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    This thread details anything you might need to know before applying for a special permission, as well as the process of the application itself. First, the thread will explain what specific permissions can be applied for, then it will show you how to apply, and then it will give you some hints and tips on what to avoid, explain the procedure, and then highlight some aftercare. This thread is locked. If you have any questions about the process, send in a ticket into the RP Com Discord where Lore staff will help you understand the process.

    So what Permissions can be applied for?
    • MageSpark, which in essence just means "This character is a mage". Magesparks are created at birth, and shape a unique form of magic in their users as they grow up. There is generally a limited number of Mages in lore, so this is a difficult permission to get into.
    • Silvenism, who are offspring of Arken either directly, or from Arken hosts, or from other Silven parents. Silven are a group of people who are referred to as the "Demon children", who are generally looked at with suspicion by society, but have inherited some mutations and abilities from their parents.
    • Primal Powers, are abilities, lineages and bloodlines created by the Dragons in aeons past, as well as special positions and ranks given by the Draconic forces. These are even rarer than MageSparks, but offer more backstory flexibility.
    • Canon Backstory, means to be part of a historical event, or to have been present when something happened. This is generally a pretty easy permission to get a hold of, as long as your backstory makes sense, it can be made canon. To clarify, this is not for the "whole" of your backstory, only if you want to incorporate some major historical event into your character app.
    • Extra Mutations, which are just aesthetic character changes, are pretty easy to get without a too complex argumentation for why you should have the permission. It's just visual upgrades on a character to enhance a certain theme or aesthetic.
    • 150 year+ old, a straightforward character age permission. This one requires less of an argumentation, and more just the belief in Lore Staff that you can pull off an ancient character well.
    • Enhanced Affliction, meaning Werebeast or Vampire with additional powers/greater status. It is almost mandatory to have a Pack/Coven and be a leader. If you do not have one, you will need an ironclad argumentation to convince Staff why you should have this permission.
    • Enhanced Ritualism, as is implied in the name, gives access to additional Ritualist Abilities for Proficiency Points. This is a fairly simple Permission to get a hold of.
    • Arken Pact, or Dimension Powers, is some sort of trade made with demons or exist creatures for benefits/powers. Dimension Powers and Arken Pacts usually have a mechanical downside, and definitely put a character on the scale of Void/Exist aberrant since they tend to come with visual mutations too.
    • Special Weapon Skill, is a purely mundane ability mechanic for certain weapons. For example, a character may have learned a unique Puretek shooting skill that is only available to them that allows them to use it like an ability, except its still just a technical skill and thus mundane.
    • Virtuoso, grants a unique Mundane Ability that expresses a high skill and talent in the chosen Proficiency. A fairly easy permission to grab hold of, but you do need to be able to prove that said ability would be beneficial for others and not just your character's "win" rate. Certain skills are excluded from Virtuoso: all Combat Proficiencies + Metallurgy. An example of this Permission would be a Singing Arts Proficiency, which causes anyone listening to the song to become particularly distracted, gaining some minor benefit to Rogue Actions performed during that time.
    • Reverend of Unionism, which is kind of like a bishop that has voting power on the Unionist Conclave. In order to be approved, you need to have played a Curate for a few months and be active.
    • Mix-Race Configuration, this is kind of a strange permission. It's not a permission that requires much of an argumentation beyond a clear explanation how you portray mixture races accurately. For example, if you play a Half-Isldar Half-Avanthar, you need to explain how you play "both sides of the fence" and don't just ignore part of their heritage. What this permission can do for you, is that we're willing to split Racial Abilities down the middle and make a balanced kit for a Half-Race taking aspects of both races. This is not something for everyone, and should definitely not be used for brand new characters, only Characters who have been around for a while.
    • Undead Character, which allows for a unique, sentient variation of undead. This permission can vary in low bar for acceptance with little to no powers, or high bar for acceptance (mage tier) with multiple abilities and unique powers. Aesthetics are open for a variety of undead, but we will especially scrutinize those that might overlap over current lore (such as Zikiel Skeletons).
    • Tech Invention, which allows for the invention of something through: Clockwork, Steamtech, Maraya Tech, Dwarven Tech (gasses). It is absolutely crucial that the invention in question is either portable, wearable, or transportable, and is not some static object, unless this pertains to some sort of unique clandestine base function. Tech Inventions are tech/mundane based abilities generated through objects and items that the wearer/user invented. Unlike Artifacts, they are non-transferrable.
