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    Let's celebrate the spring season with a friendly contest! We think there are many beautiful sights to be found and captured throughout Massivecraft. Explore and share what you find with us and the community, with a chance to win a prize for your participation!

    What are the entry requirements?

    The entry requirements aren’t strict. Use the Massivecraft official texture pack, and take a screenshot of something Spring-themed on the server. It is recommended that you use shaders of some sort, and editing is allowed!

    Maximum of two screenshots only, thank you!


    How do I submit my entry?

    Submit your screenshot entry by posting it directly on this thread with a title and an optional caption!


    The deadline for screenshot submissions is Monday, March 29th at 3:00(EST)! The winners will be announced on Sunday, April 4th!


    Who Crowns the Winner?

    The winner will be determined by a randomized panel of Staff at the end of the contest!


    One month of Supremium, a special lore item, or 500 Regals!

    First Place: Receives the first choice of the listed prizes!

    Second Place: Receives the second choice of the remaining prizes!

    Third Place: Receives the last remaining prize!

    Good luck!

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