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    Featuring bi-weekly spotlights of various staff-members on the Massivecraft Team, this week we've prepared some questions for one of our fantastic Game Staff - @qgmk

    Tell us a bit about yourself, what makes you- you, what are your interests and hobbies outside of Massivecraft?

    I am a dynamic figure, often seen doing backflips in public and sticking the landing. I am a retired gymnast, professional Spikeball player, and horrible dancer. I once performed in a live opera, Pagliacci, in front of 6000 people. I have been known to fall out of trees without getting a scratch and write poems for my friends to the rhythm of The Night Before Christmas.

    I work as a Biomedical Engineer and have transplanted beating rodent hearts. I have induced cells back into their pluripotent state and then reversed the effects of a heart attack using them.

    I am in love, I know the owner of Dell, and I can wakesurf on one foot. I spent 3 days with a street performer in Buenos Aires, stole salmon from bears in Alaska, and piloted planes over The Atchafalaya Basin.

    Using only aluminum foil, copper wire, and disposable cameras I built a functioning rail gun before the age of 17 and ate roasted pig with Willie Nelson, Matthew McConaughey, and his daughter before attending a Drake concert. Years ago I found the meaning of life, but forgot to write it down. I speak three languages, and of course, I wear boots to work because I am a Cowboy.

    When did you join staff and what prompted this decision?

    I joined the staff team in 2014 when Gethelp jokingly commented he would ban me if I did not.

    What do you believe are the key characteristics / traits that make a good member of the Game Department?

    Knowledge of the server commands and plugins,
    A real desire to improve the server,
    Having a nonserious life motto while taking everything else extremely seriously,
    Critical thinking,

    Are there any members of the community or staff team who have inspired or served to motivate you throughout your time on the server?

    Everyone on the team who volunteers their free time to provide content and safety for the community inspires me to invest mine.

    Tell us briefly about your department, what you would get up to in an average week on the staff team?

    I spend most of my time coordinating plans, discussing ideas, responding to player inquiries, creating content, training Game Staff, and managing the Game Department.

    Here is a list of my major projects in the past year:
    PVP & Repair MCMMO Balancing
    Damage & Trait Testing
    Combat Analyze Tutorial
    Player Investigation Overhaul
    Gauntlet Event
    1.15 Plugins Testing
    Essa spawn and world release
    Overall 1.15 and Races weapon/PVP balancing
    Anticheat Configuration
    Anticheat Tutorial for staff
    Races Testing
    Gauntlet Dungeons
    1.16 Plugin Testing
    KitPVP Rework with The_Fluorspar
    Game Dept Website
    Training Setup for plugins
    MassiveVillagers Configuration
    Custom Crafting Recipes Overhaul
    Survival-side coordination of Ithania
    FortPresford House and Market Rentals (setup, but not released)

    Are there any particular events during your time as staff you find particularly funny / enjoyable?

    I enjoy watching PVPrs kite as they are being chased by a pack of enemies. I typically root for the kiter, whoever they may be, in the same fashion as one would for an impala being chased by hungry lions. A miraculous escape is an entertaining view. I always watch as an invisible spectator, unbeknownst to both sides.

    What advice would you give to players who are interested in becoming a member of Game Staff in the near future?

    Do not intentionally break any rules. It is a huge red flag. Communicate with people as if you were communicating with someone face to face.

    Finally, what are your top three favourite movies?

    Ratatouille, The Prestige, Avengers: Endgame, La Casa de Papel.

    Thanks to Q for the interview! Keep checking back here for more interviews and spotlights from the PR team in the coming weeks! Have a Massive Day!

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