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    A bit more of a blog-style oriented News post this time, and more specifically talking about Factions as a whole, it's place on Massive, and what (from our perspective) has gone wrong over the years, while perhaps giving some insights that a lot of players aren't aware of. The point of this blog is perhaps to inspire a sense that some of us are finally taking Factions problems seriously, and why it has taken so long to make that step.

    To give some context, let me first fully explain how Staff works on MassiveCraft. We have our departments, Game, Lore, World, PR, Quest, Tech, and the meta department: Direction. Each department controls its own respective sphere: Game deals with law enforcement, Lore deals with Regalia and the Wiki, World deals with construction of Regalia and other server builds, PR deals with external marketing, Quest deals with Quest worlds and Festivals, and finally Tech deals with the plugin side of management, while Direction is supposed to hold everything together. Now this already proposes an issue as readers might figure out: Where is the Survival Department. The short answer is, that there is none.

    When I started on Massive some odd 5 and some years ago, we didn't have departments. Everyone was either Trusted, Moderator or Admin, and you did a bit of everything, though obviously in its infancy state. There was no Regalia, no Quests, no external PR. Staff members just built whatever they felt like regardless of the quality. Service provision was shit. I recall having to battle with the long seated admins for weeks on end to get anything done, while they continued to do absolutely nothing. Department implementations made sense, specialization made sense, it was all necessary. At first, it all worked out great. The specialized lore department quickly set up quite honestly the most amazingly set up and most popular role play experience on Minecraft, no other server (to my knowledge) is able to get sustained popularity numbers in one centralized area like we do in Regalia, and that's all thanks to the specialization of staff efforts, using skills of staff members where they benefit the server most.

    The eventual problem this created however, was that the only department doctoring the game play experience of Factions, was Tech, which is primarily filled with coders who don't actually play on the server, or know the running and woes of factions since they've hardly ever ran one. Another problem piled on top: Game staff leadership chose not to (or could not) innovate. While Lore maintained a self restructuring drive (lore rewrites, Regalia reconstruction, noble system restructures, etc.), that constant flux of change was not present in most other departments. Game focused solely on maintaining the system and applying band aid solutions to a fracturing game play experience: Events, KOTH, Kit-PVP, etc. Don't get me wrong, Game leadership at the time did amazing work for years on end, and some of it we still all get to benefit from today, and the server would have broken down ages ago without their vigilant rule enforcement. But in terms of acting like the first barrier to hearing Survival's woes, and then solving them, it didn't work.

    In the same vein, Lore staff also "failed" the survival community, or more specifically I did. As a Director, I bear responsibility for the whole server, but my go-to response when anyone tried to get me to do something for survival was "It's not my problem, I run Regalia", and all Lore staff members quickly followed suit with that same sentiment. Another issue that arose as time went by, was that most department members of all departments became role players. As the survival world shrank, we still needed to maintain a healthy staff population, so we recruited more and more from the Regalia community. While these people are all talented and great individuals, they lack the single purpose dedication drive, or the ambition to see Faction Survival flourish, simply because they don’t participate in it. This created the perfect storm of issues that resulted in the eventual withering of the Survival worlds to the state it is in today.

    • Tech doesn't know how to positively affect game play experience (and in present day, cannot, due to lack of manpower)
    • Game Staff (and other departments) did not innovate or take any responsibility for the Faction Survival worlds.
    • Direction (me specifically) constantly rejected responsibility for a part of the community for selfish reasons, which resulted in our respective departments doing the same.
    • Staff became more and more dominated by Role players who lacked dedication and ambition towards Faction Survival.
    Factions became a hornets nest that nobody wanted to touch, and the only real engagement that there was, was rule enforcement. With that perfect storm of problems in place, Faction Survival could not cope with the change that most affected us all: The Eula Enforcement and worst of all: The loss of Minecraft popularity among the global gaming community. The Eula change saw our income suffer, but also changed a lot about the game play mechanic of MassiveCraft. In the past you could buy “OP” status and simply enjoy yourself shitting on those who didn’t have it. Suddenly with the EULA, that experience became a lot more stale. Then secondly, the loss of popularity of Minecraft as a whole has saw a decrease in players. I believe Cayorion looked up the google analytics at some point and said that in the US alone, Minecraft was losing about 20% traction per year (though in Russia and China, numbers were on the rise), and that the pocket edition of Minecraft was taking over. What this meant for us, is that competition becomes all that more severe.

