Season 2020 Progression Sendrassian War - Hell Is Empty, The Demons Are Here

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    A torrent of jubilation enticed by the dotting of Regalian War vessels and troop transports broke out across the archipelago in the Hadar Sea as the Empire’s soldiers finally made their way inbound to their desired destinations to engage in the Sendrassian War. Grand Marshal Reimar Typhonus had been busy the last few weeks organising troops and ships from the Logistics Minister and finally, their joint plan was coming to fruition. Field Marshal Rodrigo Peirgarten and Division Admiral Valentino Sangiovese remained the most prominent members of the Marshal Cabinet in the Theatre, while Generals Valarosta Ino-Femunn, Cinna Eledwhen, Eddair MacConall, Wing Admiral Abelhard Latimer and Wing Admiral Edrick Black took up their positions where the Cabinet had previously dictated.

    Valarosta Ino-Femunn was the first Field General to make port on the Island of Xutaal with command of 10,000 State issued troops. She was greeted by the local Allar auxiliary who informed her that they had not seen combat yet but were expecting to see Sendrassian soldiers on their shores should the surrounding Islands of Untingi and Bhoszzaal or Dregux be assaulted. A short night of preparation was underway; with her troops beginning to set up fortifications and camps in key coastal areas to ensure that they werent caught by surprise. In the meantime, Valarosta herself was led around some of the coastal villages and cities where she saw what conditions were currently like for the population there. The Island, mostly consisting of dense jungle, was actually quite well off. The people, though worried about the war, were quite happy to see the Regalian Troops arrival. In fact, one particular Allar family approached Valarosta; their young child of only five gifting the General a garland of jungle blossoms that the girl, little Zzofia, had made only that morning which Valarosta graciously accepted. She would dine with the family for the next couple of hours with a couple of her own officers present before being sent on her way with best wishes and well being; the last thing Vala seeing being the very same Zzofie waving as the General rejoined her troops and oversaw fortifications of the southern beachhead. Scouts that she had sent out reported back that these areas were the most at risk of invasion and the Island, so far, was absent any enemy forces.

    Meanwhile, Field Marshal Rodrigo Peirgarten lands in Zzondaal with Cro-Maarx, Osira Laerinsyr, Pavel Tarknid, Florian Peirgarten and his Private Regiment only, numbering a meagre 1,000 soldiers. This at first shocked Rodrigo and, as he looked back over the sea he noted that troop carriers carrying both the Imperial and Peirgarten banners were just waiting. After sending Florian Peirgarten, his Field Commander to liaison with the ships, it became apparent that the troops number 20,000 men were actually intended to be under the command of Julius Peirgarten and with the absence of logistical delegation from the Grand Marshal in the wake of the Logistics Ministers declaration; they were bound to remain steadfast to the Government’s decision which frustrated both Julius and the population of Zzondaal significantly as their southern shores were already under attack from Sendrassian forces. Rodrigo immediately in assessing the situation ordered for his 1,000 men to construct temporary fortifications three fourths of the way into the Island so that the Allar troops could potentially retreat back behind fortified lines; which the Allar force was hesitant to thank for. Nevertheless, despite this setback of logistics, the Allar under the command of Qar-Digmaan Yaotl held the line for the time being but were suffering immense casualties from this Regalian error. Though one comment was made by Yaotl at this blunder that would mark the Island’s opinion of the Empire’s forces thus far. One simple word. “Pathetic.”

    Field General Eddair Mac Conall arrives at the Island of Churguzz and immediately is alerted by fleeing citizens that the beachhead to the south is under attack. Mustering his 20,000 men he sends Field Commanders Cro-Zzhao, Zelgius Pavise, Rolf av Drixagh, Qin Uyr Saian and Yautja Urzin south with equal regiments to engage with the Sendrassian forces. The Sendrassian host numbered at least 15,000 strong and was decimating the Allar defensive force when the Regalians finally arrived. Cro-Zzhao was the first to engage with his force; with Alasdair Lachlan the more prominent soldier in the battle. Alasdair fought hard but suffered lacerations to the tendens behind his left ankle, leaving him unable to walk without a cane for at least a week and was quickly pulled from the skirmish by allied Allar while Cro-Zzhao oversaw the pushing back of the Sendrassian right column. Zelgius Pavise and Rolf av Drixagh faired better; their troops hounding the enemy auxiliary back to the beachline where many were forced to retreat back into their landing vessels. Similarly, Qin Uyr Saian and Yautja performed adequately, homing in on the left most column and forcing the Sendrassians troops to domino into retreating. By the end of the battle, it was neck and neck and 10,000 Sendrassian troops continued to occupy the beachhead, pushing the Regalian’s back only a little to fortify their positions for the more pressing battle to come. At nightfall, Eddair and his men saw to having the dead and the wounded brought back to Pro-Empire camps in Churguzz. Men, women and children of all ages had died in the conflict; allar and Ailor alike. One journal, splattered with blood was reported back to the General by Zelgius Pavise; the pages still adequately readable despite the soaking of the crimson liquid upon the ink. “ W_ __e_d help. P_ease by the Spirit, _egalia, p_ease save us”. The journal was buried with the young Ailor boy that carried it as the Regalian soldiers worked tirelessly through the night.

