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    Is it working right, Wes?
    It’s working? Wonderful, grand. Catch me if I mess up a word, Alban.

    So Says The Coward.

    I’ll begin by introducing myself. I’m Harlow Ketch. I like to think I'm recognizable, but the only thing you really need to know about me is that I’m a Knight of Bloodcast and a few months ago Lynmar Lomstedt accused me of trying to rob the grave of Ser Carlomann, one of our order’s founders. I claimed I’d go out to get his cape, and, eventually, after a few outings, Lynmar told us he’d sit down and conclude the feud with humility.

    The fact I’m recording this has hopefully already displayed that he did not live up to this promise. Lomstedt instead communicated with a variety of people, and eventually walked into the estate of one Duke mac Conall to clarify that he was, in fact, not going to apologize for what he had done and was instead going to go out on a limb and join the Viridian Order himself. He claimed two Viridians had offered joining the order to him, though, due to Lomstedt’s usual choice in… honesty, and the honorable nature of the Viridians, it was more likely he… what’s the word, Alban? Inflated? That one.- It was more likely he inflated an offer to walk in their shoes, following the code of Ehrenhof as being formally allowed within their order. We had assumed this meant apologizing for what he'd done, as well. Yet when the Bloodcasts of the city, including myself, Alban Koning, Lazarus Lupenzi, Lee-Ming Qie and the Duke Mac Conall, asked him to formally apologize to the Elder Council for the actions he, himself, committed, he refused. Entirely. Noting that he'd already apologized to reverends and individual Viridians, so surely he's done his part already.

    This was not something I wanted to let stand. Our orders fought over his sins, and now he claims he's done enough to wipe them away. I challenged him to an honor duel. He refused, saying that this manner between the Bloodcasts and Viridians was not worth a duel. This manner which has resulted in combat between our two orders was, word for word, “not worth a duel”. So says the coward, unwilling to admit, unwilling to apologize.

    And to Lynmar, who no doubt is reading this now, the offer stands. I’ll still allow you the ability to accept the duel. You can even pick the time and the place. But if you’re going to stick to what you said prior and refuse to duel me over this slight, then fine. But do it publicly, instead of hidden behind closed doors, with a brooding look to the horizon as if you’re the victim for cracking open the tomb of one of our founders and lying to the Oranjen that found you.

    All feuds aside, have a wonderful day. And hold your cape close, because everyone knows you don’t deserve it.

    Alright, Wes, you can disable it now.

    A crude smiley face was etched onto the bottom of the declaration.
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    The Villiers reads a copy of the notice, before groaning. He tosses the paper into the fireplace, letting his head thunk on the table.

    “Why does it feel the light has abandoned this city some days?” He asks to no one in particular, though, it was mostly directed at the table.
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    Altea's breath left her in a long, tired exhale as the Oranjen sank deep into the couch in her father's estate. "This shit again," she muttered blandly, waving the paper over in Valentino's direction. "I dunno wha' else t' do about this, Pops. 'e won't apologise 'imself, 'e won't duel anyone, 'nd 's jus' gonna make things worse for th' Bloodcasts tha' care about bein' honourable."
    The Solisti dragged a hand down her face, glancing in Marisa and Rafael's directions. "Wha' do th' two of you think 'bout it?"
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    A young Great Oak sighed, looking at the notice from the board it. "Just accept the duel and be done with it.. hold the thought that you actually accepted the duel. Even if you lost, accept the fact that you fucked up. And apologize to those you have harmed with your pride." He'd be talking to nobody specifically, but sighed as he'd go to wonder off afterwards.
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    Lupin Lomstedt sat on a bench near the beerhall, a chess board infront of him. After reading the notice, he let out a deep sigh. "An honor duel? Well, I'll have to support my dear cousin, I suppose.", he said to himself, before taking a sip from his beer. "This will be interesting. Try to not dishonor the entire family name with your knightly endeavors. Else noone is going to want to employ me anymore soon."
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    Her eyes narrowed slowly with each word that came off the page and into her minds eye. She was not one to become quick to anger, surely not, but this... this was out of hand. Closing her eyes and rubbing the bridge of her nose, she folded up the parchment and tossed it to the table within her room. She had had it with this. “A rotting branch has caused the whole tree to begin to be ill.” It was all she would utter. The Second Maiden Kaeppler was slow to anger, but her patience, legendary as it was, was growing thinner with each passing day.
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    Long have we watched the actions of the Bloodcasts within the City of Light, waiting to see how they reacted to our declaration of non-cooperation so many months ago. At the time of our declaration, we maintained that the desecration of a tomb of one of our shared forbearer was a sacrilege which required the best of us to hold the least of us accountable to our actions. In calling those that breached our trust to action, we hoped that the Imperial Knights of this city, and those who claim such prestige, would rise to the challenge to foster a culture of growth from shortcomings. For it was Heron-Saint Yvrize and Prince Cedromar which provided us with the following guidance:

    "Be even harder on yourself than on others, as you should always endeavor to hold yourself to a higher standard than what you ask of others, even if you ask the impossible. A Knight that does not self-improve is a stagnant complacent, and complacency to the eyes of the Imperial Spirit is a sin. Knights should always self-punish when found in collective guilt over others."

    In short, a Knight should always look to self improve, and learn from their mistakes. To accept their wrongdoings and make amends with those he slightest, before moving on with their life. For our own Viridian Order, this principle is stressed throughout the Ehrenhof Code in multiple sections. For to seek redemption is a duty of all Knights, and complacency to duty is an affront to the Emperor who graciously bestows our unique privileges.

    And yet this above tenet also speaks of collective guilt. We need only bring up the always remembered Viridian Coup Attempt as a perfect example of how an entire Knightly Order can be held responsible for the actions of a minority, regardless of said minority's status or rank. When one Viridian publicly dishonors the Viridian Order, every Viridian Knight and Shieldmaiden pays the price. Likewise, we believe every other Order should be held to the same standard, including the Bloodcasts who pride themselves in being void of code and hierarchy.

    After careful observation of affairs in the city, and with this statement by one Harlow Ketch, we believe that more direct action is in order to handle this schism. We have deployed the recently-promoted Paladin Henrique to the capital to fully investigate the actions of both the Bloodcast and Viridians Orders, and their attempts in handling this matter over the past three months. Following his investigation, we shall determine whether or not the actions of the Knightly Orders has been satisfactory, or has left much to be desired.

    We do not intent to intrude on any honor duels relating to this matter or the Ketch Statement, and you have the freedom to do as you desire in that regard. Our Liason Officer will arrive all the same to investigate and deliver a report.

    ((Over the next few days, I will be making impromptu announcements in the #knights-discussion channel when the Viridian Liaison is present. This is not solely focused to Viridians and Bloodcasts, and anyone is able to provide information regarding the actions of the Viridian Crypt, and taken steps for redemption.))​
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