    We offered a game play experience 5 years back that found roots. The kind of medio-Roleplay Faction-Survival where you could build and not have to worry about your build being destroyed, but still maintain a competitive aspect. This game play was possible back then because it appealed to a small population of the Minecraft community as a whole, though the Minecraft community is shrinking to the point where we are simply losing to the competition. The feeling of achievement in building a great city does not appeal to many, and the fact paced instant satisfaction of competition by PVP and power is far more appealing to the larger population. As such, the game play experience we provided has gone beyond its zenith, Faction Survival as we know it on Massive has not evolved with the times at all, and that is largely what has been hurting it, and our ability to retain players.

    Another problem that has caused us to be unable to retain players, is our stubborn adherence to perpetuity, the fact that we never reset. In the time our server has been around, it has never truly faced an economy wipe. I am still walking around with the silvers-become-Regals that I earned years ago, and in many situations, this exacerbated the problems. Other servers are healthy and fine, their experience is constant, while Massive is on a down-low. Many economic arguments have been had about this matter on the forum, and while the response was always the same, we have been aware of the issue, but were caught between appeasing new players, and ruining our relation with players who have been with us for many years, hoping that time would eventually make them believe that their own finances were hurting the server.

    What can we conclude from all the above?

    • Have we (more specifically, I) been deflecting issues? Most certainly.
    • Have we (more specifically, I) been falsely deflecting responsibility for the faction survival worlds? Yes.
    • Do all Staff from all various segments of leadership bear responsibility? Yes certainly.
    • Is this the death of Faction Survival on Massive and are just giving up? Absolutely not!
    To that end, I am extending my personal apologies to everyone who plays Factions Survival, not because (as many claim) my work on Regalia and the Roleplay community has ruined the experience of Factions Survival, but because of my lack of interest and my (and in lesser part other Directors both present and past) rejecting responsibility for Factions Survival has resulted in it being neglected in a slow steady decline. In many ways, the leaders of Massive have failed both the player base and the staff members who worked in Factions Survival, by allowing the slow creep of devaluation to take hold on Factions as a whole, and constantly barraging the players with excuses to allow us more time to work on the stuff we personally feel more passionate about. That devalued Factions, it disrespected the players who had been loyally with us for years, and ruined something Massive became great with/for, being Factions, and I'm sorry for having let it come to that.

    As such, I will make it expressly clear, even though previous accusations of "MonMarty ruined Factions because of XYZ" were dumb and unfounded, a valid accusation that I've come to realize is "MonMarty ruined Factions by not caring".

    The whole point of this post was to make clear that through the work of Sevak, Tokuu, Sephite and other Game staff members who are equally dedicated to the community, as well as reasoned voices within the Community we (more specifically I, as lead Director) have decided to go all on-board with taking responsibility for our failure and attempting to make the necessary changes that will save Factions Survival and hopefully give it potential to grow again. Here are our immediate plans:

