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    MassiveCraft presents a set of tournaments for those brave warriors to be a part of! Know how to slice and stab? Maybe you prefer to wield your axes? Or perhaps perched atop a tower for an advantage shot with your bow, any are welcome in this set of three separate tournaments!

    The Tournaments:
    1v1 Tournament - Saturday the 14th at 4pm EST
    Amateur 1v1 Tournament - Saturday the 21st at 4pm EST
    3v3 Tournament - Saturday the 28th at 4pm EST

    The Rules:
    Races and Vampirism are both allowed.
    McMMO will be enabled since this is happening in the survival worlds.
    Debuffs, KB Swords, Protection 5 Armor and Debuff Arrows are not allowed.
    Inventory Drop is on for the 1v1 and 3v3 Tournament, but off for the Amateur.
    Anyone can sign up for more than one tournament, but only certain players will be accepted for the Amateur event.
    If you'd like to participate in the 3v3 tournament but don't have a team, sign up individually and we will do our best to find you one.


    That’s up to you! Any faction with a warzone can volunteer to host in the signup below! First come first serve. A 2 chunk warzone will be required for both the 1v1 and the Amateur tournaments. A 4 chunk warzone is required for the 3v3.

    The top three players will get npcs in the spawn area at /tp PvP, varying regal and MCMMO rewards, along with special lore prizes. There will also be a participation trophy given out to all who fight!

    Fighter Signup:
    Signup by responding to this thread below with your in game username (and those of your teammates), the tournament you wish to sign up for, and the faction you wish to represent.​

    Host Signup:
    Signup by responding to this thread below with the coordinates and world of your warzone, as well as the event you wish to host!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Sevak, Aug 1, 2021.

    1. imagoat245
      I'll join you! :D
      gonna sign up for amateaur tournament
      we can represent dauntless
    2. Viki_Master2
    3. _SKILLer__
      _SKILLer__, amateur 1v1
    4. Fiend_of_Atherys
      Fiend_of_Atherys , amateur 1v1
    5. Ndfeb
    6. NotchyHerobrine
      How rusty are you?
    7. NotchyHerobrine
      I'm at work till 4:30 EST so just put me on a late bracket in the first round 1v1 :)
    8. Daddy_Bill
      Sounds amazeballs. Let's do it to it boys
    9. Sevak
      I spoke with him and he agreed to do the normal 1v1 instead
    10. The_Fluorspar
      Chalsie, Knyxo, furryMemesASMR
      3v3 tournament
    11. yeetius
      yeetius amature 1v1 UWU
    12. _Vidaar
      @Sevak Yo I told ya the other day I wasnt going to make it to 1v1, but I think may still be able to now, if work doesnt get in the way.
    13. Aeyris
    14. Bailun
      Bailun, amateur 1v1
    15. CharmedHexes
      I'm ready for 1v1s and amateur 1v1! Sign me up for that and 3v3s.

      IGN: CharmedHexes
      Faction: Dauntless
    16. kniferharm
      Already got a team with Jala and BlueChaos. Sorry. :(
    17. Theboomyfly
      IG: Theboomyfly
      Tournament: OneVeeOne
      Faction: Steadfast
    18. MalkNation
      IG:MalkNation Tournament: 3v3
      Team:Malknation CharmedHexes notasinglesoulMG
    19. Scottsman123
      1v1 amateur and 3v3 probs
    20. Scottsman123
      just dont rly have a complete team
    21. Sevak
      That's okay. For those who don't have a full team I'll organize groups starting a few days before the tournaments
    22. TakeDown__
      We are signing up for the 3v3 tournament
      @Maxninja @Julu8 @TakeDown__

      We are one of the few teams that will represent Dauntless.
    23. Maxninja

      I’m joining the amateur 1v1 as well as joining takedown in the 3v3 (i will be representing dauntless) wiz is coaching me
      Last edited: Aug 21, 2021
    24. Yomkel
      You aren't a amateur
    25. Sevak
      The 3v3 is not amateur
    26. imagoat245
      oop ok. thats fine then
    27. Scottsman123
      ah ty. Daddy_bill has said he wanted to join to represent solveris or the alliance but if you can't find anyone in the alliance or faction it's fine.
    28. Violettee
      I'll take part in the amateur 1v1 if there's an uneven amount of players and I can start after 10 BST as I am unavailable until then.
      3v3 tournament: MDJayy, avenqing, ieso
    30. Sevak
      Ridgee can't make it so we're subbing him out for LedJoven
    31. NotchyHerobrine
      Wizkers, NdFeB, NotchyHerobrine

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