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    With a dead mayor, a pregnant hairdresser, and a questionable guard captain, week one of the summer festival has passed. We wanted to take a moment to recap the events thus far and give some valuable insight from a few of the dedicated Event staff who have made this all possible!

    The summer festival’s main plotline, a juicy murder-mystery, opened with a brilliant speech from the town mayor. Afterwards, it was revealed that the mayor had been murdered, and that the town hairdresser was his mistress, and also carrying his child. The culprit is yet unknown, to be revealed this Saturday, June 15th, so get your most convincing gasp ready. Feel free to comment in-character your character’s personal guess for who murdered the mayor!


    Event staff Ryria and Bellarmina had this to say about the summer festival’s planning and execution:
    “We pretty much knew we wanted to do some sort of mystery with the event, but it was really Bellarmina who came up with everything and wrote all of the clues, etc. Admittedly, we did come up with some things on the spot in the middle of events, and the whole team did have a say in it, it was mostly her project.

    Coming up to the release we were having a lot of meetings to nail down the storyline, and finally we came to something we were happy with, a murder mystery. The mayor of the town was murdered, but by who? It had a nice hook to it and we knew the players would be drawn in.

    We had the idea to incorporate NPCS into the story for the faction players, too, so they would have some nice items to collect. Each NPC gives a hint to who the killer could be, along with a few item vendors around. Bellarmina worked on the quests with GrumpyGirl314, and a few of our event team members helped write up the lines for it.

    We worked really hard on this festival and I think it’s clear that people have been enjoying it so far, but we will always accept constructive criticism to what we can do to make things better and include everyone.” -Ryria

    When it comes to the investigation, players can find out clues from a mix of roleplaying with the event actors and doing the various quests around the town. We had a lot of plotting going on when it came to the story, a lot of thinking over who actually committed the crime and why. For instance, the hairdresser and mayor's wife were originally thought up to be the extramarital lovers! Another point that ended up changing in the planning stage is how involved the servant, ZiggyStarDusted's character, is to the story.

    As for the quests, GrumpyGirl314 was incredibly important when it came to implementing and creating the NPCs for the quests. The actual dialogue for each of them were done by the members of the event staff with direction on the clue they should give out and what item the player needs to weasel it out of them” -Bellarmina


    All will be revealed this upcoming Saturday, June 15th at /tp summerfestival! Come on down and watch as the murder-mystery unfolds!
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