Stuck In A Jittering Void

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    Upon login, I found myself stuck in a jittering void of shaky cameras and mouthless screaming. I can't move my character, or even open a menu or the chat longer than an instant on account of being violently shaken in place. Everything besides the paintings of the lobby and the npc villagers that inhabit it is invisible. I saw other people moving around just fine, but my mute and desperate punching of the air attracted no pity from them.

    I've seen other posts asking for help with the same problem, but none of the solutions offered there did me any good. Anything at all would be appreciated, as I was really looking forward to jumping in.

    My username is Gildefyre ingame as well, if that's helpful to those magic-sorts who wield the console commands. Thanks!

    Edit: Fixed! It seemed to have been animated chunks or another aesthetic mod that prevented things from loading.
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