War Progression Story Sendrassian War - Ambushes, Victories And Massacres [part One]

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    Almost a month into Regalia’s endeavors within the Hadarian Warfront and finally progress was being made. All across the Hadar sea, Regalian troop transports docked for multiple battalions, regiments and armies bearing the Imperial Standard to disembark and reinforce the local Allar who had been suffering under the Sendrassian assaults for nearly two months. Most of the Generals had experienced the terrain enough now to know that this would not be an easy victory, if a victory was even in sight. Nevertheless, Imperial pride was at stake and thus, the decorated members of the Marshal Cabinet pressed on.

    With news of Xutaal’s attack, Field General Valarosta Ino-Femunn turned tail on Bhoszaal to return and reinforce the 9,000 Regalian State Troops still present there. Returning to the Bhoszaal command tent; bidding the Grand and Imperial Marshal farewell for the time being, Valarosta rallied a portion of the stationed Regalian Army and began the long and arduous task of marching directly North to the former deployment zone. Troop transports stood by in order to ferry 3,000 State Troops and 2,000 Regiment Troops from the province she was on to Xutaal with the protection of the Latimer fleet. While they awaited for their escort to arrive, Valarosta gave leave for a couple of her Frontline Commanders, Khaine and Mateo Silva to organise rations to be distributed to the tired and hungry soldiers. Hours went by and as the rations grew thin and stomachs grew full, there was still no sign of the Latimer fleet. With time being of the essence, the Field General commanded her troop transports to take the risk and travel across the Hadar Sea to the Northern Island regardless, the image of the little Allar girl from two weeks prior still fresh upon her mind.

    By the time the troop transports arrived, the 5,000 troop Sendrassian Army had pushed inland, battering the Regalian troops who had no overarching command back into the Island’s midlands. Valarosta rushed her forces to re-enforce the remaining 8,500 soldiers outside of the village of Thontaal with the aid of Quin, Yue-Liang and Cazna who expertly managed to navigate forgotten old groves and paths to quickly lead the army through terrain that, without them, would have taken at least half a day as long to reach the destination. War drums signalled the arrival of the additional 5,000 troops which formed an overall force of 13,500, subsequently split in half under the command of Khaine and Mateo Silva. The host formed a pitchfork formation and slammed into the Sendrassian lines in a rigorous pushback attempt. Khaine, the Field Commander on the Right flank and Mateo, the Field Commander on the left centralised their attack and pincered in as the Sendrassian outnumbered force began to retreat North. Both Cal and Kabili Drulvaar utilised their magical abilities, with the former utilising her Charge of the Light Brigade to route the last frontline commander on the Sendrassian side into retreat while the latter used their Hamstring ability to slice through multiple Mu-Allar. The Army pursued until the Sendrassian force with only 3,000 troops remaining fled from the Northern peninsula and abandoned the Island.

    Meanwhile, the 18 warship fleet under the command of Wing Admiral Abelhard Latimer departs from where his fleet was being repaired from in Zzonzeer to engage the 5 Sendrassian Warship fleet off the coast of Xutaal. Sailing through the Zzonzeer/Zondaal peninsula, the Wing Admiral made good wind and arrived at the initial deployment site of the Sendrassian troops within a couple of hours. At this point, the fleet split with 13 ships readying themselves into a wide group with cannons aimed toward the 5 Sendrassian ships. The second group of 5 Regalian ships broke off and feigned a blockade on the eastern end of Untingi.

    Sails high and cannons primed in Latimer’s group, the Wing Admiral ordered Captain Susan Burch to prepare the broadside cannons and be ready to take aim. Once more, the flying serpents sprung from the decks of the Sendrassian flotilla, beelining for the masts of Latimer’s flagship. Jasper Cassim saw this coming and gave the signal; upon which Latimer was able to order that the cannons, loaded with chain and spider shots which significantly reduced the functionality of this aerial strike, but only due in part to the fact that this move was completely unexpected by the Sendrassian Navy. A great deal of these flying serpents did manage to maneuver through the fire but were fended off by the troops aboard the fleet, commanded by Eigoth Latimer and Bel-Gyarbrin Tibaerthus. Some damage was however caused and 3 of Latimer’s ships would need a week’s repairing.

