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    Thank you to all who participated and showed up to watch. We had a fantastic turnout of 6 full teams and 30 participants.


    **Please note that Team Magnanimus was actually Team Kelmoria, and Team Deldrimor was Team Arthas.

    1st place: Team Arthas

    2nd place: Team Raptum

    3rd place: Team Wyvern


    The idea to make the loser’s bracket and change the tournament to double elimination was decided based on player request after Round 1. We understand that this caused an unfortunate situation for one of our teams, and we apologize for this. For the next tournament, we will stick to the double elimination format and announce it beforehand. We also plan on making improvements to the map to prevent safe-zoning and glitching out, as well as hopefully finding a way to turn off friendly fire for future team based events. ​
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