    • I intend to cease my work for the Lore community practically immediately. Many functions within those systems work as are, and I can get replacements for the ones that do not. There will be some quality loss suffered by the role players, but I believe they can show solidarity with the members who are also part of Massive as a whole, and deal with a lower service standard to allow me more free time to work with Factions Survival.
    • The Tech department is dead, but the Coding community on Spigot is very alive. Many coders provide custom coding solutions for reasonable fees, and we intend to potentially hire coders from there on a freelance basis to make plugins for us, the first one such on the list would be our own in-house Cannon plugin, though this is all pending on quality checks from Cayorion, after all, we don't want laggy junk to be put on the server from inexperienced coders. This wont result in a sudden revival of "Empires", but should give us additional functionality.
    • By the project work of notably Sephite, Tokuu and Darkwatch (forgive me if I forgot someone), we have initiated competitive research on healthy Factions servers to see what they do different, and what we can apply to Massive to not completely lose our old identity, but to make the server more appealing to the player base we want to attract and keep for once.
    • We will slowly start transitioning to less concentrated worlds, if not just a single one, though nothing has been decided on this yet. Either way: We want to limit the amount of worlds available to pull the community together, which will also limit our need for hardware, and thus cut costs for Massive as a whole.
    • I've tentatively started talking to Cayorion about enabling the survival world(s) to be hosted on 1.8 instead of 1.12.2, before the disastrous combat update. The reality is that the player base we want to appeal to does not play on 1.12.2 at all, in fact all our major competitors are all stuck in 1.8. If this means that we'll have survival worlds running on 1.8 and on 1.12.2, this is a distinct possibility. There are some hurdles to get over, and it may not work at all since there are considerable Tech problems, but it's a realistic possibility.
    For all the above, if you feel very strongly against one or more bullet points, don't panic just yet. The whole idea is to "save" Factions by making it more appealing to outsiders who are not years loyal on Massive meanwhile also /not/ pissing off our loyal playerbase. Much like how Massive's roleplay community became more hybrid after a large influx of players from a different server, we aim not to lose our identity that we set out many years ago, but to make the necessary changes that brings Factions Survival up to speed with how it should be in this day and era, instead of trying to cling to a game play experience that died years ago. Additionally, while some may be excited by the language used in this post, don't get immediate hopes up for immediate changes. While I (we) are dedicated to making the necessary changes, both Omnomivore and myself are in the middle of wedding stage planning, both of us are getting married within the near future, and as such, our private lives demand a decent amount of our attention. That being said, where-as in the past we were only the middle men between change and things not happening, now we hope to /be/ the change that positively breathes new life into the Survival Experience on MassiveCraft.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, Oct 12, 2017.

    1. Lyee
      What excellent timing. I'm glad to see this, and look forward to the potential revival of this lovely server.

      What I don't see, however, is the implementation of these 'Survival Staff' which I feel could actually spark a rather good idea. "Survival Staff" could be a sort of sub-department, or simply a tag put onto those who help work on the Survival worlds. People tagged with this would be a select amount of Game, World and possibly one Direction staff. These staff would work on things such as (as World already do) Massive Restore, and dealing with specifically Faction-related issues, such as abuse of permissions and other forms of grief. The Direction part of this team would appoint the rest of the staff, as well as overall management.
      Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
    2. aprader1
      Well that happened... it may still be possible to recreate those items using server logs? You could reload a player save to yourself and just replace the data with a backup

      Edit: this may be of use
    3. Mojaven
      The only players who truly play on 1.7/1.8 are pvpers correct? What will motivate a survivalist or builder.. etc to play on a new world with 1.7/1.8 besides lag free and pvp? Also have in mind that some of these survivalists and builders don't pvp at all.
    4. spectec
      You have a very good point honestly. At least that's one problem that isn't MonMarty's fault. lol jkjk
    5. Sephite
      I'm a survivalist and while there are nice blocks in the current worlds I miss the challenge to survive. I would happily switch to less blocks if there is a challenge again. Maybe there are some builders out there, who see creating absolutely amazing builds with less blocks as a challenge as well. I also think Creative would stay at 1.12+.
    6. Lyee
      As a builder myself, I'm surprisingly not to alarmed about a 1.8 world. 1.8 offers pretty much any block you could want, unless you're wanting... Honestly I couldn't think of any blocks. Concrete, maybe...?
    7. Linguinis
      I know this is just recent, but as you guys have kept it as one of the options as mentioned, it's best to have a firm decision on the reset topic ASAP, for many players will put off grinding/building/gathering resources or doing anything for that matter in fear that they might be wiped eventually. @MonMarty @Omnomivore

