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    • Create a trailer/promotional video for MassiveCraft.
    • The competition starts 2013-09-01 (YYYY-MM-DD).
    • The competition ends 2013-09-20 (YYYY-MM-DD).
    • The video should be uploaded and made public on YouTube.
    • Video length does not matter. Both short and long videos can be good.
    • You are allowed and encouraged to use our brand resources:
    • Remember to mention your minecraft username so we know who you are.
    • Post your submission as a reply to this thread.

    • 1 place: 200 silver
    • 2 place: 150 silver
    • 3 place: 100 silver


Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Cayorion, Sep 3, 2013.

    1. Ironhippy
      Should we mention our name in the trailer? Or should we give you a link and tell you we made it?
    2. Spekster
      I'm so tempted to do this, but I am not skilled enough :( I will enjoy seeing what people will make.
      I would love to see how people display the role-play in and out of Regalia; also curious to see how people will advertise the mcmmo and pvp, that will be interesting. :)

      (maybe gather a large amount of people to put across an idea that pvp and rp is plentiful on the server (which it is :P ))
    3. Cayorion
      You post the YouTube link here in the thread and mention your name at the same time.

      Placing your name in the trailer does not make much sense in my opinion. The target audience probably does not care who the video author is and if they want to know they can always check which YouTube account uploaded the video. With that in mind saying who you are in the video will probably just waste the viewers time, but that is just what I think and I'm no video guru in any way.
    4. Ironhippy
      Cayorion thanks for telling me that, the reason I was asking was because it seems like there is a possibility somebody could take credit for the video.
    5. igel_son
    6. TylerJG92
      Cayorion can you post an example video of what it should look like?
    7. DankeeYankee
      Haha, competition. Can't wait to start the video making!
    8. Xanderab
      After a while I finally finished my promotion and here it is, not as great as I would want it to be due to lag and such but I tried.:D

      By Xanderab
    9. captainmorgan
      My entry for the competition! TURN HD ON!

      - MrMunchyMunch99
    10. Bsavs
      Xanderab, good video but the beginning video of fireworks was a bit long and not that interesting although everything else seemed pretty good albeit a bit outdated with video of instances that are no longer available.

      MrMunchyMunch99, very good video but I felt as if it was almost lacking something. Also, perhaps go outside of Regalia to other interesting places or factions to show them off?

      I can't wait to see what else people will make after seeing the entries so far :)
    11. Joseph Marini
      Joseph Marini
      My epic crimson vs. vampire battle animation wont be done in that time. >_<
    12. captainmorgan

      Thanks man.
    13. Ironhippy
      My friends and I have a seemingly good idea, but you'll all have to wait and see :X
    14. Bsavs
      Less than a week is left, I'm looking forward to other videos :)
    15. DankeeYankee
      Man, I hope someone can pull off a really good trailer...
    16. captainmorgan
      What was wrong with mine ;(
    17. DankeeYankee
      I was going to post one, but I didn't have the recording software and movie creator software. :P
      Like, the format is spectacular, but I just couldn't get the videos.
    18. Xanderab
      Or mine?

      All of the instances I showed are still available, the prizes are simply gone.
    19. TheKingPoseidon
    20. Xanderab
      Shhh don't remind him, I wan't less competition!
    21. SoTotallyAce
      If the mcmmo bugs are fixed within 5days I will take a shot at making one ;)
    22. Shayin
      When did you take those vids? Seems like some of those events are forever ago... Especially since Favoured's in them! :p
    23. manioo8
      Can i make a trailer similar to
      using the same music and saying 2-3 sentences about each plugin? or will it be disqualified for whatever reason (copying?)
    24. Doggy1zx
    25. captainmorgan
      Very laggy.
    26. moloon
      This is the [KINGS] contribution to this amazing universe of

      This video is the short version, I hope you will enjoy it.

      Regards m0loon
    27. MetalMaxima
      You completely copied the second video...
    28. Xanderab
      Thats what I was thinking but wasn't going to make accusations.
    29. Doggy1zx
      I didn't even watch the second video, so I didn't know I copied it if it is similar I am sorry that I just had the same ideas as someone else.
    30. Doggy1zx
      I just watched the second video now, so I can see why people think I copied from it. It seems me and that guy had almost the exact same ideas.
    31. captainmorgan
      Yes. I would like the "guy" to be called by his name please.
    32. Arvallon
      If only I had some more time to finish my capital then I would be able to make a trailer along aswel ;(
    33. MonMarty

      It reall is a shame you got banned, this is the best entry so far in sheer video quality.
    34. Cruallassar
      Don't worry Monmarty, I will be submitting a trailer of my own right before the deadline runs out...
      Must finish...Must, work, work...Must finish on time...
    35. moloon
      Yeah its a shame, I did't get all the shots done :-( , but I played on massivecraft for nearly two years, I will try appeal again next mdr.

      Regards m0loon
    36. Verityg
      This, this was my chance. Then, I realised one, I ain't got time fo' dat. Two, I can't get good downloading videos shiz for the life of me, and three. I'm a lazy hoe.
    37. SoTotallyAce
      Hello everyone, some people have been asking me to see if I could take a shot at this trailer, and I did.This is not the kind of editing I normally do, so don't expect much, for now I am uploading a small clip of the trailer to see if you like it. If not, I will simply discontinue the project and start working on something else.If you do like it, I will develop it, take ideas in from the community and correct the many problems in this video anyway, without further ado.Here is the video ;)

      And btw if you see this post within minutes of it being up, the song my continue on with a black screen.This is currently being fixed and will take around 10mins using the slow youtube editor xD
    38. Bsavs

      Looks good. Shaders might be a bit glitchy, but otherwise it looks good
    39. babaMP3
      I just wish you used the MassiveCraft texturepack, but yours is pretty damn great <3

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