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    Featuring bi-weekly spotlights of various staff-members on the Massivecraft Team, this week we've prepared some questions our fantastic head of the Tech Team - @CS_Birb

    Tell us a bit about yourself, what makes you- you, what are your interests and hobbies outside of Massivecraft?

    I’m British by birth though I’ve lived in New Zealand for over half my life, I’m twenty-three. I’m a software engineer by trade and currently work for Massivecraft. I’d honestly say software engineering is also my main hobby and I feel I’m lucky to be able to enjoy my passion both in the workplace and as a genuine interest and hobby.

    I’ve always had a very eclectic music taste- I get familiar with songs but could never tell you the name nor exact lyrics- much to the annoyance of my friends. I have no grand opinions on music as a whole bar just liking some of things I listen to. I’m also passionate about both participating and DMing D&D- standard 5th Edition specifically.

    When did you join staff and what prompted this decision?

    I joined in February 2018, at the time I was friends with some of the existing staff team. I was midway through a software engineering degree and thought it would be a fun way to give back to the server that had been a part of my teen years for so long. A game-staff member had found a bug in the survival world, informed me and I had managed to fix it quite quickly. About a month later I was notified that I had been approved as an aspirant. I’ve been a part of the staff team ever since.

    Tell us about your current interest in IT and how it developed?

    I’ve done formal education in software and network engineering, but I’d always been interested in how things worked and was fascinated by computers when I was little. I certainly screwed up a lot of computers in my early days and had to fix them myself. Over time I started to pick up the patterns from my prior mistakes, learning as I went along.

    I then moved on to creating things, in Early High School I started learning bulletin board code, before learning basic web programming, I’ve carried on ever since- going on year by year. I always like learning- in software engineering you’re never done learning as new languages crop up all the time- that’s why I love the industry, it’s always fresh and never changing.

    Are there any members of the community or staff team who have inspired or served to motivate you throughout your time on the server?

    In terms of inspiring- that’s a difficult question. TheCompuerGeek is very knowledgeable and a good peer to work with. I get motivated a lot by the community as a whole- which gets to appreciate my work and the things I do. Every line of code experienced, even if they don’t particularly see the code, they see the effect.

    Tell us briefly about your department, what you would get up to in an average week on the staff team?

    At the moment we’ve got a team led by myself & TheCompuerGeek, and our other Software Devs with us. As Sysadmin, I take care of the server machines and ensure the servers are running- alongside plugin implementation. TheComputerGeek is our most experienced Spigot Development member, with XxXYaJrAbXxX and FourThirteen our Rank2 intermediate software engineers with plenty of experience in the industry too. We also have a few promising Rank1 staff who serve as our junior engineers- we’re made up in a way similar to any software engineering team.

    Out Rank2 intermediate engineers build and manage existing things, our juniors will tend to work with bug fixes for the most part and assisting our ranks 2s. At it’s core our team are all software engineers, mainly self-taught working together to maintain, update and build new updates to plugins that make Massivecraft- Massivecraft. We love seeing our work used in Massivecraft by such an active and large community.

    What areas of your work challenge you the most?

    Many times, you’d expect the difficult bugs to be the challenge, but I believe maintaining sanity is the hardest bit, whether it be due to a challenging bug, or trying to find the source of a mistake for hours that ended up being the tiniest error- or FourThirteen spamming the chat with Shrek memes.

    There’s always something, but it’s good stress and helps keep me on my toes and alert.

    Finally, what are your top three favourite movies?
    Top three?
    1) Inception- great movie, stupidly complicated but very entertaining.
    2) Tenet- very similar in psychological trauma in trying to understand it, but equally as enjoyable.
    3) For the final? The Imitation Game- not quite historically accurate but still a lovely story, Benedict Cumberbatch does a fantastic job of portraying Alan Turing.

    Thanks to CS_Birb for the interview! Keep checking back here for more interviews and spotlights from the PR team in the coming weeks! Have a Massive Day!

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