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    MassiveMobs is largely complete, currently the plugin is awaiting some work, courtesy of the Tech Department, and a few finishing touches by the project lead. Despite the relatively finished nature of this project, suggestions or mob requests are welcome and we encourage you to get in touch! Mob suggestions will remain open even after we relaunch the plugin, you can message @falconhand on Discord, or in-game to submit a suggestion. We cannot guarantee the addition of any particular mob, or aspects thereof, but rest assured every suggestion is considered.


    Essalonian Revolution
    In the final, dramatic PvE Event of the Revolution, Nyladreas turned on Corin Brennar, and unleashed a deadly force against the valiant soldiers of Essalonia. Nyladreas was successfully repelled, though he remains at large. The Frontier Camps will remain open for your questing pleasure.


    Voting Item Update
    A fresh, updated set of voting items has been finalized, and is currently awaiting Direction approval. We have tons of new items awaiting to be claimed so don't forget to /vote daily!


    Policy Changes
    With recent incidents, rules regarding harassment have been updated. If there is verifiable proof of someone harassing players employing real life information (such as doxxing, revealing names, insulting physical appearance), players are encouraged to make a ticket in game, or a report on the forums and the situation will be handled accordingly.

    Personal attacks and overly hostile behaviour is a grim reality of any online community, but we want to do everything we can to ensure the safety and security of our staff members. To that end, it's important to stress that only the upper echelons of our Team have access to the Player Reports section. With that said, we understand security is never completely airtight, so if you would prefer not to disclose personal or sensitive information in the Player Reports channel, we encourage you to reach out to a trusted staff member, who can then ferry the information directly to the HR Direction Team. These team members are @LumosJared, @SpunSugar, and @MonMarty. From there, we can take a course of action and do our very best to ensure no player on Massive feels overly uncomfortable in our community.

    We have also made some changes to our alt rules! Read about it here:



    Massive Olympics
    MassiveOlympics will be a series of events hosted by factions in Essalonia. Factions can apply to host events and build arenas for them. The Massive Olympics are a series of events, spanning a week being planned by the Game Department. They are currently scheduled to take place near the end of July. The event will run from the 20th to the 27th and will have multiple events occurring across the 7 days.

    The events will be linked through a point system of gold, silver and bronze medals. The faction that ends with the most medals will win the grand prize of four warzone chunks and a unique pink lore item. There will be a number of yellow lore item prizes handed out for individual event winners.

    Remember! Coaches and fighters of the amateur PvP tournament will be in with a chance of winning premium and supremium respectively!


    Dynmap Changes
    Over the course of the last 4 weeks, we have polled the community and listened to your feedback. This resulted in a trial for Dynmap as many players likely know. /dynmap hide was temporarily disabled for an initial two weeks, with the trial being extended further. If players have any concerns, or praise for this change, feel free to PM any staff member in-game, on discord or on the Forum. We will hopefully be releasing a poll regarding invisible potions, which are an addition that are related to the dynamic map.

    We also have a series of changes regarding invisibility potions that we are proposing. We want you, the survivalists, to take part in a poll to review the possible changes and give us feedback. Take part here:


    PvP Tournaments
    There will be two PvP tournaments as part of the MassiveCraft Olympics; one for amateurs and one for more experienced players.

    Players are welcome to sign up at the links below:

    Amateur Tournament —

    Regular Tournament —



    The Event Department are working on new events and mini games, as well as working with Game on continuing with semi regular PvE events.

    The Quest Team has been making great strides on the quests for Blessed War and plan to have them in the final stages of testing within the next two weeks. We are extremely excited for all of the fun and quirky features that we have used with these quests, which will make these quests especially unique and enjoyable. The Quests will interact with the Blessed War plugin to reward each religion as players progress through these daily quests, and progressing through the quests will allow players to interact with each other and their environment in cleverly presented ways.

    With help from the Game Dept, a new NPC has been installed at the Essalonia spawn which will present players with a handbook on many of the features and plugins MassiveCraft has to offer. Be sure to direct new players to talk to Brie Nevimoor for their own copy, and make sure to say hello to Brie's bunny too!

    Additionally, Quest has started work on a unique large scale project of their own--more news of which will be announced after the Blessed War is released.


    In the Rift, there’re special regions with blaze spawners. Taking that into account, we have disabled the custom recipe of blaze rods, meaning the only way to obtain blaze rods will be through PvE events or adventuring in the Rift or, of course, purchasing them at /tp Market. Keep in mind, PvP is enabled in these special regions.



