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    We will be starting up monthly tourneys again! This tourney will be hosted on Saturday, September 14th at 5 PM CDT/6 PM EDT!

    All Usual Rules Apply:
    1. No McMMO potions.
    2. No Go-Go Juice.
    3. No knockback weapons.
    4. No disguises.
    5. No debuffs.
    6. No God Apples.
    7. No regeneration pots.


    -1st will receive their choice of one of the following: 600 Regals, 50 McMMO skill levels, a custom piece of armor, a custom weapon (with 4 enchants), a custom vanity item, or 2 rare crate keys!

    -2nd will receive their choice of: 500 Regals, a custom weapon (with 2 enchants), or a rare crate key!

    -3rd will receive their choice of: 400 Regals or a custom weapon(with 2 enchants)!

    If you win and choose a custom item/weapon, a staff member will contact you after the tournament.

    Live Brackets:

    Sign ups will end on September 14th so please register down in the comments of this post with the following information.

    Faction Name:​
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