    Once the aerial assault was manageable, Jasper Cassim lit flares within the crows next of one of the ships; signalling to the smaller faux blockading flotilla to swing around and attack the Sendrassian ships from the South. Captains Violetta de Piedmont and Muzhu Al-Vyzal led this endeavor which went over relatively well. With both forces narrowing in on the 5 Warship fleet; there was not much of a chance for a Sendrassian Naval victory here. 3 Sendrassian ships were sunk and the other 2 making off with significant damages. This marked Latimer’s first notable victory within the War thus far as the entire Sendrassian flotilla had to be completely reformed which would take some time. Once this was accomplished, the fleet began to bombard the Sendrassian landing zone on Xutaal, only noting after a few minutes that there wasn't anybody there as the force had moved inland.

    Regalian banners fluttered through the dense forests of Bhoszzaal, signalling the approach of regiments and battalions from all over the Archipelago. Thirteen thousand soldiers stomped down a path through the underbrush, relentlessly trudging towards the frontlines. The fresh deployment were led by the young General Markus Delmotte, son to the former famed chancellor, eager to prove himself and bring victory to the Empire his father so diligently ran at the helm for the better part of a year. Hours of painful marching brought the soldiery to a vast clearing, more akin to a small carved out piece of lush plains from more peaceful lands. General Markus Delmotte had his standard planted into the soil, ordering the establishment of a fortified encampment under the command of Abad Hussaini.

    Trees were felled and deep ditches were dug around the perimeter of the meek palisades surrounding the camp. The General and his officers sat around a table decked with a dozen maps of the island, moving pieces representing thousands of men and women with lives of their own, strategizing and weighing their options, knowing fully well that any mistake of theirs can lead to untold devastation and decisive defeats. The hour was growing late now, the commanders were still scratching their heads and debating over every possible move while the muffled sounds of hammers and construction were slowing down. The chief engineer Abad Hussaini stayed up with the shifts of troops, his oversight paramount to achieving the level of quality that Delmotte had expected. The lack of proper supplies and the less than ideal terrain that the camp stretched over had set forth a frustrating challenge, one he was adamant to overcome. Teams of soldiers worked throughout the night into the morning hours, toiling and tiring themselves out to set up the makeshift fortifications.

    The soldiers of the last shift went off to their cots while the rest of the camp started filing up for their morning rations, though not much of it would reach their bellies as the scouts came riding in with haste. Moments later the troops were mustered to defensive positions. 8000 Sendrassian troops were storming down on the Delmotte camp, having picked up the army’s trail through the jungles. The uncanny speed at which the allar had caught up with the Regalians caused a stir on the Ailor side. The exhaustion and shock had shaken up the soldiers’ discipline to the point where the numerical advantage was leveled even. The Sendrassians and Regalians clashed for only half an hour, the defenses holding up surprisingly well against the attackers, but after both sides had sustained around five hundred dead each with no predictable conclusive ends in sight the Sendrassian general sounded for a tactical retreat. The eight thousand allar seeped back into the jungles almost as quickly as they appeared, vanishing from the sight of the scouts later that evening.

    The conflict on the Island of Chuguzz reinvigorated itself this week as Field General Eddair Mac Conall organised a strategic counter offensive upon the Sendrassian 9,500 man strong army which had pushed the Regalian host inland. Organising his men into a formation dubbed ‘The Geep’s Horns’, his force marched back South to re engage the pressing Mu-Allar army. Field Commanders Cro-Zzhao and Yautja Urzin made up the ‘horns’ of this formation each pressing forth while Kaya Sorenvik, her Palest Viggo Kensley join Field Commander Qin Uyr Saian Singha in the centre column. Field Commander Valentino di Callegari got the short end of the stick, being placed in charge of the rear with the reserve force and archers. The atmosphere in Eddair’s army was particularly sour. The men were reluctant with every duty and task, their discontent was loud and clear. The officers struggled to maintain order, and even failed to justify the coming actions of the army to the soldiers. Morale was worrisomely low, if victories aren’t secured soon there’s no knowing what the troops will do next.

