeks turns into just now planning 5 months later
    3. Ellimairy
      Marty has already started working on it but because some thing didnt work with .1.13 i believe, he had to do a ton of stuff differently.

      Im sure it will be out sooon.
    4. Jalapeno690
      We knew weeks if not nearly 2 months ago that the B02's were an issue, he recently made comment that factions didn't really need a second world, so imo if he doesn't want to make it, just say, will save us all a headache and the what if question
    5. Athorian
      I agree
    6. Violettee
      I need a laughing emoji rn because I literally cannot find the words to express myself in this time.
      What a fucking joke this New World thing has become.
    7. Jalapeno690
      Stop complaining guys and be happy that they want to make you guys a new map.
    9. Oblivaify
      Voted only for Ocean Ice Sheet because this idea of a new world for factions is barren and dead.

      Hadar release 2022 confirmed
    10. indyfan98
      I wish they would allow player submitted worlds, so long as the quality was high enough. There are some great map makers out there, some in our community. It'd hopefully speed up the world making process since players do not have the same weekly responsibilities as staff. Obviously the legal agreement would need to be signed.
    11. 65jes89
      Where is the option for a superflat world
    12. Chalsie
      I didn't see warm ocean. I thought this was going to be tropical and filled with caves and volcanoes? We're still getting biomes that coincide with the water update with coral right?
    13. Brit<3
      so is factions then going to be rebutted? reset in another way?
    14. Zacatero
      I'm just confused why use a google poll for something with only one question when a poll accomplishing the same thing could've just been added to the thread so everybody could see the live results.
    15. Shmoooooo
      They were talking in Disc about how an Island world would probably age quite poorly (because of smaller individual spaces, you can get high level of griefing, loss of custom trees and terrain etc.)
    16. CnocBride
      But what about the world? :P
    17. BogeyBanshee
      Holy cow the toxicity. O_o
    18. MokeDuck
      We never needed a new world very badly, we were told we wouldn't get one. You guys have way too many lateral thinkers in charge and you need to get some vertical thinker to get something done instead of squirrel-attention jumping all over the place and releasing WAY too many half-baked announcements.
    19. MokeDuck
      Just looked at the poll then closed it. I specifically dislike all of these.
    20. MokeDuck
      Yea vote gravel beach (what even is a gravel beach?) for the "we don't want any of these" vote.
      Sounds like one guy in discord didn't like the island idea so we're just gonna flush that down the toilet with everything else anyone suggests.
    21. Mojaven
      they can easily just hit it with a massive restore
    22. Mojaven
      "Hey there! With the recent TPS issues, 1.13 export issues and hold-ups on the new world, we decided to take a step back and review why we needed a new world. We feel that an island world my initially look nice, however it is likely to degrade. We have decided to hold off on the island-based world, and poll you guys to see what is desired for the new map! This doesn't include 1.13 River/Ocean biomes."

      The new world will bring out new blocks and biomes that house animals such. If you feel that it's going to degrade you have the plugin massive restore. The player base was so hyped waiting months for this new world, you guys continue to make us wait forever or give false promises. You say you want to give us a new map with these certain biomes but all we wanted was the oceans and rivers biomes for the new updates.
    23. Knyxo
      Is it not possible to have warm oceans and other 1.13 biomes set in certain regions? And some stuff like volcanoes and whatnot to keep things interesting? A new world is content either way I suppose, but most of those biomes are things that Essalonia already has. Kind of kills the hype a bit if there's not going to be much new to see.
    24. MokeDuck
      Yea. Daragon even confirmed that you can edit Essalonia's natural files, so you can naturally restore it to fix grief with the changes. Idk what the staff logic is for this one but I think it was something about having specifically 1.13 world so they can ride the hype train a little.
    25. Zacatero
      Yeah but that hype train left the station... years ago. 1.16 is the new hype what with the Nether update. These things are time sensitive. "Better late than never" doesn't really apply here. Yes it's content and its still refreshing, but to try to spin it like "look its finally 1.13 stuff" that doesn't look that good since 1.13 was released nearly 2 years ago. May be better to just scrap it and prepare a 1.16 world because at this rate y'all will always be behind.
    26. Enryu__
      Massive restore is not only laggy but incredibly unpopular amongst most players. I would much rather have a world where abandoned factions don't disappear after a couple of weeks and I can build things in the wilderness than have a world where everything unclaimed is paved over by vanilla terrain. You're also completely ignoring the implication of "TPS issues" that they mention in their post:

