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    Seasons Greetings from the Empire!


    As winter approaches, people are starting to shut themselves into their homes to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace, the joy of a good meal, and the company of friends and family. It is a time to be thankful for the year's harvest and bounty, and to celebrate the Regalian Empire's victories overseas! In light of these events, a few citizens have something to share with the city at large:

    A local man has decided to spread good cheers by handing out free food and more!
    Visit the Card Giver in front of Regalia spawn to receive a surprise!

    Across the street, a lady has lost her turkeys! Talk to Barbara to help her find them!​


    Meanwhile in Teled Methen, despite the genocide being committed against their kind, a small group of native Daenian Nelfin have also found the time to be thankful for what they have, and to celebrate the possible resurgence of the Elven Empire! Visit the Thankful Elf in Teled Methen spawn for more food and a Survival item!

    Seasons Greetings from the Quest Department!

    Note: Vampires will receive different rewards!

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    1. FireFan96
      #blameless #theystartedit #perfidiouselves
    2. Devoruku
      #deathtoregalia #deathtohumans #villageburningbastards #yanarsupremacy
    3. Daekon
      #regaliaareblameless #elvesshouldstop #wasntus #emperorissupreme #elvesshouldstopbeingheretics

      Asides from this- my thanks to the quest department for again providing us with some awesome quests!
    4. Devoruku
      At least our Goddess actually has real power, someone ask the spirit to summon a massive fireball over my head and i'll revoke my statement.
    5. FireFan96
      purple mist that prevents bone horrors from spawning. bone horrors created by the fake stone goddess.

      Also quests are 10/10. I love how they give you [redacted]
    6. ZiggyStarDusted
      Oohh genocide? Yes please.
    7. Reaganism
      Estel never attends parties.
    8. Jalapeno690
      Is that a pvper?????? Has to be
    9. Infinatum
      #True #Regalia4TheWin

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