Story Progression: Distant Shores, Part 2

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    With the Suvial victories over the Kathar and the successful defense of the moored fleet, the strategic situation in western Daen began to rapidly change. Though all parties were yet reeling and grappling with the rumors of whatever Occultic event had aided the Suvial in saving their sailors from a watery grave, even the Suvial, though they too knew little to nothing, seized the day and the moment to press their advantage. With the southern flanks of the Kathar Dread Navy and its Void krakens no longer a serious threat to the Suvial shipping lanes and the Allorn fleet still quietly, motionlessly panned up in Ilha Faiaal kept in reserve, the Suvial began to rapidly transfer large naval units out of the Silent Strait: the body of water south of Daen, between it and Sendras. Their goal was to instate a complete blockade of the Dread Empire. While any blockade of a landmass so large and with so many approaches is damned to fail, the impact did immediately reverberate around the black market channels on the Regalian isle, with many goods once easily available now being cut as Dread agitators and shadow merchants no longer had conventional means of resupply and had to rely on the much more expensive and tightly guarded portals.

    Yet, that was not everything.

    Capitalizing on the absence of the Suvial armada, information has trickled into Regalia from the south that the Sendrassian galley fleets are making another pass at invading Hadar. In a simultaneous naval landing slamming against many of the outlying islands to test the defenses of the local Digmaan only to find them horrifically depleted by the Civil War, the Sendrassians have set about retaking many of the positions lost to them in the treaty making process with the Regalians in their prior war, seemingly refreshed from their conflict with the Allorn Empire and ready for another military expedition. Prioritizing by avoiding Allorn naval garrisons which yet remain on some of the outlying islands of Daen, reports indicate that the Sendrassians are focusing entirely on attacking Hadarian assets, so as not to make the mistake again of provoking multiple enemies at once.

    While the Civil War has greatly weakened Hadar through division and infighting, the re-commencement of Sendrassian operations in the south has drawn it to a rapid and shuddering halt. In command are those closest to victory at the final hour: the triumvirate of Batara Guru, the victorious warlord with his host of Slizzar advisors, Zzhin the prior Qar-Digmaan of Hadar and his personal court plotter and administrator, and Droq the bodyguard and champion warrior, with the other Digmaan generally kneeling to them and conceding what authority they had left under the duress of potential demise at the hands of Sendrassian armies. All parties buckle for what seems to be a fast approaching second Sendrassian War, unless the first response is to be so vicious and so brilliant that the Sendrassians decide to clutch their bloodied snouts and return to Sendras empty-handed.

    There is, for now, only the vague menace of imminent danger, and some small boats of Allar refugees moving into Regalia with the merchants. They say that there is a grim mood in Fessa Huallo and great worry for what is to come, but that that is nothing new, and they will do whatever they can. Since the conflict is so fresh and the stories remain mostly rumors at the hands of travelers who departed at the outset, the exact nature of what is happening and where as well as how the different interests that exist in Hadar (the Slizzar, the Maraya, some Ailor kingdoms, and others) have immediately reacted to the situation remains unclear. More news will likely follow over the next few weeks, it could be imagined: but these are weeks that the Hadarians do not have.
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