    Didn't find a Special permission that worked for you? Send in a discord ticket and inquire about creative possibilities. Lore Staff can send you in the right direction. Found a Permission that worked for you, but you're not sure what you're going to pitch is even possible, and you'd like to save yourself and the staff the effort of review? Send a DM to one of the managers of specific Perms. You can ask them if a specific design is even possible before applying for it, and they can give you live feedback so you can save yourself the effort, or get some early input before applying.

    Here is a list of all the current Managers per category:
    How do I apply?
    So let's first open this Form, which you will be filling out for the actual application, and then we'll go through each step: https://forums.massivecraft.com/forms/special-permission-application.51/respond . You should carefully read this entire thread, as well as the form before pressing submit, so try keeping this open. If you accidently submitted the form too soon or aren't sure that the form made it through correctly, dm @Birdsfoot_Violet or send in a Discord ticket on the RP Com Discord, and she can help you verify. Now, onto the steps of the application:
    1. First, enter your username. This should obviously be your current username, but you may also put additional alts between brackets behind your main username. If you have recently changed your username (say in the last month or so), it would be good courtesy to write (previously: so and so) in there as well.
    2. Then, choose the requested permission. If this step confuses you, send in a ticket to ask for more information. Lore Staff can hear you out, and help you choose which permission works best for you. Keep in mind that this isn't a "window shopping" opportunity for special status. You should come to tickets with a clear outcome goal in mind like "I want to be a monster that stalks the waterways of the sewers" not "Hey guys what perm can I have, I want to have a special character".
    3. "Why should you have this perm?" is arguably the most important section of the entire application. This is where you explain why you having your permission is good for everyone on the server, or at least a large group, and why it's not just for your pleasure/benefit. You are allowed to have pleasure and benefit from the special permission, but it should not be the only outcome. You should explain here how it will help you have more roleplay with the people around you, and give others things to do. It is exceptionally important not to use buzzwords and use very concise language. Most applications fail on argumentation that just isn't good enough, so work on this one.
    4. "What should this perm do?" is more of a thematic hint. We do not allow players to write their own Abilities, that will be done by the managers, but this does allow some leeway to dictate what kinds of abilities they will be. For example "I am applying for a Justice possessed Arken Pact. In order to deal out justice, my character will need offensive abilities, preferably themed around swords and white colors and light and weight scales." This helps the staff write good abilities that fit your character.
    5. Character App is only necessary if you have one, but it does help the staff make a better decision. Generally it is recommended you apply for a perm for a pre-existing character, not to apply for a perm for a character that does not even exist yet, but it is possible if you have a really good pitch.
    6. Additional Themes are optional. You can just use keywords like "Light, White, Sword, Eyes" for aesthetic themes. Generally speaking, you are always allowed to request specific aesthetic mutations during the "document writing" procedure.
    What happens after I click Submit?
    1. You will be redirected to the Forums main page, and the thread will be sent to a locked section on the forums that only the Staff can access. Birdsfoot_violet will take in the application and send it to the appropriate Manager(s). These managers then do a preliminary assessment whether to Reject, Pend, or Accept.
      1. If an application is rejected, the Manager will send you a Forum DM detailing why. This will usually be because the concept just doesn't work, but it may also be because you recently broke server rules, or don't match up to the conduct necessary for a Special Permission. The details should be in the message and should give you a clear vision of what to work towards. You can always apply again later.
      2. If an application is marked Pending, then the Manager is willing to accept your application, but will require you to improve somewhere, or do something. For example, a Manager may conclude you can handle a Vampire perm well, and the argumentation is neat, but you don't have a Coven yet. They may coach you into creating a coven, or clean up some of your meme emotes, and then set a clear goal post for when the application will be marked Accepted.
      3. If an application is Accepted, it will be taken along to the Sunday meeting. This means all applications will not be finally decided upon until Sunday, unless they are rejected before Sunday. On Sunday, staff ask for a final "check" on the applicant to make sure they didn't miss anything when approving, or ask for a second opinion in case they don't know the applicant.