    Blessed War
    The Quest and Game Department are working tirelessly to complete this mammoth project. Yes, the information we give is in dribbles and is often in the form of “we are working on it”. We simply do not want to give more details than what we need to; to maintain the element of surprise. What we can say is that the spawn is near finished and we will commence Quest testing soon. The Tech Department are at hyper speed, cruising towards finishing 1.13, after that is done, they will be assisting us with finishing this important project!

    The picture above also provides a sneak peak of the Catacombs, where some of the Quests will take place!


    The Game Department are pleased to announce that we are working extensively on improving and refining MassiveTraits. This plugin adds depth and a unique spin to our PvP system and we are constantly improving it, but we need your feedback. Please speak to @Doraiaky about your detailed suggestions. We have also released a poll for you to give us feedback. Click the link below to take part!

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    1. 65jes89
    2. 65jes89
    3. CnocBride
      Rectified, cheers.
    4. CnocBride
      We have something in the works regarding gathering feedback about the End. Information regarding it was not substantive enough to include on this post, but it will most likely have its own information post or will be discussed in the Factions Discord.
    5. ZiHAMMER
    6. Pilotos
      M A M M O T H P R O J E C T
    7. 4tv
      Announce the end
    8. onearmsquid
      Is there anyone who doesn't want the end? If not, why is it not being hyped up.... Makes sense to me to hype up an easy update to bring in new players and such... Perhaps have a campaign on social media and YouTube.... But these are just opinions of an old staff member

      @MonMarty - could think about external PR a lil more
    9. Jalapeno690
      Donate to a semi popular youtuber, get some hype and yes I’m aware mafro brought hackers etc with him, but such is life on this anarchy wasteland
    10. CnocBride
      Your comment implies that we have announced 'The End'. It's funny, the End doesn't even feature in this SoS because The End isn't even confirmed. We are at a stage of gathering feedback for the possibility of adding The End. If we get too much negative backlash about such an idea, we won't implement it.

      That's why we conduct polling.
    11. Togal
      I love all the attention that factions is recieving, all of you guys keep up the good work! We are rooting for ye!
    12. 65jes89
      We started talking about this like 3 months ago. Should not take that long to “gather feedback,” especially when I can count on one hand the number of people who have expressed even vague doubts about the end being beneficial. The pvp community is essentially unanimous on the decision, and if you don’t like it, then frankly, just don’t go there.

      This really just goes to show again how convoluted and ineffective the bureaucracy of the game department has become. This was originally suggested as something that could be done over a singular weekend with staff support, and yet, months later, it is not even confirmed. That is absurd.
    13. onearmsquid
      @65jes89 this is the reason we left staff, always had to bring @MonMarty in to get simple stuff done.

      @MonMarty you're probably busy but can you start the End project, wouldn't take but a week or two to finish and release.
    14. Jalapeno690
      I’ll be honest cnoc, I have known you a long time, but as another player said to me, “did all staff receive a memo from Marty to rp in regalia or else they will get demoted?”. I’ll be honest sure feels that way, staff that were hardline factions are now engaging in “romantic roleplay”, not a single staff member in the factions world, not one even getting a general feel of how things are and what players want to see, it takes minutes to make a poll not months, less rp more action please!
      Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
    15. 4tv
      This is hands down one of the least useful staff replies I have seen in all my many years. As both jess, jala and squid have said, is this /really/ the best game dept can do? Even only a year and change ago when I was staff this would have only taken maybe a week or two of deliberation and building to get done. I have no idea what about the department has changed (other than that there are somehow 6 rank3's) but whatever that change was was a major mistake and you need to go back. I'm not being negative about the update and the work you guys have done, obviously, but I really think that you guys need to get this together and NOT make comments like that without thinking about how ridiculous that sounds to literally every living person.
    16. CnocBride
      It was a miss-step in my communication. After discussing it with Sephite, the End was confirmed - I was unaware of that at the time. End is coming, we are just ironing out some details of how it will actually function.
    17. Jalapeno690
      End portal in a cave or structure and a random exit portal into the factions world, easy peasy, also massive restore it so that the end crystals reappear to resummon the dragon
    18. 4tv
      There's a vanilla feature allowing the dragon to respawn I don't see why we need to make it automatic
    19. Chappers65

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