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    The Forum has always been a sort of "safe zone" where players could always assume their account would remain acytive even if their server or Teamspeak account was banned. This policy is being modified to include toxic behavior and unwanted attitudes in the community as a whole.

    This means that:
    • Players who have been banned for particularly toxic behavior or unwanted community attitudes may see both their Forum and server account banned.
    • We want to deny toxic individuals the ability to force their toxicity onto the community even after they have been banned on the server.
    • This will not affect minor bans in any way, or bans that are not related to player-player or player-staff relations.
    We are aware that this may result in denying players the ability to appeal their ban. In such cases, players can make use of the "Cannot Make Account" form feature that is presented to unlogged usage.

    Alternatively, just don't be an asshat and treat people with respect.
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    hey thanks. maybe now we don't have to deal with angry "I'm pissed bc i was a jerk and got banned and also server is bad" threads.
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