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    Hello Massivecraft friends and fellow roleplayers.
    My name is Victoria, or Tori as most of you know. I joined Massive around January of 2019, because I was looking through lists of minecraft roleplay servers, since acting and cosplaying/roleplaying has been a huge thing in my life, and since I love playing video games, I thought I'd mesh the two together.
    When I first joined, I created Christine. She was based off a character in one of my favorite musicals. (Phantom of the Opera). She had a large story arc, becoming one of the craziest and most concerning characters I've probably ever seen. That could also be because I had not read up on most Regalian law and lore so I was just like, "Sure, she can do whatever she wants!". That obviously did not end well. Christine had some family issues, and that's when Natasha (Natalie) came along. She was close to one of my longest played characters ever, and certainly one of my favorites since she had such a dense and deep backstory.
    Once I killed of Natasha without much though, thanks @Wilvahelm , I got into Sherlock Holmes, and wanted to create something based off of that. (Starting to get the theme, here?) So, I created Darcy Medlaine. She was a young aspiring detective and author who I honestly, would look up to if I lived in Regalia around this time. As I started growing into roleplaying with others, I did a bit with the de Piedmont family which was SO fun, aswell as some houseguard stuff back in the day. When Darcy started going to the Steak Estate, I found @Legoclub22 . Since I was trying to get into more family based RP with more lore and law following, I applied for the Mohren. Then came Adelina, my most recent created character, who's honestly been in the most drama out of all my characters, with Christine being a close second.
    When I first started playing, I began letting my OOC feelings affect my character's. I was thinking about the roleplay that I had and was going to experience that night, all day long. It was swallowing me and my mental health, whole.
    As I've grown as a roleplayer and as a person, becoming more aware of Massivecraft rules and awareness of my own self being, I feel as though I've gotten better at resisting the temptation to allow my character's choices and what happens to said character, affect my day or my mood. That's also because Massivecraft has become a creative outlet for me to pour out some thoughts and characters that I've built up in my mind, that I haven't neccesarily been given in real life. It's almost like a book. You open it and get sucked into a world of fantasy.
    The past few days, (actually weeks), I've been thinking about how much I continually go back and forth from saying I'm going to dedicate this time to a break, then come back and feel worse mentally. I've had a lot going on OOCly. (Interning, work, school, family, mental health complications), so I decided I'd dedicate as much time as I needed to work on myself and my identity, because honestly, and this is a bit deep than expected, it is about my identity. I was such a creative kid growing up, and was very over the top. But anyways, yeah, I'm going to take as much time as I feel and think that I need to take a break from intense/wholesome roleplaying, step back, and work on my OOC goals and career (which is theatre! *applause break*). Especially living in a pandemic with COVID, I feel like this is the best time to find myself, because it's so easy not too, and I want to defy the odds. Go the opposite direction, ya know?
    Well, with that overly deep paragraph over, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who I've stumbled upon with my concerningly cringy characters, and just OOCly joking around. I may be gone for a few months, to a year or two. (Hopefully Massive will still be a thing, fingers crossed. I bet it will. :D).
    So, I'm gonna stop typing because I need to get some sleep.
    See you soon,
    Christine de Breveux, Natasha de Breveux, Darcy Medlaine, Adelina Mohren, _ToriDori_, Victoria.
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    Fun RPing with you in the past few weeks. Good to hear you are focusing on your IRL ambitions. Try your best, because honestly, life is tough. We’re all here for your return.
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    Best of luck with real life :)
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    Wan-Xia will miss you until your return!
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    dang now I'm obliged to come up with something inspirational to say
    I didn't study

    Have a good one, Tori, and if/when you ever end up coming back (because I know from experience that it's too easy to be dragged back in sooner or later,) I'm sure we'll still be around. Wishing you success!

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