      This is a huge step for Massive, and I know we're all excited for it.
    8. Lyee
      Hmm... Also Uniform Base-Prices on God Gear would help with how cheap they are, but would only be a temporary solution.
    9. ZiggyStarDusted
      In my opinion there is nothing wrong with choosing RP over factions,
      there is a significantly larger amount of Rpers on the server and I reckon its best that way :P
      It is called a Roleplay server for a reason,
      I mean.. Factions is okay, i guess. xD
    10. BenRekt
      ^^^ This is important to consider, I think it would be good to make a 'reset' post to gauge what most players on the forums think of this idea and then actually doing it quickly because as Linguinis said I can already see that some people are worried that they shouldn't spend more time building if it will just be wiped anyways.
    11. Jalapeno690
      As a factions player I have no issue what so ever with role players and long may they continue to role play! But why do you show such arrogance when the topic of factions is mentioned?? Factions has always been an integral part of this server
    12. Lyee
      Wait, what, no it's not. It's "The Factions RPG Server"...
      Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
    13. Gumee
      There's more RPers because they've been catered too more in recent history. PvPers and Faction survivalists have always drawn the short stick. That's what the post is highlighting. If we could go back and bring back all the old faction pvper's that have quit over the year due to the server dismissing their play style, there would be an even balance between the to; if not, the faction players might even outnumber the role players.
    14. trapzor
      I don't mean this as a criticism, but just a statement of fact: I play on massive because of the no resets. For me, it's stupid to spend all my time building something in survival mode just to have someone delete it. I've been a premium member for at least a year now, and if the reset plan goes through, I'll be taking my $8/month elsewhere. If possible, please try to decide sooner rather than later if you're going to be resetting, so I can stop wasting my time finishing builds that you're just going to delete.

      I've seen other servers attempt "reboots" like this, and I've never seen it done successfully. You'll definitely lose a lot of people, and you might gain some as well. But the people you lose are long-time players who are on massive because of the no-reset policy. The people you gain are just looking for the next new thing, and when the novelty wears off, you'll lose most of them as well, because they'll be looking for the next newest best thing. A "let's reset to save the server" plan, in my experience, only works on a temporary basis, leading to a lower population than before.

      Good luck, and again, please make a decision and keep us informed, so I can know whether or not continued building/donating is a waste of my time and money. I realize you're trying to adapt to stay relevant, but in hindsight it was probably short-sighted of you to make the claim that you don't reset your worlds only to turn around and say you're considering resetting them. I can't say I'm happy with this new found "attention" to the faction worlds.
      Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
    15. Kyrakshi
      finally taking responsibility. proud of you
    16. Lyee
      I doubt that they're going to reset, but if they did it'd fix a lot of the economy people are always complaining about. The reset would (from my understanding) be a one-time thing.
    17. Gumee
      I want to clarify something. I keep hearing the argument that "resetting to the server would fix the economy". It won't. A reset isn't necessarily a solution, its a reset.

      Doing a wipe and reseting everything would make it easier to fix the economy. It won't fix it on its own. You'd need to reset it, and then establish reform to prevent it from returning to the current state it is in. However, personally, I think the appropriate approach is to really think about the issue and install fixes (that aren't hastily thrown together ideas) along the way, rather than wipe everything clean and start again.

      If after tweaking around for a bit, the staff decide that its beyond even some invasive market reform, then a "re-do" reset is in order.

      However I reiterate, a reset is not a fix, it's an opportunity to make fixes.
    18. trapzor
      It would be a temporary fix. The way to fix an economy (if it's even broken, I don't see an issue myself) is to create sources and sinks, of items and regals, so that you can adjust the amount of regals (by ramping up the sinks and sources) and likewise for the amount of items. By tweaking the sources and sinks, you create long term stability. This is how all real economies work as well: you create some levers, and then you pull those levers when needed to keep things running smoothly. Things like the rate of the faction tax, the rate of rents in regalia, quests that consume items for regals, etc are all things that can be used to do that. Resetting the server to fix the economy is cutting off your leg to remove a wart on your foot: it will do the job, but what happens when you get another wart on your arm this time? Just keep chopping off limbs? It's not a good long term strategy.
    19. Omnomivore
      You make the assumption that we are not considering the amount of time and energy that people put into creating builds in the factions world. We are and have also been discussing options to save copies of builds to prevent them from being destroyed should we perform a reset. As I said before, we would want the transition to be as smooth as possible.
    20. Conflee
      The economy was broken by the Gift4All donation, which flooded the server with stacks upon stacks of god armor. Nerfing the Gift4All set and wiping all the existing gear, via reset or some scrapping mechanic, or as I suggested at one point adding higher non-vanilla tier levels of enchanting to retroactively make the 4all stuff worse, etc, Is a pretty huge step towards fixing it. And it wont get as bad as it is right now if Gift4All is nerfed in conjunction with it.

