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    Character Information
    • Names: Alice, Tark, Austarna
    • Race: Deveta Slizzar
    • Age: 296
    • Gender: Fluid
    • Eye Color: Silver with a blue limbus
    Core Concept
    • A Slizzar faithful to an old gods cult devoted to exist corruption, they change their life at will, constantly starting over anew. As a serpentine of many faces, they've tried to build their skills out to easily become anything and everything at once.
    Strength: 1
    -Unarmed Pack
    Constitution: 1
    -Metallurgy Pack
    Wisdom: 2
    -Volacorum Pack
    -Dimenthist Pack
    Dexterity: 2
    -Sleight of Hand Pack
    -Vandalism Pack
    Exist Magic: 4
    -Afflicted Lairmaster(Cahal)
    -Flesh Magic(Cahal)
    -Blood Magic(Cahal)
    -Shadow Magic(Cahal)
    -Glamor Magic
    -Whismy Magic
    -Space Magic
    -Metal Magic
    Charisma: 1
    -West Linguist Pack
    Unused: 3

    Deveta Slizzar(2 Abilities, 6 Specials)
    Change Silven(1 Special)
    Highborn Cahal(11 Specials)
    Exist Magic(4 Abilities, 12 Specials)

    West Linguistic

    Appearance Information
    • Other than their eyes, they have no consistent mutations.
    • Tark-Primary Form: Tark stands at 6'5, and is thin and muscular. He has sandy blonde hair on the shorter side, and his face is dotted with freckles. Along his upper arms are icy blue tattoos, made to look like roots, which will shift around and glow at times. If one looks closely, they can find a snake's head asleep among the roots, a reminder of their birth form. He is Ailor in appearance, but has slightly pointed ear tips as he claims to be half maquixtl.
    • [*]Trovri-Birth Form: A relatively unused birth form, Tovri is black and scaly, serpentine in appearance, with greenish blue patches on their forehead, cranium, nose, neck, shoulders, and chest area. Their tail has stripes of white, and their chin is bony and portruding.
      [*]The Metallic Influence-Cahal Form: Their Cahalic form is a swirling mass of silvery liquid in a vaguely humanoid shape. It has two glowing orbs that look something like eyes, and it leaves silvery stains on anything it touches.
      [*]Alice-Secondary Form: Alice is a yellow El-Maraya who loves flowers and chaos. She runs all over the place, doing her best to cause some mischief. She appears 18, but is short for her age, at only 5 '2. Around her wrists, she has rose tattoos that sometimes sprout into actual roses, then back to Tattoos.
      [*]Austarna-Secondary Form: Austarna is a Cult of the Wyld Kathar, who stand at 6 '7 and is covered in constellations and stars. He is a fan of the night, often wandering around beneath the stars. Because of his Wyld nature, his appearance is in a constant state of flux, and he has no notable features.
      [*]Prone to expand.
    Life Story
    • Born to an old gods' cult(with their twin sister, Emmi) known as the Roots of Arne, who believe that Athens roots eventually came into contact with Exist Essence, which created an Exist aligned version of the existing gods. The roots of Acne serve these gods, who share the same name, but have slightly different values. Their mission is to spread exist essence around the world(Or rather, to spread the exist corrupted roots) in order to give the Exist-Aligned Arne and his children greater control over the world. This essence can spread in several ways, from preaching the ways of the cult to infecting others with Cahalism to the most blatant, Exist corruption of flora and fauna.
    • As they were infected pretty much since birth, they spent much of their time learning to hone their affliction with magic and the religious teachings of the cult.
    • Even as they learned of their parentage, they were unable to enter Sassrakkand, being Exist Afflicted, so they never made the journey, instead using their heritage to become invisible. They were now able to exist-corrupt anywhere they wanted, as now they could simply become something new to escape.
    • Eventually began to travel the world, using disguises to live in societies for a year or two and teaching the tenets of the cult, then moving on. This continued for nearly three centuries.
    • Eventually moved to Regalia, taking it as their next target, seeing as so many people come in and out of it.
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    The Roots of Arne
    "We offer change everlasting. The question is, can you last the change?"

    The Roots of Arne are an exist-aligned cult of Old Gods worship that also functions as a Cahal coven, a criminal organization, and above all, a community. The group focuses on community and friendship, with all offering and contributing to each other as much as possible.

    Community: One of the groups three main goals is community, and providing for each other. A commonly used phrase is "My home is your home", and it means exactly what it sounds like. Most member of the group are always willing to share shelter or food with each other, but it is also important not to leech off this kindness. Internal events are encouraged, as is building friendships between members.

    Infusion: Another main goal of the Roots is the infusion of exist essence in our world, in whatever ways possible, be it Cahalism, Magic, the teachings of Exist Ideals, or just plain old blessing/corrupting of flora and fauna. This can also take the form of getting members of the group(or simply Exist aligned individuals) into influential influence, as the Exist being everywhere is always a good thing.

    Religion: The Roots of Arne are, originally, a religious cult, focusing on the alignment of the Old Gods and the Exist dimension. Allegiance and piety toward at least one(but ideally both) of those things is required, by the nature of the group.

    As the cult has many different faces, there are several different positions, some of which can be held by a single person, and some of which may have as many people as needed. A single person can have several roles, as the group is few in number and there may not be enough people to go around.

    A newbie. An Initiate should be assigned a mentor who teaches them the tenets of the group and to hone their abilities, where applicable. An initiate stays an initiate for one week, then they will officially pledge their allegiance to the Master of the Essence, after which they become a full member. Besides the mentor, there are virtually no differences between an Initiate and a Member, other than how much say you have in Cult matters.
    Member: A normal, fully initiated member. Members have access to any resources the cult might obtain, and are expected to contribute to the group as much as possible, and help individuals within the group. Members are encouraged to attempt to find initiates and become their mentors, expanding the group, and are also encouraged to hold internal events within the group. They will also vote on clan matters, if needed. There are _ types of members, which each get their own titles. If a character qualifies for two or more types, they may choose which to gain the title of.
    Root's Hand: Any and all theives and warriors within the group are given this title. Roots hands are called on to settle disputes with other gangs, defend the faith or members of the group, or to target and steal from enemies of the group. These are your goon type characters, though they certainly don't have to be helpless side characters, and are one of the more important roles in the group.


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