    The two armies met each other in force in a large clearing within the Southern Jungle. War horns blew and Two-Claw Raptors screeched as the Mu-Allar shocktroopers clawed their way into the Regalian fray. Much akin to the last time this force faced Mac Conall’s, the Regalian troops again began to falter. The left horn was the first to be hit and although Field Commander Cro-Zzhao did his utmost to keep the Regalian flank from collapsing, the onslaught of Mu-Allar was too much for this already low morale and battered army. The column was routed from significant push and the only saving grace from Regalia losing yet another few hundred men were the efforts of Rolf av Drixagh and Bera Sylbess who expertly fought back waves of Mu-Allar and assisted in dragging wounded into the reserve line to be treated. On the right flank things proved greatly more successful. Field Commander Yautja Uyr Saian Singha managed through a combination of military skill and tact to rally the scattered ‘left horn’ of the force and solidify them into one singular wedge alongside the middle column. Setting Faidhe Mac Conall in the vanguard proved to be a lucky move, as the individuals skill with a Warhammer managed to dispel dozens of Mu-Allar seeking to get in close to pincer this wedge maneuver. Arrow fire from the reserve lines helped thin the Sendrassian troop numbers enough so that the centre column at the behest of Qin Uyr could bash through the ranks. Unfortunately, although the Sendrassian force did eventually have to retreat to the beachhead, the conflict resulted in a loss of another 1,000 men for the Regalian side and notable fighters Kaya Sorenvik and Viggo Kensley were injured in the final assault; both taking claw wounds to the abdomen. All in all, Regalia did succeed in pushing back the Sendrassian host at the cost of 1,000 men but Sendrass itself had lost a similar 1,000 soldiers in the skirmish, effectively making the battle a stalemate.

    Out at sea, Wing Admiral Edrick Black travels with a fleet of 17 warships from port in Bhoszzaal to an area to the North, just off the western side of the Island of Untingi. Two of these ships were the personal war vessels of Lucille de Monette and Khayri El-Amin, decent servicemen in their own right. The ships formed a blockade between the strait between Untingi and Zzondaal; essentially acting as a gate between the Islands that prevented enemy ships from pushing through. In the meantime, the Wing Admiral permitted Maelise Cadieux and Lucille de Monette to engage in shows aboard the ship to boost morale. Maelise once again sang sea shanties while Lucille performed a fire-breathing show, much to the dismay of the Regalian Naval Officers in the Fleet. Multiple high ranking officers complained of quality dropping; accusing Edrick Black of employing pirate like tendencies and allowing strict military doctrine aboard their vessels to be smeared by essentially turning State Warvessels into floating circuses. Lastly, Edrick organised a brief six shot memorial to the sailors lost in the Latimer battle the week prior, allowing for a time of silence to ensue to show respect. However, when the Wing Admiral ordered that food supplies be broken open to organise a massive naval feast aboard all ships, his officers threatened mutiny for military negligence if he continued through with the idea, as supplies were difficult to come by and took weeks for food stores to reach the warfront from the capital.

    Meanwhile, hugging along the coast of Untingi, Sendrassian privateer ships hear the distant thunder of cannons. Suspecting an incoming Regalian retaliation for the devastation of the Latimer fleet the privateers set full sails ahead towards the nearest allied fleet, warning them of a Regalian revenge mission hunting down Sendrassian ships with no mercy. The allar captains do not question any of this information, using it as a valid cause for uniting a large flotilla of thirty-two vessels somewhere to the west of Ulzzaamt.

    Back in Bhoszzaal, Grand Marshal Reimar Typhonus marched Southwest with his host of 18,000 in order to pursue the retreating army from the week prior. Assisting him was a phenomenal number of Field Commanders, eight to be exact. Whether this many commanders would be able to work in synchronicity was a question on the minds of many of the Regalian soldiers that trudged through the murky and thick jungle of the region. Once again, the pathfinding abilities of Wilvamir Arnyn and Avaineiral Rilynnlues managed to ensure the safe and timely passage of the large Regalian Army through the dark and dreary jungle in record time and as they approached the Southwestern portion of the island, the tell tale sound of roaring and growling filled the ears of the Regalian force. They were here.

