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    Server Maintenance

    Server is back up! Everyone enjoy!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by SpunSugar, Apr 14, 2018.

    1. Sir_Daragon
      not to hate but it would be nice to be told BEFORE the restart instead and not like 10 minutes in the time it wouldnt cause as much commotion
    2. falconhand
      is this the worlds being deleted....
    3. Sir_Daragon
      no, we were told its more like plugin update, world deletion isnt until later this month
    4. Zacatero
      The timing would lineup but Not all the factions have been moved yet so not yet
    5. CnocBride
      There are some fixes being implemented by Tech staff as of now. This is just an irregular restart so that these fixes can be introduced in a safe and controlled environment. The worlds are not being deleted because players would be informed that the worlds are being deleted, we're not going to delete the worlds out of the blue.

      Sorry about this but it will make Massive a better experience :)
    6. Zacatero
      Speaking of which, shouldn't there be a cut off date for applications for the build move? It's never going to end if people can keep applying
    7. CnocBride
      The cut off date was the 8th of April. All applications were due in by then, any after that date will be automatically rejected and ignored.
    8. Sir_Daragon
      any ETA or will we be told to just suck it up and go on a better server?
    9. Lyee
      Server's back up =P
    10. MippyMoo
      What exactly are the technical changes? Just curious, feel free to ignore me
    11. CorrosGaming
      Things I have no f'ing Idea how to do xD
    12. CorrosGaming
      Things I have no f'ing Idea how to do xD
    13. Lyee
      To my knowledge the primary thing it did was fix the whole "Staff accounts crashing Regalia" ordeal, though it also fixed other bugs and glitches.

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