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    Hello everyone!

    This is a new sticky thread in our announcements section that will allow our fellow staff members to notify the community of their absence when they have life come up, get sick, or anything else that ends up happening.

    Whenever a staff member has life be, well life, they will post below with the estimated days they’ll be gone. Feel free to keep up with this thread. I will regularly clean it and remove posts as they become irrelevant so it doesn’t become full with posts that have been long due past their expiration.

    Please refrain from commenting or posting below if you are not staff, if you do, they will be removed.

    As always from your friendly neighborhood Lunatic,

    Have a Massive Day!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Kaezir, Mar 26, 2017.

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    1. CRASHIR
      I will be heading out on vacation from the 22nd of June to the 22nd of July, exactly one month. I will be reachable on Discord and Skype constantly. I will have my laptop but due to wifi restrictions, I won't promise anything about being on.
    2. Omnomivore
      I will be absent for my wedding from Wednesday, June 27 - Monday, July 2.
    3. CnocBride
      I will be absent from the Saturday, 7th July until Monday, 9th July. I am going to meet family down the country and will not be online during those times, I will be contactable through Skype and Discord and I will check the forums throughout that trip.

      My next absence will occur around the 21st July until the 1st August. I am going to the land of the French and the internet in the camps (isn't as bad as it sounds) is awful so I hopefully will be able to get on Discord or Skype. The EU abolished roaming charges (to an extent!), so hopefully I will be able to check the forums, Discord and Skype every day.
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    4. Markisbeest
      I will be absent from the 29th of July till the 5th of August. Because I love nature, and I will spend a week bonding with nature and drinking bad coffee as I'm going camping! I guess I can be reached, but why would you want to interrupt my nature time?
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