      Regular resets would be a bad thing, worse than no resets I would say. But the server has had one consistent inventory since it began. It needs to happen at least this once, after all these years. PLUS it means staff will have a chance to put all the knowledge they have learned over the last 5+ years of making survival maps to use to make all the worlds look and feel good, instead of them being a mix-bag of quality and such.

      I think this would be a good option as long as builds are screened first to make sure there aren't any piles of diamond blocks and other things stashed away to be smuggled over.

      In the end, as much as this statement will piss everyone off probably: Survival Players are pissed with how the server is now. And they will be pissed no matter what action is taken to fix it. Its gotten so bad that any action that WONT piss them off wont be extreme enough to have results. So at the end of the day, the way I see it, better to have them pissed off with a fixed server than them pissed off with a broken one.
    21. trapzor
      This is a detail worth mentioning when you say "we are considering a reset". Even if some builds will be saved, this announcement means I have no real certainty about what is happening. I appreciate the honesty of MonMarty's announcement, but it was probably too much honesty. Staff should figure out what they plan to do, or at least what the options are, and then come to the player base with those directives or those options. Just saying "hey, we might delete the faction worlds, but we have no real idea how that will work" doesn't really help anyone. I'm not trying to be overly critical here, but at the same time I'm trying to get across the point that for the first time since joining a year and a half ago, I'm questioning whether joining was a big mistake.
      Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
    22. spectec
      Yeah trust me, most ideas get debated to death between staff and players long before they have a chance of being implemented. Panic has no purpose.
    23. trapzor
      From what I read in MonMarty's post, the idea of a reset has little or nothing to do with the economy (which is server wide) and more to do with concentrating the faction worlds to a smaller space and reverting to 1.7 or 1.8. If the problem is too much god gear, there's a much simpler less drastic fix than deleting 8 worlds containing 5 years of survival builds: delete the god gear.
    24. Boogjangels
      If you guys do decide to go through with a server reset, would the staff be willing to hand out file copies of the old maps that get deleted? It's been mentioned several times up above that builds could be moved through schematics between old and new worlds, but at least in my case, I've grown attached to the location of my city as well as the city itself, and I really don't think it could be "re-pasted" in a way that makes any sense, or even looks good. The last thing I want is for it to become a proverbial Frankenstein's monster, I'd rather just have a copy of how.

      To be honest, I don't think map resets (or deletions) are a good idea. Like Trapzor said, I play on this server because there are no map resets.
    25. Genecide65
      As long as I am compensated for all of my buids and gear in some way, i'll totally down for this. Great post btw.
    26. Boogjangels
      How do you compensate for a build? Honest question.
    27. Conflee
      Maybe some kind of event to give everyone a small kickstart in the new world, like everyone who rejoins in the first month gets 500 starter regals instead of the usual 100? Or a similar concept, I dont know. Depends on if the Regals are being reset too, which I dont think they need to be actually, maybe...

      Maybe a quest people can do in Survival to get a single set of good gear. Not quite god-tier but close? A quest that is only up for a month.

      Plus having schematics made available for download by players.
    28. Zacatero
      That doesnt answer his question. He was asking how to compensate for a build as @Genecide65 was saying he wanted.
    29. Conflee
      Right yea I derped out slightly. To expand on the thing I mentioned at the bottom of that: Schematic Library

      Staff have mentioned potentially bringing some builds over, if they qualify. I think something like that would be good. Beyond that though, a few options are open. We could put a ton of builds and bases and castles and such on a document where players can redownload them for their own use, be it placing it into a single player world or whatever. We could also save some major locations in a "Library World". This could contain a ton of major bases and cities from survival as a sort of museum. On top of that it could be a cool place for staff to store some old RP locations as well that have since been removed from regalia, like the old guard bases, old taverns, and any other potentially iconic locations that have built up in the Build and Guest worlds over the years, @World , as a place for people to go and explore and look back on old times.

