Amontaar Skirmish 2: Battle For The Ancient Gateway

Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Birdsfoot_Violet, Jul 7, 2024.

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    Following the victory for the Sol's forces at the broken gateway, Augustin Roca and his allies sought out an alternate route to smuggle in their supplies and reinforcements. A victory for the Sol here would be a heavy blow to Roca's foothold in the city, so both sides are eager to get a leg up on the other. Still, the city's Nobility are more than willing to part with a portion of their considerable wealth to see the gate captured for their interests.

    Mercenary Companies can fight for control over the region, and designate who they want to fight for (The Sol, Augustin, or the Nobles)! The Skirmish will begin at 11am CST on 7/7/2024 and end at 11pm CST on 7/10/2024. To see this in your local timezone, check the discord calendar! This skirmish will be in effect in all zones, following the new rules. Be sure to re-read them.
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