Slumberwood’s Senseless, Sordid Slaughter

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    〚 ◈┇ ════════════════════════ - ‹ •◦ ◦• › - ════════════════════════ ┇◈ 〛

    Blessed is the one who walks in the step of the Unionist Faith, the divine faith of Humanity. Those who delight in the law of the Spirit, and those who work for the betterment of their kin.

    A person, like a tree by streams of water, yielding fruits in season and without wilt nor wither.

    The wicked will not stand in judgement, nor those who fail Humanity in the Righteous Spirit's Eyes. For the Imperial Spirit watches not over the way of the righteous, but the way of betrayal and destruction.

    Verse of Faith.

    In shock and horror, we of House Cadieux read these reports back from across the Archipelago, telling of war, of the massacre of Rumvalia, of the slaughter of the innocent.

    For all their saber-rattling, for all their attempts to provoke mass hysteria; indeed, for their false accusations upon mister Erwin Braunschweiger and mister Lothar Lomstedt, House Slumberwood has finally gotten the wholesale massacre that Alaric Keen threatened - but instead of every man, woman, and child dead, and every building in Rumvalia razed, the Slumberwoods have instead reinterpreted these threats as inspiration and inflicted those very atrocities against their own people, with every clergyman dead or hunted or removed from their families and their homes, and every holy Church ransacked and looted, due to Anians whipped into a frenzy by their irresponsible, incorrigible Duke, and by their own greed and bloodlust. In a most appalling transaction, Slumberwood trades Regal favors for removal in the best of cases and slaughter in the worst of them.

    Indeed, imagine the paleness of our faces when we read that Morgaine Slumberwood was commanding during the unprovoked attack on the completely nonaggressive neighboring Duke Lugenweitz. Morgaine Slumberwood, who has since departed the City in ample timing to ensure that the Duke’s falsified attempt on his life was only witnessed by himself and his longtime assistant, complicit partner-in-crime, and traitor to the pacifistic ways of the Cielothar he claims to love and the Petalcourt he claims to be one with, mister Osira Braewanyir, directed soldiers to attack innocent homes and take lands that Slumberwood has never, ever had a claim to in a wholly transparent exposure of the motives for all this suffering: a grab for land and relevance. Fearing the decline of his own importance due to his also declining titles, Merdoc Slumberwood lied through his teeth - and not for the first time - to target an innocent populace and fabricated an entire crime in an attempt to support such a brazen attack on those very same people he had been entrusted to protect by the Imperial Seat.

    In regards to the so-called assassination attempt, there is not an ounce of candor to the entire matter. Mister Lomstedt, the claimed assailant, was kidnapped and his memory erased; he was clueless when he awoke in the parlor of the Slumberwood estate, devoid of all servants save mister Braewanyir (likely to diminish the risk of their lies being exposed) - only to witness Merdoc drive a blade into his very own stomach. Upon attempts to escape, he was knocked out and brought to Greygate to secure Slumberwood’s frame job; the truth, however, was confessed and brought to light to quite a few Violet Order guards, including Honor Guards and titled Nobles. Slumberwood also alleges that mister Lomstedt broke down his door to attack him in the parlor; in front of another grouping of Violet Order guards, mister Lomstedt was asked to lift a bar weighted just fifty pounds - a pittance, compared to the force required to break a front door down, especially one made of such strong and expensive material as Slumberwood’s is. He could not lift the bar in the slightest, so that leaves us to wonder - how on earth did he break the door down? The answer is, of course, that he didn’t - and that the entire charge is a farce. On his sickbed, Slumberwood penned in a surprisingly lucid form the distorted concoctions he wishes to present as truth - something he would not have been able to do if he were truly in shock from his stabbing. We know better. We will not stand for further Slumberwood manipulation of the truth to suit his monstrous ends.