      Its not so much compensation in the sense that they get much physically out of it but it would be cool still and help nullify the lose a bit.
    30. z1z0u

      I suggest that everybody must ready what I'm saying here :

      Let's start with the beginning... economy ... Well I started playing on this server when SilverEdge were still running ... It was an amazing experience and I can strongly say that this is the best minecraft server that I EVER PLAYED. Since then we have been playing , all the comunity , keeping the same the economic level with each new map and each deleted map ... Let me tell you that this is not good , we have lost our competitive spirit , just look when you see someone with 500k regals ... can you compete with him ? it's hard and needs a lot of work .

      Server had a really breakdown since the fishing were OP and also since the mcmmo had that glitch with sticky pistons ( Yes I abused this, but never sold anything , on my word ).
      My point here is that from a time to time , each server need a wipe to keep the competition between players ... to be honest .. there is no more fun when you have everything you need ...

      Don't think about what you are losing ( money , mcmmo but I strongly want to be keept , good loking buildings , great factions and a lot of work ), think about what you can gain from this ... A lot more activity from a lot of players , new players coming to us and increasing our comunity and the best part OLD PLAYERS that might want to return when they will see a new chance to start again.

      My second point is about PVP , I'll begin with my first faction ... I came to this server with a few friends and we have made a gigantic cube and a faction DarkFact ( also a funny story about this faction ... it's actually a stolen one, BornaSepic knows more , haha ). I remember one night me and one friend staying up till 4am in our country and we just seen 20 people coming to raid us ... just imagine how we placed lava over them , fighting with them , when they were premium and we were just simple players .... And also fighting against Kapry in PVP Arena ... for the new people , a long time ago we have a pvp arena that was awesome hahahaha.

      After this we evolved into raiding other factions with chron vs other factions ... I wasn't a god pvp-er but trust me ... I didn't care because I was having fun and I did not care about the Silvers/Regals or items used to do that pvp .

      Now ... PVP is dead to me ... it's like everybody just build and fight mobs ... we don't see that activity on the server anymore ... there is no more fighting , not more walking 15 minutes just to reach a faction ... There is no more FUN... Just a lot of RolePlayers and builders.

      I really respect all the work that have been put into this server and all the improvements made by the years but honestly ... you just developed a new game mode and since now you were playing on Massivecraft Version 1.x ... right now , we've stepped into Massivecraft Version 2.x .

      Let's trust our Staff and give them the necessary support to restart the server , to take it from 0 , and with the experience gained from those years to make it great again as it was on the last years.
      P.S.: BTW , please make Vampires good again so people will use them . that is a huge reason that I enjoyed this server .
    31. Lyee
      From my understanding this was mentioned... Or I just magicly knew about it?
      Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
    32. Lyee
      As unfortunate as it is, and many people would quit, resetting could (and likely would) very well increase the amount of new players coming ten-fold. While offering to copy builds (with the added suggestion of making sure there's no stashes of Diamonds) is a good idea, I would suggest also letting some factions stay around, if that's not already the idea. While this could cause problems with the amount of money they have stored in their bank, such could be limited to, say, 200r per member of the faction (or maybe less). I am all for a reset at this point, as long as it is only one. On a side note, I hope features like Ithanias Northern Mountains can be implemented in any sort of replacement map, if such is made, because they really give character to the world.
    33. Boogjangels
      That's not a bad idea with the whole schematic library. Personally, if we do end up going the hard reset route this is how I'd prefer it to be done, but if we do end up integrating old bases and cities into the new worlds, how would that work? What makes a base/town "worthy" of being moved over? Would there be a size limit, or quality quota? Will there be a limit to how many bases/towns we can have moved over? Will the staff assist us in terraforming these builds into their new locations or will we have to do that by hand? I could see this working under certain conditions, but it would require insane amounts of work from the staff team to be done well.
    34. Boogjangels
      Aaaaaand, where did you get that number from?
    35. Conflee
      I feel fine mentioning this as I let my own server die willingly to work on new projects and it cant be called advertizing if its been dead for months: I used to be head staff on a small server called Mianite Worlds. A lot of our players also part-time'ed on Massive, and moved over with its death. Why this is relevant is because we were one of those servers that reset every 6 months ish. To appease people, especially since we let them buy builds from staff for stacks of diamond, sometimes we would move major locations that players had made or paid for over at the end of a 'season'. I did this with a castle, Shadowfall, which originally was nestled on a snowy mountain peak, and I moved it to the side of a large hill. It took about 3 hours to terraform it into the landscape using Voxelsniper and Worldedit.

