Second Declaration Of The Occult Ministry

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    From the desk of the Occult Minister, Miss Elana of Brackenfell
    4th of August

    Within this declaration are made amendments to the Occult Ministry’s operations and changes to Regalian Occult Law.

    Article I.
    Ministry Investigations and Consortiums

    i. The Occult Ministry has received a series of requests to investigate singular occurrences of odd happenings around the city and Archipelago. Out of a desire to spend the State’s budget wisely and utilize what resources are already in the Ministry’s possession, the Ministry will be outsourcing all investigative work to Occult-oriented groups aligned with it and the Empire’s goals. These are to be called Consortiums. Consortiums will collaborate with the Ministry's operations, and in turn be recognized for their service to the Empire and contribution toward the furthering of their status as Occult peoples.

    ii. Consortiums will be recognized by the Occult Ministry and be labelled upon the Ministry’s public registry. Any potentially Occult-oriented groups who wish to be recognized by the Ministry as such may arrange for a meeting with the Minister to be interviewed and have the terms of their potential collaboration determined.

    iii. As of the creation of the Consortium Program, the following Consortium is hereby recognized:

    • The Hexenblood Circle

    Article II.
    Changes to Regalian Occult Law

    i. Prior to this declaration, registration for ‘White’ ranks was done via missive and subsequently personal interview with the Occult Minister. This process will instead be conducted as follows:

    Registration for ‘White’ ranks requires the would-be Occultist to send a letter to the office of the Occult Minister containing the following necessary pieces of information, in no particular format or order.

    • The Occultist’s Name
    • The Occultist’s Nature
      • ‘Nature’ meaning their status as either a Mage, Sorcerer, ‘Drake’ or Silven
    • The Occultist's Planar Alignment, if Valid
    • A brief summary of the Occultist’s capabilities
    • The Occultist’s intended use for their powers
    • Either confirmation or denial of the Occultist’s eligibility for being hired as a Court Mage
    Once the letter is received, if all of this information is present and the Ministry deems the Occultist’s application valid, it will be approved and they will be added to the registry. If they are not approved, their name and information will not be added.

    ((These letters should be sent to my Discord account, Avacyn#1337. I do not look at my forum messages.))

    ii. It is now illegal to teach Sorcery unless you are registered as a Court Mage or you are a registered member of a Ministry-approved Consortium.

    iii. All known, registered members of a Ministry-approved Consortium are automatically added to the Occult Ministry’s Public Registry as White Occult status peoples, so long as the nature of their Occult powers fall in line with the recognized typing.
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