      4. If nothing stands in the way of that final check approval, they will contact the player after Sunday, and then inform them of what has been accepted, and give them further details leading to when they can be used in roleplay.
    It is very important to have a constructive attitude when you go through this process. A lore staff member may be very critical of you and say to you face to face that your roleplay is not up to scratch, or that you have too bad of a reputation, or that the idea just won't work. All Lore Staff will try their hardest to be constructive and precise about why an application cannot be accepted, but you should also remain optimistic and solution oriented in that response. When you apply for a special permission, there is an unwritten disclaimer that you will remain respectful in the process, and take the response in stride, making changes where necessary to improve your position. The whole process is private, and how a Lore Staff member proceeds to deal with your application is between them and you. No other players will be informed, and your privacy will be protected. That being said, if you feel mistreated, you can navigate to the Staff Complaints section at the bottom of the forums and request a review of the procedure.

    What should I avoid in my application?
    • First of all, do not think Lore Staff enjoy rejecting players. Nobody enjoys just rejecting players from something they want and think they deserve/need/could use to help others. Staff do not enjoy being confrontational, and many of them are just as anxious about your response to their critique, as you are anxious to their critique. Try to remain respectful and empathetic.
    • When in your argumentation, never use buzzwords like "narratives", "story lines", "Stories", "engagement", "plot lines", "Interesting". These don't mean anything, and often are just used to obscure a selfish reason for an application. If you are going to measure something, do it will. "With this permission, I hope to create more active roleplay hours for the Vampires by giving them a solid antagonist to work against on a day to day basis". This sets out a good goal, outcome, and gives us a clear vision of who will be entertained by this.
    • Sometimes, past community service itself is good enough for a permission. Running a group and handing out tasks/roleplay to that group, giving them something to be engaged with is a "community service" in and of itself. Making skins, art, and other commercial activities are not community service, nor is running a shop. If you are unsure if something is community service or not, send in a ticket and ask.
    • Try not to bend the lore too much. While many apps can have creative liberty, we don't accept for example "latent Magesparks" that only activate at a certain age. Lore is written the way it is written, and while some leeway is given, you should respect the lore if you want it to reward you back with good roleplay.
    • Remember above all that a permission in and of itself is not engaging. You having special abilities and showing them or ex-positing them in front of players is not engaging them at all, it is not community service, and it does not help the community. There is no such thing as "Wonder for this or that", and there is no such thing as "getting people interested in this lore" by just shooting off abilities near them. You can have abilities as a reward for info dumping and engaging players in deep lore discussions in character, but your abilities and permission should never become a tool for ex-positing in and of itself.
    • Keep in mind also that not all perms have an endless supply. At some point Magic Permissions will be "Full". We will post on this thread if such a point ever arrives.
    How are Special Permissions tracked and Moderated?
    Because we hold Special Permission holders to a higher standard of activity and conduct (Both OOCly and ICly) there are a few extra rules and routes to consider for both Special Permission holders and the players who interact with them.
    • A Special Permission holder can, at any time, contact their review board through a ticket on the RP com discord or a Forum DM to ask for an "activity and argumentation check." What this means is that the review board will state whether or not the Permission Holder is considered active by our standards, and if it is believed they are currently upholding their argumentation to a satisfactory degree.
    • A Special Permission holder should inform their review board when they will be going on an extended trip or vacation from massive, or when their activity will decline due to IRL circumstances.
    • Any Player can, at any point, make a ticket on the RP com discord to report rule breaking, unpleasant, or other behavior described above that is not appropriate for a Special Permission holder to engage in. We will treat all reports seriously and investigate them to the best of our ability.
    • Any Player can, at any point, request elaboration on the status of a Permission, if there is anything about it that is unclear to them. We try to be as transparent as possible as to why we accept or reject certain Permissions, and will attempt to answer these questions to the best of our abilities, while still respecting the Privacy of the Permission holder. These questions can be in the vein of: how does this ability work? How does this ability interact with y ability? This special permission holder did this to me in RP, is that correct? (We may decline to answer certain questions if we consider them to be too "gamey" and hypothetical, rather than something that is pertinent to RP.)
    Where can I see the current list of Special Permissions?
    On the repository, which is HERE.

    Any questions? Send in an RP Com Discord Ticket.
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