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    The poll will be a simple review of how you feel about the current Special Permissions along with any additional comments that you have about them.

    Furthermore, we’d like to personally thank all members of the community with Special Permissions for going through the process, making a thriving community for yourselves and just participating in general.

    We’re going to be taking a poll regarding Special Permissions of the following:

    1. Interest - Interest is your OOC interest in having the permission.

    2. Visibility - Visibility is how frequently you see someone use this permission when they have it.

    3. Accessibility - Accessibility is a measure of how likely you think someone is to be approved for this permission.

    4. Power Projection - Power Projection is a measure of how powerful you think this permission is.

    5. Playability - Playability is a measure of how much you think a permission can actually be roleplayed.

    The link to the poll can be found here.​
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    • Winner Winner x 3
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