    Elsewhere, Field General Cinna Eledhwhen and her host of 20,000 Regalian troops land on the Island on Zzonzeer and begin cooperating with local garrisons in preparing defences for possible attack from the Island of Zzondaal which was close and reported to already be experiencing heavy assault. Shadowing General Cinna was a mercenary army of 8,000, men loyal to various officers within her army. Field Commanders Lazarus Lupenzi, Emil De Ridder, Humaira Reinard and Kuzmich Ustinra head for the Southernmost border and assist in fortifying the various pre-establish Allar fortifications there. Their host is well recieved, and the Regalian banner is waved high by the flag bearers within the Regalian Host; indicating their support. Humaira and Kuzmich mingle with the local host leaders of the Allar and share battle plans and are informed of a pre-expected attack from Zzondaal within days. Field Commanders Camille av Bergstrom, Eponia Phiqen and Jehenna Farae take the Eastern fortifications which were woefully under-manned and begin digging in. There they are met by refugees from the fallen Islands of Ulzzaamt and Olzzaamt and are updated to the fact that both Islands were fully occupied by Sendrassian forces numbering 15,000 and 10,000 respectably with more reinforcements piling in by the day from Iszztaal, numbers of which are currently unknown. The next few days are spent locating potential dangers which are woefully low but documented. Wulf Grofsmid assists in fortifying the Eastern Allar holds to bring them up to scratch to the same defendability as the Southern fortifications. Additionally, mediocre traps are quickly constructed in the East. Scouts Ingemar and Aeawyn provide detailed reports of local animals, most of which are docile and the traps which are shared with the Allar soldiers. Later that evening, the combined troops of both Regalia and the Allar celebrate, hesitantly, with a feast; toasting Cinna’s arrival and sharing words of thanks. The Allar of the area are especially kind and gracious hosts and ensure that Cinna’s arrival is welcomed properly.

    Fifteen Regalian Warships and a personal Black Warship under the command of Edrick and Margarethe Black tear through the blue waves of the Hadar Sea to begin circling the Island of Untingi. One by one the Regalian Warships took position with the flagship, captained and commanded by Margerethe at the center, around the Island. It became noticeable very quickly that the vessels had saved this Island from an imminent attack as, in the distance, sailors aboard multiple Regalian warships had spotted five Sendrassian Warships and multiple troop transports turning sails and heading back the way they came; seeing an assault at this point futile.

    Admiral Abelhard Latimer with 16 Regalian Warships, one of which is captained by Zzolesi Ssalerzyra, prepared a defensive naval line on the Southwestern side of Zzondaal to protect against any naval assault on the coastline. This proved to be a smart move, as Zzondaal’s Southwestern occupied Island was being reinforced by 10 Sendrassian Warships. The defensive line immediately engages with broadside cannons and over the next two hours; cannonballs ripping through the hulls of each other’s vessels. Troops on board the ships on each side of the war were sent catapulting through the air as the cannons hit their mark and by the time the Sendrassian ships retreat; two of their ships had sunk while Regalia suffered only a single warship loss. Eigoth Latimer readied his men for any boarding attempt, which did not come. Muzhu Al-Yaotl wished to chase this retreating force and did so until it was too dangerous to continue, noting upon return that the remaining 8 ships had rendezvoused with 10 additional warships off the coast of Ulzzaamt.

    Tehrathel Avalorn disguises his personal sailing yacht as a merchant vessel from Tanaar Essaelle and blitzed between the Islands of Bhoszaal and Untingi. Thankfully, Admiral Black had already dispelled the incoming warships and thus, the yacht was not attacked or pursued. However, in the voyage made, Tehrathel was able to discover the same information as Cinna’s troops, noting the warships and troops of Ulzzaamt and Olzaamt. Additionally, it was discovered that a small fleet of 5 Sendrassian Warships patrolled the coastline of Tinhazt which tried to engage the Yacht but was too slow to do so before it could retreat; along with a discovery that Bhoszzaal’s southern coast was already under occupation by at least 15,000 troops.

    Division Admiral Valentino Sangiovese departs Regalia with 15 warships to the Sendrassian Theatre upon his own personal Warship titled ‘The Phoenix’. This fleet made its way south until it found its way to the Southern Waters of Zzonzeer, the island that General Cinna had fortified. The fleet protected the unloading of Cinna’s troops whilst also ensuring any potential enemy fleets couldnt near any landing zones for combat for the time being. Valentino also noted the fleet off the coast of Ulzzaamt but did not engage due to their numbers. Instead, the fleet stayed its ground, working with General Cinna to ensure that the Island of Zzonzeer was secure; though hesitantly remained aware also that Zzonzeer was under attack.

    Overall, the landing was perceived both by Allar in the theatre and Regalians at home as mixed at best. There was clear miscommunication, unorganised cooperation and a lack of military tact. Thus, no one really was received with much praise back in Regalia and a watchful eye would remain over the warfront both by the Qar-Digmaan and the Nobility as to whether Regalian involvement was a benefit or a detriment at this point.​



    The Sendrassian Theatre


    Troop Deployment Zone and Enemy positions
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