      Having two worlds will cause much more strain. The realistic tradeoff of adding a new world to the current server, on top of all the shit they listed, is that it will be unsustainable to keep the current world as well. I don't think the average player is "hyped" for this world to be deleted, so I think it makes plenty of sense to wait until TPS is sorted out. You can hate on whoever, but I'm pretty sure the Tech department is pretty beloved on this server and I'm pretty sure you're not trying to imply that they're not working hard enough on their #1 priority?

      Also hasn't Violette not logged on in months? I swear the people complaining in this thread aren't even complaining because of the contents of announcements, they are just looking for outlets to vent their general dissatisfaction.

      This decision seems completely reasonable due to technical limitations and is probably in the best interest of the playerbase, but people don't seem to be putting any effort into trying to understand that.
    27. Zacatero
      It's never vanilla terrain, it just reverts back to the original version. The world is still custom made.

      Well same with me, but we were really active back when this world was supposed to have been released. Ya know, back when it was initially promised.
    28. 65jes89
      Yea wonder why that is lmaoooo
    29. onearmsquid
      That's the thing, people are leaving cause of the false promises.
    30. Enryu__
      Okay, false promise bad, but really in this case you can chalk it up to them not anticipating these TPS issues right? It's like promising your employees a fat bonus then a recession hits the next day, you have to evaluate why it's a "betrayal" on a case by case basis.

      Besides, my main response is to people who are saying "Just add the world lol". It is the incorrect decision to add a new world based on the information they have stated here, but people are attacking them for making that decision and trying to change their mind, it's not just people complaining about being misled.
    31. Vehlir Velas
      Vehlir Velas
      Wasn't covered in the poll but....


      Seriously though, I'd really love to see an improved emphasis on giving a variety of Islands in the new map. Especially also small to medium sized islands, each crafted with love & unique aspects. It felt like there was very few actual interesting/decent islands on Essalonia. Especially when you look at the entire South & East coast of that map and there are almost zero non-playermade islands.

      Best thing is Islands can fit a wide variety of biomes, and can be located off a wide variety of coast types. You don't have to make the entire map focused on them but each coast should have them. Either way, Islands seriously need an upgrade in this next go around, and definitely would be my top wish for the new map.
    32. MonMarty
      Hey there,

      I think the original draft had 5 types of islands: Desert island, Savannah island, Volcano island, Jungle island and plains island. Islands are still the major focus of this map, as is providing the necessary biomes for all fishes to spawn. Depending on the biome selections, the majority of them will be adapted into islands.
    33. MokeDuck
      DUDE, 1.16 worlds? That would be super cool. Like, it could be a volcano island chain or something and you can throw in the choral reefs around it.
    34. JResurrected
      When it comes to environment, I am not interested in aesthetics. I think functionality is the most important thing. Creating a map with mechanics in mind can make interacting with the environment very stimulating; I mean to say that a well-designed map is a map which sparks my imagination and challenges my creativity and problem-solving skills. I believe that extreme regions such as deep canyons, looming volcanoes, and gaping ocean caverns whose landscapes are an exciting mix of elevations are very attractive terrains and should be given top priority in design!
    35. Vehlir Velas
      Vehlir Velas
      Fantastic news, love the diversity you guys got in mind for them! Thanks for the reply!
    36. indyfan98
      Any word on what the new map will be called? Will it be somewhere from current lore, or somewhere written in?
    37. Brit<3
      So will factions world be replaced ?
    38. Athorian
      Why don't they just hurry up and release it they've had ages,
    39. indyfan98
      Again, this is partly why I wish player made maps would be accepted by staff. They can be great maps, and players know what the player base wants. It would save everyone on staff time and effort if players could make maps for implementation, assuming they were high enough quality for such. Maps can be made without ores, anyways, so there's no worry about ores being spawned in to break the economy.

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