    All of a sudden alchemical concoctions were being rained upon the Regalian frontlines for the trees. It was a trap that they had sprung and the Sendrassians were more than content to take advantage of the weakened Regalian vanguard. Both Digmaan Zzondizz and Rhax Teegiith Magdess were in command of the 8,000 Sendrassians that ambushed the Regalians from multiple sides, despite pushback attempts from Zzalangua Mu Yaotl and his guerilla fighters. Field Commanders Vivana Avalorn, Avaineiral and Rudolph Wentz attempted to fall back but were also subject to the gaseous concoctions that were haphazardly flung into the column to cause chaos and damage. Rudolph fell first, clutching his throat as he felt the burn throughout his sinuses take effect. Vivana and Avaineiral recovered him; ducking and dodging further attacks before ordering the already scattering Regalian force to consolidate and lift their shields which managed to save enough lives and buy enough time for the left and centre column to push forward and out of the jungle into the clearing where the Sendrassian encampment was based. The remaining troops still within the jungle were saved once more by Nym’vrae Helvath, using her magic to create a much tighter defense for the host which then repelled the ambushers back into the jungle.

    Field Commanders Ibrahim Bantunogly, Philippe du Langelier and Zelgius Pavise coordinated together in the field; setting their troops upon specific targets that they believed could possibly be the officers in charge of the ambush and defense. Zelgius handled a sizeable portion of the troops; ensuring that the Regalian force was unable to be flanked while Philippe and Ibrahim maintained the forward momentum. Eventually after numerous waves of Mu-Allar had been pushed back; watching William Arnyn fly overhead to attack Digmaan Zzondizz and keeping him pre-occupied, Zelgius zoned in on two Mu-Allar atop Two-Claw Raptors and concentrated the assault on the both of them. After some hefty amount of skirmishing, both commanders were slain and Regalia broke through into the Sendrassian encampment. The real star of the battle however was Theresia Kaeppler who managed to lead the centre column right through the Sendrassian frontlines and split the now frantic Mu-Allar force in two. After what seemed like an eternity of fighting, Theresia went toe to claw with Rhax Teegitth Magdess. Deflecting multiple swipes of the mighty Mu-Allar’s weapon; she eventually found an opening after disarming him with an expertly maneuvered swing of her longsword; swiping her war fan across the Mu-Allar’s throat and slicing through the scales to the soft tissue inside. A gargling roar emitted from the Rhax’s mouth before plummeting to the floor, blood staining the surrounding area as the Sendrassian Army fell into a full retreat onto its transport ships. Another victory for Regalia with only 1,000 casualties while the Sendrassians lost 2,000 before fleeing the Southwestern area of Bhoszzaal.

    To be continued tomorrow (Because this weeks orders are super long and im tired.) …

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    Battle of the Rhax's

    The enemy knew how to ambush well enough. With not only superior Raptor Calvary, but guerilla tactics and alchemical artillery. Zzalangua Mu-Yaotl knew himself to be out-skilled and out gunned. If it weren't for Nym'vrae Helvath and her arcane assistance, there w0uld likely be little left of the field commanders unit.

    "Stay clear of their alchemy artilleries range."
    Stated Zzalangua to one of the Hadarian Mu-Allar closest to him, wielding the Yaotls banner.
    "Carry my words to Typhonous. We must abandon defense preparations and set scouts of our own along the trails to prepare for future ambushes. We will fight them in the burning jungle and they shall know of our resolve."

    Though Rhax Zzalangua had failed to prove a challenge for Rhax Teegiith Magdess, word of Theresia's feat in slaying the opposing Rhax had reached him. They could rest easily now.

    Just wanted to drop in and give thanks to the hard work you've put in for the progressions Billy! Greatly appreciate the story telling. @BillyTheScruffy

    Nym'vrae coming to save the day: @Katiesc

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