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    Background Information
    I have been playing on MassiveCraft since February of 2015. Throughout my time on the server I have only been in 3 factions. These factions include Valorian, Magnanimus, and Intenius. I was only a member in Valorian for a short period of time before joining Magnanimus back in 2015. I still am a part of Magnanimus to this day and have many friends within the faction. Due to COVID-19, I rejoined the server in spring of 2020 and joined a faction called Intenius. This was because the faction that I knew and loved wasn't rebuild on MassiveCraft yet. During my time in Intenius, I would roam the world in a very stealthy manner in order to eliminate players. I enjoyed sneaking around enemy bases and killing players when they least expected it. At times this would cause turmoil between myself and the former leader of Intenius. A majority of the senior leadership within the faction disagreed with how the faction was ran and a mutiny occurred. Several new members joined the faction in the winter of 2020 including huge supporters of Magnanimus, the faction I have loved for years. Intenius was able to carry out several raids and defend itself for a solid month before a majority of the members went inactive. Intenius became inactive after the winter because several of the members had to go back to work and school thus they couldn't actively play. These members do plan on coming back within the near future. Throughout 2020 and 2021, I would actively play in both Magnanimus and Intenius. Around this time, I applied for staff to assist the server that I have enjoyed playing on for years. Nowadays, I work on projects to assist the player base from behind the scenes. I haven't played in a toxic manner in a very long time and this is because I truly want to see the server be successful and to help players have an experience in which I have had throughout many years during my time on MassiveCraft.

    Personal Life
    My name in real life is Nathan Phillips. I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Norwich University and I minored in Leadership, Computer Crime & Forensics, and Military Studies Naval Science. I am Currently a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and I have a flight contract which means that after flight school, I will fly either Jets or Helicopters for the Marine Corps. It has been a life long goal of mine to become an Officer within the United States Marine Corps. Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, weightlifting, running, and obvisouly I really enjoy video games (especially Minecraft). I feel like most people reading this also really enjoy the game and have had fond memories playing it.

    (I am on the left in the first photo)



    So please, ask me anything!
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