    We feel personally responsible for the lack of stewardship given to Morgaine during her life, as after her mother’s death, her father and our uncle Devere became a shell of himself; we did not challenge when House Slumberwood took custody of her, in light of his struggle. But we did not know then what we know now: that we had doomed our blood to be raised in an environment steeped in hatred, an environment entrenched in deceit, an environment so twisted, so pervaded by sin and bloodlust that this atrocious, brutal extermination could not only be a conscious thought, not only a plan, Spirit forbid, but a set of deeds carried through with bloodied, muddied hands and thoroughly blackened souls. We had hoped that the Slumberwood clergy murders of the fall and the unequal force used to put down their protestors were manipulations of Sanguine as publicly claimed. Still, we see now that they were unabashed lies and that there is a pattern of Slumberwood aggression, particularly against their clergy. Once is a horrific mistake. Twice is a malicious and premeditated scheme to assault those values we hold closest and to attack the very faith that the Empire cherishes so dearly. The Slumberwood tradition of slaying those holiest must end here. There is no excusing this, no writing it off, no claims of deception - not with his closest ally brought in to assist him, not with the lies that began this entire talk of assassination that he falsified in the first place.

    House Cadieux stands with the clergymen who have been ripped away from all they love. We weep for those of the cloth whose souls have ascended high into the arms of the Spirit they so loved and where they will wait until Humanum finally reaches eternal Paradise. We stand with their families, who grieve this senseless, needless, horrific loss, and we stand with those who cling to their pendants of the Eye of Union and pray fervently for someone, anyone, to come to their rescue. We stand with Ust-Esverh, Mazh-Zyaka, Rumvalia, Virgoviste, and Bulvakia and commend those nobles who shelter clerics and rally their armies to defend the Unionist spirit and faith as its clear enemies attack it.

    We firmly denounce Houses Slumberwood and Vyzal for their baseless slaughter and targeting of those most righteous who deliver us sinners to the Spirit’s doors, who guide us to the Spirit’s light and tender love, and who encourage journeys of growth and further understanding of the faith.

    House Cadieux no longer recognizes Morgaine Slumberwood as a cousin to the Grand Duchess or any other Cadieux. She is now legally and socially a stranger to the House and wholly unwelcome due to the tainted nature of her soul and the blood of countless innocents covering her hands. We cannot stand idly by and ignore this sin of this blood of ours. While we are hereby forevermore severing our connection to Morgaine and House Slumberwood, there is still work to be done by us Unionists to stop and prevent further bloodshed.

    We will be committing to relief efforts in the region once those responsible for this unholy act are stopped. Further, we will contribute aid where necessary to assist ongoing operations to stop the violence and bloodshed in Rumvalia, so long as that aid does not require the sending of House Cadieux’s own troops or men in any sort of form that is not wholly, entirely peaceful. If mercenary companies are in need of funding for better equipment, or if clergymen require safe passage to speak to the Duke and his feudal council at home, one simply needs to ask and we will do what we can to provide.

    House Cadieux calls on the Villiers-Eclaire Order to mobilize to defend the clergy of Rumvalia; calls on the Grand Duke Petrou of Athos to dissolve the Farlands Pact, and likewise publicly denounce the actions of Merdoc Slumberwood, House Slumberwood, and House Vyzal, especially considering the untold counts of slaughtered clergymen, who are his brothers in the cloth; calls on the entire Peerage to hold these two Houses accountable for their many sins committed against citizens of our Empire, of which we hold a duty to protect and administer fairly and with His Imperial Holiness’s mercy extended.

    Spirit, how many are my foes? How many may rise against me? How many will say Humans cannot deliver?

    But you, Faith, are a shield for me. My Glory, the Glory of our Mankind, we call out to His will. The will and direction of Your Imperial Crown, vestige and body of your Imperial Will and Promise!

    We lay, we hunger, we eat, and we sleep. For the Spirit lifts us high and sustains us in our destiny. Arise ye Humans; be delivered by the Imperial Spirit. Strike our enemies and free the unknowing.

    From the Spirit comes deliverance, may His Blessing be upon the Imperial folk and all Humans.