      Its a lot of work, yes, but it can be done, and its not too awful. The biggest obstacle that would stop be from being able to do the same with a build on Massive, is the lack of Voxelsniper. Voxelsniper has a smooth brush that works WAY WAY WAY WAY better than the Worldedit one, and works on vertical surfaces, making mountain scaping way quicker.

      So, on the stipulation that Massive changed the Vampire Plugin's command to /vamp instead of /v , we could get Voxelsniper in, and I would have no doubt that be it ten or thirty or fifty bases, it could be done within a month or two. Assuming we host the first map as a Staff-Only thing for building for a time before we convert, which is the best option, it could easily be done. Speaking from experience. Granted, we might have a few more crashes during these operations. But it would work.

      EDIT: Heck as World Helper I would even be willing to help the efforts if I had permissions to use what was needed in that world. I have done it hundreds of times. XD
    36. Lyee
      It's just an estimate. From my brain and from the sheer little amounts of players who already join. It's not hard to increase 1 tenfold, no? From a more detailed standpoint, players (if this is done right) will want to come, whereas how it currently stands they don't. This would be due to the non-unbalanced start (Pre-existing factions being way more powerful than new ones as it is) and an economy that works well. On top of that, plenty of land would be now not claimed, and this is appealing in the sense that it gives more options of where to build your faction.
    37. Boogjangels
      People seem to have this idea that the massive economy is completely broken; it's not, parts of it are. The diamond armor and weapon prices plummeted for one reason and one alone, and that is the gift4all system. The supply of arms and armor skyrocketed while the demand stayed about the same, and because these weapons and armor were so much better than anything any individual player could make, diamonds were no longer used. Because of this, diamonds lost their value as a crafting material and their demand plummeted, but because diamonds are typically regarded as the most valuable object in minecraft players continued to mine and stockpile them, thus increasing the supply. But this is how a real, unregulated market functions, it's completely at the mercy of supply and demand.

      I completely agree that something needs to be done about gift4all armor and tools, but other than that, what really needs to be fixed?Think about it, what other item is at an unreasonable price other than diamonds and gift4all items? I can't think of single thing.

      Have you looked at the dynmaps recently? There's so much open land right now that some worlds like Jorhild look almost deserted. This really hasn't been a problem ever since Jorhild and Hyarocc were released, so I'm not sure what you're getting at here.
    38. Lyee
      I was referring to the God Gear.
      While I'm certainly not going to disagree here, I do feel the need to mention that I was referring to Ithania. As shameful as it is, I don't really pay too much attention to the other worlds, which is something I'm changing.
      Edit: Also, Jorrhild is not a place I would want to have my faction, and I'm sure others feel the same.
    39. Boogjangels
      You raise a good point there. It's interesting that Ithania, our oldest map still in use, is still vastly more popular than Jorhild, which is... less than a year old, isn't it? Might be a good idea for staff to take that into account if they decide to do a complete reset and build new maps.
    40. Gumee
      There's more than just unreasonable price fluctuation that indicate a market is broken. There are several other factors to consider. Growth and the overall stagnancy of the market are among those other categories. Massive's virtual GDP is in the trash.

      We need to not only fix these askew prices, we also get people spending so that there's a steady flow of goods, services, and regals. Otherwise players will continue to stack up their own supplies of goods and regals, no longer needing to exchange or trade with other players.

      And a little side note. There are no "real unregulated markets". Every single global economy has some regulation to it. If we were solely at the mercy of supply and demand we'd still be stuck in the great depression.

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