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Discussion in 'General' started by Lumbo, Apr 15, 2019.

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    So, it appears that what I say on the faction discord is only acknowledged by only a few staff; as such, I'll be writing possible solutions that can make factions fun.

    1. Make events that happen inside of Essalonia; what we want is events to be based on factions, not cups, not boat races, not events that are off of complete luck.

    2. Make what we say in factions discord acknowledged by game 3 staff, not an "Oh, okay I'll just type this in staff discord and see what happens there." I'd prefer for the discussion to be handled inside the factions discord, not what happens when we put our ideas into staff discord because I have no clue whether it's being worked on or just ignored because it adds more work for staff to do. Staff say they'll just put what we say in the staff discord seems like it won't do anything; we never get a "No because" answer, it just seems to get ignored and we get the same reply "We're working on it."

    3. MonMarty should be in the factions discord, not even going to detail why, he's the server owner.

    4. Bring back Koth and pink lore items. People liked it, why would you remove something that the community found fun?

    5. Give us more specific posts about what staff is currently doing with the projects they're working on. Not "We're working on it, every day we get closer to what we're about to released." It's vague and doesn't give any insight into what is currently happening.

    6. How do staff know what they're implementing/working on will be liked by the community? More of a question, but I'd like to know.

    7. Make voting more like gambling. Give us better rewards, no one is going to vote for just that 3 regals, maybe a roleplayer, but I find a better profit by just darkrooming. What I mean by this is have yellow lore in the crates and make crates more simple, not builder crate, emperor crate, etc. It can just be common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Announce players that had won the jackpot in general chat, like how when a new player joins.

    8. Create events that last for a while, like continuous invasions of zombies that surround a faction claim.

    • Continuing on this. Ender dragon events where they're controlled by a staff member and the objective would be to kill the dragon for a rare lore item would be fun imo.
    9. Promote and announce pvp happening inside of Essalonia. Encourage drama and give players rewards for starting controversy.

    10. Remove invisibility pots, HCF kiting is fun but when you have invis dogs and people intentionally using it to hide their HP, it loses its actual purpose for them. Making an anti-invis potion won't do anything, it's not that severe, it's just an inconvenience to have in pvp.
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    I answered many of these questions already, but you may have missed that on discord, as the chat sometimes moves very fast.

    But here we go:

    We had an idea of an event inside Essalonia yesterday and we're working on the implementation. As it was just the spark of an idea so far, it's too early to say much about it (because we need to think about how to make things possible and don't want to promise anything if we find out we can't do it in the end). However, we plan to involve PvP. Note, the idea was for a small, possibly repeatable event and not a big undertaking like the Blessed War or Essalonian's Revolution.

    As I said above, the discord can move sometimes fast and at other times it can happen that you write at a time rank3s are sleeping. If you feel ignored, please either tag me on discord or open a pm with me - I'd love to toss ideas back and forth. We furthermore often say "No" if it involves too much tech input and it's not realistic that we are actually able to follow up with the idea (especially if our lovely tech department is busy with 1.13), even if we would love to see it on the server ourselves. We say "we are working on it", if we think we are able to make these ideas happen with the tools at our disposal. This can often involve a lot of thought and time. (see also KOTH further down).

    I will leave this for him to answer, but I can guarantee that he doesn't need to be on the discord to know what's going on. If you need a direct contact person on the faction discord, please feel free to pm me.

    The KOTH plugin we had was a nightmare to deal with and as far as I gathered, there are not many decent KOTH plugins out there. We are currently looking into possibly setting up KOTH with quests, but that won't happen before the Blessed War and Essalonian Revolution are released, as it requires a substantial amount of work and would most likely also clash with these events.

    Sometimes we like to stay vague and not reveal just everything a new feature will bring. We want to keep the possibilities to explore a new feature open. We recognized that we were keeping too much under wraps in the past and thus we started to post updates about projects that are being worked on in the State of Survial posts in the "Server News and Announcements" section in the forum here, where we try to be as detailed as possible at the time of writing the post.

    I personally speak to as many players as I can, question what I would like myself, compare that to other staff members opinions, review notes, posts, documents, comments given by players, see what's possible, create polls (as indication, not absolute), start discussions, and use many more approaches.

    We are working on that too - yes I know you hate those words. The rewards you currently get from voting were things that kept the restart of the server in mind and are nowadays outdated. However, we also don't want to toss game breaking items into survival (thorns items that won't break anyone?) either and thus every addition is carefully checked, before it is created and then implemented in the voting crates.

    With the current setup we have, we cannot just "attack" a specific faction with Zombies. We wouldn't hear the end of staff abuse, corruption, power abuse and more, due to only certain people getting items or exp from those mobs. However, I'm open do discuss possible sign-up systems for factions to request such events.

    Blessed War will aim at exactly that, but staff created drama never feels powerful enough to pick up a sword and go out and make your enemies pay for what they just did. It feels nearly "artificial". Player created drama (like a wedding that didn't work out) will create much more motion.

    There should be an update about invisibility potions in the next 24 hours.
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    I believe it was suggested ages ago either in discord or somewhere else where a faction could apply to get mob raided and it wouldnt be easy. i think there were scales for like Faction only, Allies and open for all. As much as i like the idea i dont know if its possible as of right now.

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