    Verse of Holy Faith


    Milena Cadieux
    Grand Duchess of Vixhall & la Coutance
    Protectress of the Ivrae Crownlands
    Outreach Manager of the Alms Ministry
    Ambassador of the Foreign Ministry.

    Lord Roul Cadieux
    Sancellist Curate.

    Lord Fabien Cadieux

    〚 ◈┇ ════════════ - ‹ •◦ ◦• › - ════════════ ┇◈ 〛
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    Triss Aduro stepped out of Greygate, stretching blissfully now freed from her armor. A new notice on a nearby board caught her eye. She gave it a lookover, giving a satisfied nod as she reached the end.

    "Godspeed to those lost. May they see justice after this is over."


    Meliora Toussaint walked toward the Knights' Quarters, her Villiers-Eclaire sash contrasting vibrantly against her shining armor. As she stepped inside, she saw a runner leaving a notice on a board. She clanked over, undoing the leather straps holding the helmet to her chin. She pried the thing off, drawing a breath as she read through the letter. Her brow lowered more and more with each line.

    She stepped back as she finished the letter, moving with haste toward the door once more, heading to the Cathedral.

    "And so I give myself to answer." she said under her breath, making her way to her brother-in-arms, Alduir Stormblade, to discuss.

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    27 APRIL 309

    In light of the disgusting and cowardly actions taken against Holy Men of the Cloth and innocent civilians within Rumvalia, House van Hal hereby stands beside House Cadieux and denounces House Slumberwood and their inhumane ways.

    The blood of innocents will not paint the way to any victory, but that of the sinful will.

    Spirit guide those unfaithful souls,
    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal

    Duchess of Westerhal
    Rossignol de Vlissinghelm
    Minister of Academia
    Priscellian Acolyte
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    A note is left

    It is a heavy heart with which I must recognize the fault of the man I've served. As a Beacon of a lesser known power but a mighty one. I must be resigned to cease all my work and alliance to House Slumberwood in light of these actions. I am a dressolini at heart, My loving parents remain Vulturian Unionists and for their sake and the Sake of imperial order. . . I can't conscience serving one who shows such violence. I am always a Bard, I thank Duke Slumberwood for his loyalty, patronage, and kindness he has shown me, my wife, and my klinsmen but I must leave his service.

    I shall note that the Slumberwood, I know is a patron of the arts and of those like myself existing in odd areas of the world. He has been nothing but kind and accepting to me so I shall not wish him any personal Ill.

    With regrets and apologies,
    Alucard Alfonse.
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    Lothar Lomstedt cringes slightly as he reads the paper.

    “Spirit, of course they had to include that part with the weights.. perhaps I should’ve taken Braunschweiger up on that offer.”
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    House Kreiburg stands with House Cadieux and House van Hal, denouncing House Slumberwood and calling for justice for the clergy. House Kreiburg furthermore warns House Slumberwood if they do not make immediate amends for their heinous misdeeds, they can expect retaliation from Langthal.
    @KKisname @canaaa @AtticCat
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    The Villiers ceases his relentless punishment of a training dummy as Meli approaches. Blue eyes shine with rage and fury from the depths of his visor, a solemn nod accompanying the look.

    “I need to alert the council of this..blasphemy. Blatant crimes against the church. Ransacking of the most Holy of places. Breaches of the Empire’s law. I can not, and will not stand idly by while these heresies are committed.”

    With the end of his statement, Aldüir returns to the badly beaten dummy. A final slash to the midsection sees it fall to the floor to join the growing pile of dismembered cloth, wood and straw.

    “Make no mistake, Dame Toussaint. Those were not the actions of a Unionist household. Those were the actions of an infidel. You know what our code calls us to do.”

    He says as he sheathes his blade. “I just hope the Order will agree.”

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    "She actually did it." The icy witch stroked her chin for a moment in thought.
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    Meliora nodded, a hand grasping the pommel of her arming sword.

    "Not just a breach of law... A breach of everything the Spirit calls on us for. If it is fire they wish to play with, then divine fire we shall give them. Oratario Ode."

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